Letters sent In

“Well we started viewing the “The Imposter” DVD this evening.  We were able to watch the entire section of the Noahide Laws In our first viewing.  We only had a ½ hour to share the blessings with other inmates.  Let me tell you the overall conclusion with the other inmates was “WOW”.  This was a very shocking bit truth that most people don’t even get the opportunity to view.  We praise our Father above.  All who were present are looking forward to next week and we may need more chairs, there are plenty of them.  Praise Yahuwah!”
– Brother Beau (Prison inmate)


“Thank you so much for your recent donation to the C.V.S.P. B/yard Messianic Library.  We are currently viewing “The Imposter” again and the word is getting out there as others a inquiring how to go about viewing it.  HalleluYah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  When we read of beheading of Yah’s people in the last days along with other prophetic scripture that appears on the surface as unrealistic, the Imposter reveals just how easy it can be accomplished and, in fact, just how close we are already are in watching it being carried out in the near future.”
-Brother Ken  (Prison inmate)


“Thank you so much for the books and tract.  What a busy ministry you and your family must have.  I had no idea!  I have two years left in here, and I enjoy learning the raw and uncut truth of the Besorah.  I have been studying the F.O.Y. material for about a year now, and it has opened my eyes in so many ways! The almighty YaHuWaH has given me ears to hear, so I am listening intently.  I know you are probably short on supplies, but if you keep the materials coming, I will keep sharing them with others.  I have a responsibility.  And it is a joy to carry it out.”
-Brother Jeff (prison inmate)


“A brother here let me read your tri-yearly news letter which I had no idea your ministry put out…..  WOW!!! To say the least, packed full of very important information according to end time events.  I have a lot of you booklets that I share here.  Since I last wrote you, Yahuah has tremendously expanded His works through the F.O.Y. ministry.  I had no idea you had DVDS, titled “The Imposter,” “ The Great Conspiracy” movies, and not to mention your ministry is reaching 12 prisons, you guys are very, very busy.  We are praying for your continual protection and guidance.  Yahuah’s sheepfold is growing here one of the brothers here by the name of Daniel is writing you to receive your dvd’s and books for the ministry here.  Your Materials are exactly what we need here for teaching those who are being called out.  I truly believe Yahuah is working through the F.O.Y. ministry mightly.  Your alls work will be rewarded.  Yahuah bless you and guard you.  Yahuah make His face shine upon you and show favor to you.  Yahuah lift up His face upon you and give you shalom.”
-Brother Richard (prison inmate


“Shalom in Yahushua’s name, Love, and chesed be with you all who love the truth, so be it!  I received your booklets, it is a blessing.  I love them all.  I read first The False Armageddon, and you know my beloved, I am in agreement with you all 150%.  I will testify that the Set-A-Part Spirit has been showing me some things, before I read that book, and once I read your book, it was or is a conformation , so it is not only me.  I have wanted to meet some brothers that are not involved in religion, and hate.  Anyway let us forget the negative and focus on our Abba and his beloved son Yahushua.  I read the Eight Tabernacles and I agree with you.  I thank the brothers in Colorado who introduced me to your website.  Thank you.”
-Brother Ramirez  (prison inmate)

“Greetings!  My name is Kelley.  We have a Followers Of Yah meeting three times a week where we study about Eloah and His true teachings, and go over the booklets some of the brethren have received from you.  Or ones that have been passed on to us like,” Ha Shem” (the Name)”, “Doctrine of the Nicolaitanes”, “Saturday Or Sunday”, and many more which are too numerous to list.  Recently we watched a movie called “The Imposter” which we ALL enjoyed.  The reason for my correspondence is to inquire if you have produced any more movies like the Imposter.  If so could you please send me them.  Thank you.” -Brother Kelley


 I am just downloading the video The Imposters off YouTube to burn to disk.  I feed teaching materials to several people who in turn feed it to several people.  I can hardly wait to get it on disk, get a cup of coffee, and watch the Imposters all at once.  I have been researching this for the last 4 or 5 years and have come to the same conclusion you seem to have reached.  God be praised.”
-Email from Loberry


‘I finished watching “The Imposter” last night.  WOW!  I’m impressed.  HalleluYah!!!  Great job, I’ve had similar thoughts about Religious/ Political and end time events for a couple of years now.  It’s nice to see others with the same basic views.  I thought I was alone on this.  Wooo Hooo!  Now I don’t have to make my DVD’s you’ve done it for me.  Praise be to the Father-till next time or heaven ok.
-letter Brother David


“I was out in the garage when my wife brought down a package from your F.O.Y. ministries.  She opened the package and when I saw the booklets inside it brought a smile to my face!  I guess deep inside I did not think you would ever respond.  Let alone how many booklets you sent to us.  Then she pulled out two hand written letters and our eyes began to tear up as I began to read what was in them.  And to top it off there was a thank you card inside that was hand written!  Now that is personal stuff.  Please tell the other person or persons who wrote the letter and the card thank you!  I read on your website the amount of mail you have to go through.  What kind of love is that?  Praise Yah!!!!!!!”
-Brother Frank letter sent in

“Just received a package in the mail the other day filled with DVD’s.  WOW Thank You Very, Very Much.  I will put these in the hands of many people, May Yah bless these dvd’s, may Yah keep these dvd’s and may Yah use these dvd’s to help his people to see what in the world is really going on out there!!”
–letter sent in Brother Frank