Thank You

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thanksf2  We here at the F.O.Y. ministry want to deeply thank all of the Called Out Ones that have been praying for us. Words can never express how much we appreciate each of you! As many of you know, doing this great work in this late hour can be extremely dangerous. As we take the Imposter Tour we never know what types of people we may come into contact with. We literally invite all who are hungry, feeding them both physically and spiritually. Nevertheless, exposing years worth of false doctrine can be hard on the hearts and minds of those not yet called out! Therefore, we continue to ask that you pray for us as we enter into the ‘unknown’.

We also want to say a big thank you to all those who continue to financially support the F.O.Y. ministry. The cost of living keeps rising yet through your loving offerings we are able to continue to Blow the Ram’s Horn all over the world! We have recently experienced a major increase in order requests! Praise Yahuwah! We are getting request from places we have never even heard of before. To our surprise, we even received a request from one of the top offices in a popular Arab College! HalleluYah! Brothers and Sisters, never hold back the truth to someone over the way they look or over their current religious beliefs. Everyone has the right to hear the truth as Yahuwah shows no partiality towards anyone (Romans 2:11) and that He also desires no one to perish (2 Kepha|Peter 3:9).

Literally we have given thousands of DVD’s away! This would not have been made possible if not for Yahuwah putting it upon your hearts to freely donate during this time! What time is it? The time to break the spiritual famine by feeding the people in this season. This is what us called out ones are indeed doing, ‘giving meat in this due season’ (Psalms 104:27) HalleluYAH! Rejoice with us!

May each of you be greatly blessed from your help to do this work in Yahuwah’s Great Vineyard!

4 thoughts on “Thank You

  1. Judi

    I too praise Yahuwah for your faithfullness to Him – through all of your present difficulties. You are all a true example of “picking up your stake” and following in the footsteps of Yahushua. May the spirit of trauma be removed from your lives – and allow you to spread the truth with more vigor and in good health.
    Blessings my friends,
    Sister Judi

  2. Gert & Mary-Ann Roodt

    Dear brother & sister,
    Thanking you for being obedient to our Yehushua Ha Mashiach for bringing His message also to us.
    In His Love

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