We’ve been duped!

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Written By L. McGuire

Seems every now and then life will throw us a curve ball! When this type of situation occurs the best way to handle a situation like this is to just shake the dust off our feet, pick ourselves up and carry on! Even though we write this with a very heavy heart the truth must be known. The F.O.Y. ministry has recently found some very disturbing information in regards to a website we were promoting. Since we were promoting the website in question, we feel the need to also inform each of you why we will no longer be able to promote the website.

The cause and dream the website in question had, was indeed a massive task for any person or group to tackle. Nevertheless, the attempt was made! What started out as being an extraordinary and exceptional vision sadly has turned into a great wickedness full of corruption, fraud and lies!

To our surprise and possibly yours, the HalleluYah Scriptures is not as though they appear. In light of the recent information regarding the owners of the HalleluYah Scriptures the F.O.Y. ministry will not be promoting the HalleluYah Scriptures any longer. Now hold on before you get upset, take a few moments to learn the reasons why.

  First and foremost since the F.O.Y. ministry has been a hundred percent FREE ministry, shipping world-wide for going on fourteen years now, we like most of you, were beyond excited in hearing that there was going to be a FREE Restored Name Scriptures available to ALL! Why would we be excited? Since we have been blessed with a huge prison ministry, many times we have had to tell brothers and sisters that we simply could not afford to ship them the Scriptures. Even though the ISR (the version we have also always promoted) does offer a discount, however we still could not afford that discount!

Therefore, when the HalleluYah Scriptures contacted us, we quickly placed an order for a case of their Scriptures. We patiently waited to get the case before promoting their version. We wanted to first read the HalleluYah Scriptures to see if this was indeed a good version. To our surprise, the HalleluYah Scriptures version was almost word for word from the ISR Scripture version. So we personally thought it was great if not better than the ISR version. Next we wanted to make sure they were indeed FREE! Even though we did not get a full case we still linked them up. (Ours was shipped in two shipments, 10 in each shipment, many months in between)

Shortly thereafter, reports of people not getting their orders started to flow into our ministry. Time and time again we had to inform others that we are not with the HalleluYah Scriptures. Somehow, someway people believed that we are HalleluYah Scriptures. The fact remains we are not affiliated with them or any other ministry or website.

More emails started coming in to us stating that now they had to give a ‘required donation’ in order to get their version. Brothers and Sisters, let the truth be known, if one is obligated to make a required donation of any price ($10.00; $20,00; $30.00; $50.00; even $500) then they are not really receiving anything for free, now are they?  To freely give something away does not come with any strings attached to it!

Notice in the following pictures the H.S. state that they are indeed requiring donations:



What I find interesting is that on the following website we learn from those who actually saw how much the true cost is for one. HalleluYAH Scriptures say something different than what is really the truth.


Click on image for larger view.


Click on image for larger view.

The following has been taken from

US $42.73 – shipping $6.08 = $37.65

Canada $55.45 – shipping $24.36 = $31.09

International $72.80 – shipping $37.00 = $35.80


  So for anyone who is asking the real cost for a standard paper back HS is $2.70 + freight cost $.53 = $3.23.

Genuine Leather (Special Edition) $8.50 + freight costs $.53 = $9.03.


  Talking about being duped? Where is the outrage here? According to the above information the HalleluYah Scriptures are indeed doing the same exact thing as what they accuse the ISR of doing. The only difference we see is that at least with the ISR, you know upfront what the price is, unlike the H.S. that are indeed falsify the cost of each Scriptures! This is horrible and wrong!

More screen shots from their website continue to show their required donations:



The original plan was that these Scriptures were to be FREE to all! That was the impression we were given.

One of the ex-workers we spoke with actually told us that once the first set of HalleluYah Scriptures came in everything changed! This worker had to actually call people up and ask them if they could help pay the shipping cost. Here the people were under the impression they were for free yet at the last minute were asked to pay for shipping cost. We know this to be true as we were also asked to pay for the shipping but we did not! We told Mr. Weiss that these were to be FREE and we will not pay for the shipping! We were to get a case of 20 but only received 10 one month and several months later the other 10.

More pictures of required donations:

Click on images for larger view.




  As we can clearly see from the H.S. website there is a required donation of such in such amount in order to receive. Notice they also compare what other versions (possibly the ISR version) are going for. Therefore they expect donations to also be in the same ballpark range as their competitors:


  Yet from the,  http://halleluyahscripturesreview.com/disclosure-documents/ website they state that each copy only cost 3.23. At 3.23 that is more than just two people getting one per person. Five books could be printed with plenty of money leftover to ship media mail!

  We personally know many that gave far more than twenty bucks to get a copy. Some of these beloved ones actually gave much and had to wait months until they got their copy. Yet others claim they never did get a copy! This is when we started to have our suspicions but there was no real proof for us. We do know firsthand how many of our orders never show up, get damaged even destroyed in the mail rooms, thefts arise and so forth. But they are truly free with no required donations! Therefore we could relate to the mail issues! However and more importantly, we here at the F.O.Y. ministry cannot and will not support, promote or even endorse what the H.S. represents.

   All of us have been told that they are not affiliate with any other website or ministry:


Click on image for larger view.

  This is clearly not being truthful as we have found out that HalleluYah Scriptures”, Messianic Hall of Shame and 2besaved.com and possibly the Vain Traditions websites are all indeed partners if not run by the same people going by different names!

2besaved halleluyahscriptures




We have personally spoken with one of the workers ourselves and they have verified this information that they are indeed the same people!

  Considering all this information is it any wonder the people at 2besaved.com would be promoting the HalleluYah Scriptures? Of course not, they are the same entity!


Click on image for larger view.

How noble of them to request that all donations go directly to the H.S. website:


The HalleluYah Scriptures are also a domestic non-profit corporation. Which means they receive tax, financial and postage benefits:



Many of you are aware that the F.O.Y. ministry does not believe in holding this status!

After we linked the H.S. up on our website, it didn’t take long before the attacks started against the F.O.Y. ministry. To our surprise, we have been falsely accused by other ministries and people of being partners with not only the HalleluYah Scriptures but also partners with Messianic Hall of Shame. To make matters worse our attackers have degraded us, made a mockery out of Miracle Maiden, lied, falsely accused Sister Linda of faking an illness (Sister Linda has been diagnosed last 4/10/12 with Celiac Disease, a horrific disease that about killed her twice leaving her at a very low weight of 89 pounds). The attackers did not stop there, as one brother actually saw it fitting on the Sabbath to actually want to beat Brother Danny up and he about punched him in the face!

 To make matters worse, these same people assume that we had something to do with the book called Vain Tradition. Let it be noted here that the F.O.Y. ministry in no way shape or form agrees with this book. We have not and will not endorsed or support the Vain Tradition book. How can we endorse a book that puts down the Qodesh Name of Yahuwah?



Taken from Vain Traditions


Taken from Vain Traditions


We strongly recommend anyone that upholds the Qodesh Name of Yahuwah to also draw the line in the sand! Brothers and Sister, the truth is how can one promote one website while their partner is thus putting down the Qodesh Name of Yahuwah?

How can any of us support such blasphemy? Well we here at the F.O.Y. ministry cannot continue to do this after now knowing the truth in this matter! We pray you also will be humble enough to see the great danger in promoting a group that at the same time partners with one putting down the Qodesh Name! There are other doctrine issues we have with the book, Vain Traditions, but the big one is putting down the Name Yahuwah!

The HalleluYah Scriptures have lied when they announce on their website that they are not with any other website or have no doctrine stance. Yet more than two witnesses have thus come forward stating indeed the H.S. and the 2besaved.com website are the same PEOPLE! Is that not bearing false witness?



Could it get worst? Sadly it has! The very website we were falsely being accused of in being partners with also began to attack us! Please read “Attack against the F.O.Y. ministry!




Therefore the reasons why the F.O.Y. ministry will not be promoting the HalleluYah Scriptures are as follows: 

1 What started out as FREE has now turned into “required donations.

2. Many people have not received their copy(s).

nohs3. The HalleluYah Scriptures is also the same owners and people of 2besaved.com! 2besaved.com teaches contrary to the Scriptures of when a day actually begins. (Be on the lookout of this new book to be released next month in our next newsletter)

3. Upon our recent discovery that the writers of the book, Vain Traditions which puts down the name of Yahuwah, is actually partners with HalleluYah Scriptures, 2besaved.com and possibly Messianic Hall of Shame.

4. The HalleluYah Scriptures are a domestic non-profit corporation. Which means they receive tax, financial and postage benefits.

For these reason’s the F.O.Y. ministry cannot and will not continue to promote the HalleluYah Scriptures! We hope and pray that each of you, especially those of us that uphold the Qodesh Name of Yahuwah stands in agreement with us!

We are called to be Watchmen! We here at the F.O.Y. ministry have thus blown the Ram’s Horn about this sinister scheme!


54 thoughts on “We’ve been duped!

  1. Kerry White

    Alan Horvath is a great promoter of the ‘rapture doctrine’ of churchianity, and all the other lies, false teachings, and mis-interpretations of churchianity. He fits right in with the other H.S. people.
    I’m sure there are a few good people there, but like me and you, when they finally open their eyes and see, they leave like surprised coveys of quail. There is no difference between the HalleluYah group and mainstream church teachings except to say they are promoting the ‘True Name’ and can’t seem to get that right either. They don’t follow or study Torah. I talked with ‘Shalom’ a few months ago and asked about their study program and if they had any Torah Studies available. She informed me that she and her husband read Scripture together every day and that they had just finished Revelation (Gilyana) and had started the Renewed Covenant again. No mention was made of ever reading from the Tanach.
    They are not ‘wolves in sheep’s clothing’. They are ‘wolves in wolves clothing’. I had added H.S to my Deed on my house as the beneficiary, but that is in the past.

  2. Richard

    Watch the videos on Earle Paul’s (Earle not Earl ) you-tube website and learn what the archeological evidence shows regarding how the creator’s name was pronounced throughout history. His 3 videos are 20 minutes each. Then watch the one hour video on Earle’s you-tube page presented by “messenger of the name” which gives the biblical evidence for pronouncing the creator’s name. There are too many people with incomplete information expressing their understanding as fact. Two hours spent watching the above mentioned teaching should clear this up. HalleluYAH!

  3. Edwin Mathes

    I was really excited about receiving a free copy of the sacred scriptures after reviewing my rabbi’s copy now I just walk away empty handed and low in spirit Yahveh will deal with all of you! There is to be no cost for his word but there will be one who block it’s release! All praise to Yahshua!

  4. Thomas S. Boussum II

    Shalaamu everyone,
    As to the pronunciation of the Name Yahuah: I personally believe the Name was pronounced as Yahweh. We will never know how it could be pronounced until the Day of Judgment. The Vain Traditions should’ve used softer language and say an opinion that “we believe this to be the closest according to the evidence we see.” I am not prejudice against anyone pronouncing יהוה Yahuah, Yahweh, Yahwah, Yehowah, etc. But I will admit I pronounce it as Yahweh, and I will present my evidence if someone asks. Those who at least search for the Name should not be put down/bashed by others.

    You are right about the HalleluYah Scriptures. They do ask for donations now. Now they have fancy items that they’re using to get more money.

    Peace and blessings to y’all.

    –TSB (הלתואם Hal-Tawʔam)

  5. Roger B

    The Halleluyah Scriptures website clearly states that it gives away copies of it’s “STANDARD EDITION” HS Bible for free, for those who cannot afford. There is a required donation if you would like a different edition such as the waterproof, large print, parallel edition, artificial leather etc.

  6. Nancy McKnabb

    “But I say to you, do not resist an evil person; but whoever slaps you on your right cheek, turn the other to him also. If anyone wants to sue you and take your shirt, let him have your coat also.…” Matthew 5:39

  7. Nancy McKnabb

    I think there is much more here than what we can see on the surface. No ministry can give away books for free to everyone. It is correct that most in US can get a bible from somewhere. Many other countries cannot.

    My issue here is one ministry bashing another in public. If they wanted to cut ties they could have just done so. End of story. We are to love one another…… no love here. But this is the sad state of affairs in this world that we currently live in!…. christian AND otherwise! :O(

  8. Pierre Eksteen

    Love and Shalom to all . . .

    I cannot complain about HS. They have always treated me with respect and their feedback is always prompt. They have send me more than 100 FREE copies, as well as many other free resources. I distribute the HS in South Africa to those in need. I am awaiting a new batch as I type.

    In any organization, especially in its forming years, problems will occur with their distribution network. We don’t always have all the facts, and should therefore be careful to voice what we believe to be the truth without all the facts, and without speaking to several people in several countries, who might have been affected.

    I have been blessed by Followers of Yah (also receiving free resources from them), as well as HS. May our beloved Father Yahuah bless all who serve Him in Spirit and Truth, and whose hearts are clean and upright before Him.

    Love you all 🙂

  9. Loretta Compher

    No, you didn’t make a mistake. I have donated and received ISR’S “The Scriptures” and Halleluyah Scriptures. They are both fine translations. HS has really “taken the ball and ran with it” by providing several editions for different uses; such as waterproof, large print, pocket size, hebrew/ english parallel, and all hebrew. I very had good experience with both and no complaints.

  10. Alana Ingram

    I myself am familiar with this issue. I found a copy of the Halleluya Scriptures at my cousins house and wanted to order one for myslelf. I looked them up and was faced with the “required donation.” I gave up. One year later, I recieved the waterproof addition of Halleluya Scriptures for Chanukah. I was surprised and asked how they got it. She said that she contacted them and they had said that they give away bibles to people who are in need. They give them away in places such as Africa, India, and China. In America we can recieve a free bible ANYWHERE. There are free bibles in every hotel room, and passed out at fairs. I agree with them on that account. We take so much for granted and want the best of everything. The Halleluya Scriptures is a blessing. I would gladly pay $10 for one. Wouldn’t you?

  11. Bedeyah Emmanuel

    I did not have any trouble receiving my free copy for me& my mom they sent them out with no issues.
    I donated $20.00 for to receive the audio version of the Torah, but that was by choice. People can say many things but what I am seeing is many just have trouble navagating the site and if you click you can’t make a donation, they still send it to you. I have many friends in the Philippines that also received their free copies. So I don’t know what went wrong for you guys but truly I can tell you for a fact that it is not the norm. Peace to your homes!!!

  12. Jeremy Kapp

    I received a free copy of their Bible with no donation in 2013. They were nice, and I received my copy quickly. I don’t feel duped. It’s a paper back edition with a clear plastic dust protector… I can’t say anything bad about them.

  13. Shannon

    You are wrong! I received my copy completely free and very quickly! Maybe they ran into a production problem which is why certain people didn’t get their copy. I mean, after all, the HS isn’t free to make! You should be ashamed for downing any ministry unless they are supporting Satan! We are in the middle of a great “falling away” and you want to no longer promote a site based on it’s delayed, FREE, Bibles? You should be ashamed.

  14. Dale Watson


  15. Arthur Biam

    Dear Winnie,

    Where can I get a copy of the HalleluYah Scriptures in Malaysia ?


  16. winnie

    I’m a bit speechless about Halleluyah Scriptures.

    I got mine completely FREE and the Vain tradition Book also coz at that time i was pretty broke anyway. Perhaps i am in Malaysia so it was send from the M’sian branch. So far so good….but now i wanted to order the Hebrew parallel ones and noticed that donation is required. I don’t mind paying, as that was what i’ve purposed in my heart to pay them back for the free bible & book anyway, but for now as you said, “required donation” is a bit disturbing. Perhaps HS should just be frank, say 1 book =$_ _ .00.

    Anyway I’m grateful to Malaysian branch HS who’ve sent me my free copy long time ago. Perhaps the issue is DIFFERENT branch of HS has different attitude?!

    So for those who feedback did or did not receive…please post your location. Might be helpful to narrow down which branch / location’s HS has issues.


  17. winnie

    I’m a bit speechless about Halleluyah Scriptures.

    I got mine completely FREE and the Vain tradition Book also coz at that time i was pretty broke anyway. Perhaps i am in Malaysia so it was send from the M’sian branch. So far so good….but now i wanted to order the Hebrew parallel ones and noticed that donation is required. I don’t mind paying, as that was what i’ve purposed in my heart to pay them back for the free bible & book anyway, but for now as you said, “required donation” is a bit disturbing. Just be frank, say 1 book =$_ _ .00.

  18. Followers of YAH Post author

    No, it is true. We know of many who gave money and never received anything. In fact, hundreds believed that we, FollowersofYAH.com is the HalleluYah Scriptures. We have received an innumerable amount of complaint emails telling us they have donated to the HalleluYah Scriptures and never received it. It is also a fact of all the testimonies or many others who have been told they can only receive a copy if they donate. They donate and receive nothing.

  19. Judah Giam

    Shalom in Yahuwah’s Most Awesome Name!

    I’m Judah Giam from Malaysia.
    Is it possible for me to get some copies of the IRS version Bibles since I’m staying in Malaysia outside of the USA?
    Is it only free in the USA but what about those outside of USA who would like to have them?

  20. Greg

    i do not understand this… We know Yahushua came in his Father’s name, which is YAHUAH, Yet these folks that choose to use the Germanic Y A H W E H or any other name for the Father claim to believe the very words of the Messiah they claim to serve?

    Yet this “Name Game” is just a game? Yahuah help us all… it makes me ill….

  21. Andrea Young

    Thakns, I think, I just stumbled on the H.S. Real “names” ancient Hebrew offer and was never so excited in my life….being this has become VERY important to my heart…The Name and Names of God and His Hebrew language…By His Ruah…Ruach. This all on my own with my kjv

  22. Matthew

    I can testify they will not send out free copies i tried to request one and keep getting an auto generated email telling me to scan my bills because they dont know if my address is correct or not. That doesnt even make sense how are poor people supposed to have scanners and be able to do that? I asked them that question and they stopped responding and never sent me anything. I also tried donating 5 and 10 dollars and it said the donation amount wasnt enough LOL then its not a donation if its a set amount so its a scam unfortunately.

  23. Clifford Taylor

    I’m sorry about what these people are doing, but my main concern is getting a good translation. I never dreamed of getting a free bible, so I went to Amazon and put in HalleluYah Scriptures it did not have it, but took me to The Scriptures by Institute for Scripture Research and I order that instead. The question is was it a mistake? You said they were similar. Is the one I ordered 99.9% as good as HalleluYah Scriptures? I’m the kind of person that burned all of my NIV’s and went back to the King James. I want to get as close to the original as possible. Did I make a mistake? Comments welcomed.

    1. Roger Jackson

      I started out in The Faith, The Way of YHWH, with a modern language version, then went to the KJV for a few years. I also use the KJV with the substitutions removed, published/distributed by The Assembly of Yahweh, Flint, MI. I then discovered “The Scriptures”, published by the Institute for Scripture Research, of S. Africa, and have been using it since. It is and will from now on be the only version I use.

      I never, ever get involved in arguments about which version of Scriptures is best. If you are truly seeking the truth and are being led by the Ruach haKodesh, it doesn’t matter what version you use. The Spirit will open the “eyes of understanding” for you, and you will find truth. Worrying about which particular version is ‘BEST’ is a nonsensical distraction. It is another tool for the adversary to cause dissension in the ranks, so to speak. Keep us divided, and constantly worried and distracted, we spend little time trying to listen to the “still, small voice” of YHWH.

      I prefer the ISRV for four reasons: 1)I believe it is as close a translation in modern English as you can find – period – if you cannot read Scriptures in the original languages; 2) the fact is, for a number a good, logical, cogent, legitimate reasons, a perfect translation of especially the Messianic Scriptures (New Testament)does not exist; 3)not only have they removed the substitutions of the Kodesh Names, they have removed the secular, Latinic replacements of many other names, e.g. El’azar instead of Lazarus, Kepha instead of Paul, Shim’on instead of Simon, Shelomoh and Mosheh instead of Solomon and Moses (if you personally respect the people of Scriptures, does it not then make sense to properly pronounce their names?); and, 4) they have put back in the Kodesh Names with Hebraic/Aramaic characters, thereby truly returning the Kodesh Names (no arguments about pronunciation then; one may pronounce the Tetragrammeton, YHWH, as one sees personally fit, thereby avoiding another argument among followers of The Way and further distractions).

      Please note, this has nothing to do with the controversy surrounding the HalleluYah Scriptures web site and related sites and issues. Whatever those problems may be, all I am talking about here is the suitability and accuracy of “The Scriptures”, ISRV.

      Yah bless you with wisdom and understanding.

    2. Matthew

      If those people are running a scam like they are i wouldn’t be concerned that their set of scriptures is the msot correct one if they’re lieing and not being truthful then they wouldnt be authorized by God to be giving out the most pure scriptures if they weren’t elsewhere already. Add to that its just a plaguerization of the scriptures u ordered it makes no difference. I would go as far as to say dont worry about any of those and get a hebrew greek study bible that actually defines the words in their original language. Ive gotten more understanding depth and beauty out of that than anything. Ive read the halleluyah scriptures and really not that impressive going back to the original language is much better than a translation that is a fact.

    3. Clifford Taylor

      Yes I made a big mistake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was so disappointed. The names are in Hebrew, but there is no way at all to know how to pronounce the names. It is very frustrating to read. I would not recommend this book to anyone. There is a very small area which has the pronunciation of seven Hebrew letters none of which are in the Name of God. They make a big deal about the correct Name of God , but no where do they give a clue to how to say it. If they just could have put the English pronunciation next to the Hebrew names in the text it would have made a world of difference, but they could not do that!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Tangirala Moses

    This is truth.So I want to distribute in my congregation. My honourable request is please send free bibles . If you have any posibility.Thank you.

  25. Dee Genders

    Just tried to order from ISR and even though my credit card co said there is no issue with my card, the ISR site says its not authorized. Why isn’t there a phone number for customer service? This is not good either. Shatan is working over time!

  26. Tyler

    I also spoke with a member of the HS team and made an agreement with them that if I donated $80 then I would receive eight copies. Well within three weeks I received three copies, however its been four or five months and have yet to receive the latter five copies.

  27. Paul

    Bro. Dan – thanks for the heads up about HS etc, and I know our Adonai will bless you for your honest transparency

    1. Followers of YAH Post author

      Shalom Brother Paul,
      May Yahuwah bless you for taking heed and turning your back on falsehood.

      Please Note, Brother Danny did not write this.

      I did.

      L. McGuire

  28. Paul

    A Jewish scholar, who translated the original scriptures fro Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek into English, noted that, Yeshua is the Aramaic variant of HaMaschiach’s name – the language spoken commonly during his sojourn on earth, and likely the name by which his mother addressed him. Dan likes to spell a word, for instance, “Qodesh” whereas many Jewish / Hebrew scholars use “Kodesh” ie Ruach Ha Kodesh.
    Let’s not strain at gnats and swallow camels.

  29. William

    After a lot of research I have come to the conclusion that Yahshua is not the Messiah’s name. No such name exists in the Hebrew Bible and no such name exists in any extra-Biblical Hebrew literature. So you will have to go with Yahushua or Yeshua which is a valid name for Joshua in the Tanak. People who use Yahshua appeal to the Messiah’s statement in John 5:43 as “proof” of the Yahshua form: “I am come in My Father’s name”. In the minds of Sacred Name believers, this means that “Yah,” a shortened form of Yahweh, must appear in the name of the Son. However, the Messiah did not say “My name contains My Father’s name” or “My Father’s name must appear inside My name” or any such statement. He said absolutely nothing here about His own name. The only “name” mentioned here was the Father’s name. He said, “I am come in My Father’s name,” which simply means that He was coming by His Father’s authority, on His Father’s behalf. If we take Yeshua’s statement “I am come in My Father’s name” to mean that His own name must contain the Father’s name, then we ourselves cannot do anything “in the Father’s name” unless our own personal name happens to contain the syllable “Yah.”

    The folly of this interpretation is also evident if the same line of reasoning is applied to the rest of Yeshua’s statement: “…if another shall come in his own name, him ye will receive.” If the logic of Sacred Name believers is applied to this half of the verse, it would be saying “a person’s name must contain his own name,” which is meaningless. If, on the other hand, “in his own name” means “by his own authority,” then the statement makes sense.

  30. Gordon Shumway

    FYI, when one comes “in the name” of another in the Bible, it always and everywhere means ONLY that he or she comes in the AUTHORITY of the other person. It has ZERO to do with the spelling of the respective names! As far as the pronunciation of ANY name in Hebrew, we should remember that SPOKEN Hebrew was a LOST language until it was revived by Eliezer ben-Yehuda, an Ashkenazi Jew, around the turn of the last century. MOST current pronunciations derive from his work, but ALL pronunciation “rules” today are 100% conjecture.
    Take your pick, but let’s not divide over the choices we make!!!

  31. Denise

    Thank you so very much for this information and for sending the DVD’s as I will make copies to give to others…as soon as I am able I will support your ministry as I feel it is very important and much needed (I do not have employment at this time).
    May Yahuwah greatly bless you for looking out for His people and all who want to know the truth.
    Hallelu Yah!!!

    1. Followers of YAH Post author

      Shalom Denise,
      Please, do not worry yourself about sending us money. Thank you for the generous thought. May Yahuwah bless you for your intent. Sending money is not a requirement. We are a free Ministry and we are here to serve Yahuwah and His Sheep, the Lost Sheep and the Found Sheep.

      F. Martin

  32. Sherry

    Why am I not surprised? I got a copy of Vain Traditions and I read through it with several markers and color pencils. That thing is so marked up with various problems I had with that book. He actually uses the Messiah’s Name as Yahushua??? But then says the Father’s Name as Yahweh?! I was floored by that. How does one justify that? If He came in His Father’s Name, then Yah is either Yah or it’s Yahu. I believe it’s Yahu.
    Messianic Hall of Shame sounds really bad… I know Lew White was put up on this site for selling worldly items at his Torah Zone store located in Kentucky. I was informed he has yet to repent for it.
    This is a down right shame about HS but thank you for bringing this news to us. I’ve shared this website blog with others so that they might be warned of this worldly insanity taking place.

    Pretty soon we will only have the Ruach guiding us. Yahuah’s Shalom everyone!!

  33. stephen

    Shalom FOY. Very sad to hear about HS ordeal. Thanks for bringing it to the light. Something struck me as odd about the HS organization over the last year. We should all be praying more to Abba and listening to His Ruach. May He be gracious and bring them to repentance quickly. Keep running the race set before you all! Shalom!

  34. David

    It was very disappointing to read this article and warning about HalleluYAH Scriptures. May YaHuWaH have compassion on them and grant them all true repentance.

  35. Katy Bragg

    It is so sad to read all that has transpired to your ministry.
    I am seeking a good copy of the scriptures with the true name.
    Can you suggest where I could find this? Bless you and your

  36. Gordon Shumway

    Concerning your use of Yahushua (Joshua) as the Savior’s real name, the angel said to Miryam “thou shalt call his name X for HE SHALL SAVE his people from their sins.” (Matthew 1:21) FYI, “He shall save” is Yeshua (yod shin vav ayin), Strong’s H3442. Also, Yacov Rambsel, an orthodox Jew who came to faith in Yeshua through his lifelong study of Equidistant Letter Sequences (ELS codes) in the Tanakh, found “Yeshua shmi” (My name is Yeshua) ENCODED in ISAIAH 53, along with the names of every other person named in the Renewed Covenant Scriptures as being involved in the death and resurrection of HaMashiach! See his book “The Genesis Code” for details. Your comments?

  37. Beverly Wheeler

    I am truly sorry to hear that the HalleluYah Scriptures are not FREE as they have advertised. This really hurts as I advertise them on my http://WWW.Two-EdgedSwordOfTruth.org Website also. I still believe the HalleluYah Scriptures is a good translation, but I will put a note that they are not Free, but you are required to give a donation to get one.

    Very, very sad indeed, that they do not live up to their own claim & the command of YHWH. “Purchase the TRUTH and sell it NOt”!

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