Monthly ISR Scripture Giveaway!

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HSIn light of the recent disturbing information about the HalleluYah Scriptures (We’ve been duped) the F.O.Y. ministry has decided that we will start to give away the ISR Scriptures for FREE! We will do everything we are able to do in spreading the Besorah of Yahushua! Since we are 100% FREE ministry shipping worldwide we can only do so much at a time. To further explain this, each month what we are able to purchase we will get and then post that up on the website. Some months we may have only ten copies to give away. Other months we may have forty copies! This will be done on a month to month basis. They will be offered on a first come first serve basic. Therefore, if you do not get one there is always the opportunity you can obtain one the next month or the month thereafter! But when they are gone for that month they are gone. We ask that you respect that fact and not get angry or upset. As many of you know the F.O.Y. ministry is just a group of five working endlessly in the common goal of spreading the Besorah of Yahushua and alarming the Called out ones of prophetic events! We ship thousands of DVD’s out to all parts of the world plus we are still on the Imposter tour and can only do what we are able to do with what Yahuwah blesses us with.

The fact remains the price of everything continues to rise especially shipping cost. Therefore, at the present time we are only able to give the ISR Scriptures away to those within the United States! What this means is, if you do not live within the United States we will not be shipping you a free copy of the ISR Scriptures. However, we can ship you out our FREE DVDs! If this changes we will post this on the website.

scriptures_isr-FOYA final note, those who get a free copy of the ISR Scriptures your package will be mailed media mail which is the cheaper rate. The issue with this is it can take up to six weeks before you get your package, therefore you must be patient as we are a FREE ministry doing everything we can do in this late hour!

Our desire is each of you that do receive a free copy of the ISR Scriptures will be deeply blessed and will greatly enjoy this wonderful version of the Scriptures!

No Gimmicks, survey’s, questionnaires, etc. No need to watch videos before you can order. We DO NOT ‘pick and choose’ who receives free Scriptures. This giveaway is based on first come first serve. So mark your calendar because the forms don’t open until June 20, 2013.

When to order?
Ordering begins June 20, 2013. Please note, we only have limited quantities to giveaway. Once the max amount has been ordered your next opportunity to receive a copy of the Scriptures FREE is not until next month.

WHERE and HOW can I order?
You can order by adding your FREE copy of the ISR Scriptures into your cart. Please note there are only a limited amount of Scriptures available each month. Once we are out of stock you cannot add any to your cart or place any orders.

I live outside the U.S.A.. Am I still eligible for a Free Scriptures?
No, this giveaway is only available for those in the U.S.A.

Can I pre-order?
NO, you cannot pre-order. Ordering does not begin until June 20, 2013. In order to receive a FREE ISR Scriptures during this giveaway you must WAIT until June 20, 2013 when the ordering is open. If you do not submit your order before we become out of stock there is no back-order, no pre-ordering or anything else. The ordering will not be open again until the next month.

I do not have access to the internet or my internet is not working when ordering is open, what do I do?
The ordering is ONLY open via the shopping cart in the link at the bottom of this page. Do not submit your mailing address requesting a FREE Scriptures for yourself or requesting a FREE Scriptures for you or your group in another country. THIS GIVEAWAY IS ONLY AVAILABLE VIA U.S.A. If you want a FREE Scriptures visit the library or friends house and use a computer there. We will not accept orders via email!

When will I receive my FREE Scriptures?
It may take up to 6 weeks before you receive your FREE Scriptures.


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