Dying to be Thin

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Written by L. McGuire

   It seems every so many years people come up with different methods of losing weight. Years ago there was the tapeworm diet. Yeah we won’t even go there! There has even been the feeding tube diet. That is going the extreme.  There was the baby food diet trend that started in Hollywood that became very popular.


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As crazy as those diet fads were the newest fad called the cotton ball diet is becoming very popular amongst young girls. The diet which consist of eating cotton balls dipped in various juices such as orange juice to cause the person to feel full without gaining weight. Not only do I feel this is the worst diet fad out there but this one is extremely dangerous. Most are eating synthetic cotton balls full of bleach and other chemicals. They might as well cut a whole in their T-shirt and give it a dunk in some OJ then bon appetite! Besides suffering with malnutrition (which is not a good thing) or a heavy dose of poisonous chemicals in the intestinal tract, eating cotton balls could cause a potentially life threatening intestinal obstruction.

The truth is all eating disorders have an underlining deep rooted issue that needs to be dealt with. From my studies, the eating disorder is just a symptom of the underline cause of possible depression, loneliness, having no control of one’s life, rejection, a need for attention, etc.

If you or someone you know is suffering with any eating disorder please talk to someone! There are specialist out there that can help you. Even though I am not a specialist if you need someone to talk to, we here at the FOY ministry are always here for you. We are here to serve and minister to your needs!

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Soon dieters won’t need to gobble up cotton balls as I believe the next diet fad will be what Scientists in Singapore are creating what they call a “digital lollipop.” If you’re in the mood for something salty, bitter, sour or sweet without all the calories then the digital lollipop may be the next best thing! The article states that the lollipop uses electrical current to simulate the four sensations on the tongue.