Postal Increase and a Special Announcement

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As many of you know the FOY ministry has been a free world wide ministry for going on 14 years now. What sets us apart from other ministries is that we are a 100% free ministry. Our many books, tracts along with DVD’s have gone to places around this world that I never knew existed! How exciting to know that truly the Besorah of Yahushua is going to the ends of the earth. I speak a truth, we are living in very exciting times. We will keep doing this as long as we are able. However, the fact remains the postal service is constantly increasing their rates. Shipping out of the United States is extremely costly! To save out of state cost we may eventually have to start shipping all DVD’s in the white sleeves instead of the black cases! This will be a big difference in the weight of one package. To those of you who do financially support us, you’ve received copies of some of the postal receipts. You can easily compare the difference in shipping in state to outside the United States.

Here is a video we made a few years ago: