The flock has not been spared!

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Sadly, the flock has not been spared. HaShatan has infiltrated among the weak. We here at the FOY ministry get downright mean and nasty emails from the so called Brethren! Some emails try to convince us we are sinning because of our movies. Others are simply infuriated because they can no longer deceive us into giving them more than one ISR Scriptures! What a blessing we were but because we refuse to allow one person to get six or seven ISR Scriptures for free, now all of a sudden we are damned in their eyes. Where is the love? This is unbelievable!  The FOY ministry is a very small group and we’ve been serving sidelinein the ministry for almost 15 years now. We will not be bullied or put down for our work. As previously stated, it is easy to be a bench sitter yelling on the side lines, step back I say and ponder on what are you personally doing to further the coming Kingdom? Either be a team player or get off the field! We are about to enter into the ninth inning! The Body of Mashiach needs to work together with the common agenda in lifting Yahushua up not tearing each other down.

3 thoughts on “The flock has not been spared!

  1. Alex

    Mr. McGuire,

    I wrote you back and forth for awhile and when you stopped writing me back I stopped writing you, no.

    re: infiltration of the Enemy- ‘Goats’ I call them, whether high or low Satanists, no-level Mason’s etc. Either way, several things are a given: One- if people are listening to you expect ‘spies’! Two- the Big media is merely a ‘tool’ of the Goats and that will always be in their hands. Also, the distinguishing feature of those not planning on ‘Going Up’ is- the Second Coming of YAHushua is not imminent as they do not know The Word and thus- (2Thes.2.11-12 )
    re: so called Jews/Yudeans- they are a reel ‘mixed-bag’- some have sold out and become top Goats, while others infiltrate the churches and subvert within; and yet still, there are great Believers, indeed, the 144K should start surfacing soon and we should expect much help from them as I see them as the ‘fruit’ of The Two.

    re: Catching-up on how ugly the situation actually is. Consider –Brother Nathaniel on Real Jew News. The guy is a Jew himself and although he needs to be taken with a ‘lil salt’- his info. and presentation, as a Jew is excellent and worth while.

    OK, pace-it as the ‘seismos’- ‘quakes’ are only increasing and especially here in PI.

    Bless you through YAHusha haMshiach


    1. Followers of YAH Post author

      Shalom and Greetings,
      May this letter find you having a bless day. We here at the FOY ministry are so happy to hear from you. That is good you are getting closer. Oh wow…that is horrible them taking that stuff. They have the right to do that? And what is KSA?
      Yes we have that version and that is the version we have been using for a very long time. How will you get it into the country? What is your Sister’s mailing address and we will see what we can do. It may take a few months as right now we are currently on tour and can only carry so many with us.
      Oh boy…140….wow! Can you handle that heat? Does Israel get that hot also. That would be so cool to be there though. You know they claim the real MT. Sinai is there in S.A.. the movie is called Mountain of Fire! Very neat.
      So how many people are in your class? I’m so happy you are working and getting closer to Israel.

      Shalom for now
      And thanks for keeping in touch with us,
      Be blessed
      L. McGuire

  2. Judi McClelland

    If people are outraged by not receiving more than one ISR Scripture – then shame on them!!!!Take a good look at yourselves!!!!FOY are right!! Where is the love and support – where are your grateful hearts?? Wake up!! It is not often that we can get something for nothing – be thankful – even buy some ISR Scriptures and give them away yourselves.

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