ISR Giveaway Update

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  The FOY ministry is a small group so we can only give so many away when we are able to do so each month. We give a certain number of the ISR Scriptures away for FREE! Yes, these are FREE with no strings attached! Only, first come first serve within the limited quanity for each time. Many Called Out Ones, both young and old, are having hard times with the current economical crisis and receiving the Scriptures for free has been a huge blessing. We have been receiving very good feedback from those who received theirs! The FOY ministry praises and gives thanks to Yahuwah for allowing us to humbly serve the Body of Mashiach during these most troublesome times!

Please note, we do not know how much longer we will be able to do this Giveaway because the ISR Scriptures are having problems with their printing and we are do not know when they will have more readily available.


The next Giveaway date is pending. Please subscribe to be notified.

4 thoughts on “ISR Giveaway Update

  1. Walter Taylor

    Shalom,First i would like to congradulate you and your team for the wonderful work being done in Yahuwah name,i use to be a five percenter for thirty years never thought i would be called out of that,but Elohim had another plan for me,i became a christian who later was ordained as a deacon seven years,but Elohim wasn’t finished with me yet.I felt Yahuwah was tugging on my belief so i left my post,as a christian i was always drawn to hebrew names and had Torah scriptures on every doorway post in my house never ate pork nor cooked it nor bought it for my family,i’m being fed by your ministry and i feed many as i know daily with what tools you provide blessing’s to the staff and family.Shalom!

  2. Juliet Chadzingwa

    Greetings in Yahuwah,

    I would be happy to know when the next free scriptures will be available( if at all), to those outside the US. I live in Zimbabwe but would be happy to buy the scriptures, if available. I would be happy to hear.

    Many thanks.

    Juliet Chadzingwa

  3. Sandra Caffrey

    I know you give away the Scriptures Bible periodically, but I was wondering if one is available that I can just purchase?

    Thank you,

  4. Jocheing

    HalliluYAH, thanks YHWH, Yahuwah Elohim. We are CRM into HalliluYAH. We beleive Shabbat and please E-Mail us about Shabbat prayer in English and Hebrew.

    Thanks YAH.

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