Name that Gender

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  You know society has been dumbed down when parents will let their child choose their gender. Ever heard of gender-neutral parenting? It’s the newest rave gaining in popularity in letting the child pick and choose what clothes they want to wear, what toys they want to play even what sex they want to be. Genderless baby? Seriously, this is an atrocity. Oh yeah, you heard me right! Seems these parents went out to lunch and never came back.


  Seriously, this is absolutely nutty! Apparently they feel the sex the child was born with is limiting.  Some even argue that letting a child be the gender they were born with can cause damage to the child.  How bizarre is that?

  Once the news broke out about one parent’s decision on letting their child choose their gender millions of people gave their approval. What soon followed was the validation that now all toddlers can determine their own gender! Whoever disagrees with this new doctrine is instantly looked down upon showing intolerance to these transgender toddlers! Sadly this absurdity is not going anyway anytime soon. This is part of the new reality of a society gone mad. I am thus reminded that parents are too:

“Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.”(Mishle/Proverbs 22:6)

  Parents are commanded to teach their child. Whatever the parents teach, through word and deed becomes that child’s reality. Giving the child the rulership to determine their gender is not as simple as the child picking out their favorite color of socks! That is pure nonsense.

  Scriptures are clear that children are not to rule over the parents. Handing a toddler the authority along with the responsibility of picking their own sex is the start of a confusing life for the child. Not to mention a tragic decision that will have devastating effects. A toddler has not even reached the age of reason yet. That is why they are not responsible to be left home alone, to buy a car, take medications or cook their own meals without adult supervision. Loving parents set boundaries for their children. One of those boundaries is not allowing a girl to transform into a boy and a boy to a girl. It’s just common sense. Scriptures are very clear on this issue:

“A woman does not wear that which pertains to a man, nor does a man put on a woman’s garment, for whoever does this is an abomination to Yahuwah your Elohim.”-Debarim/Deuteronomy 22:5

  Now these toddlers are being raised that it is okay to do this unacceptable thing. The worst part is the parents are actually the ones that are making the decision for allowing their child to choose their gender identity. These babies are being coerced into wearing this, having that hairstyle and playing with that toy.



  What, are you kidding me? This is like some sci-fi movie with a bad script of letting boys and girls transit into the opposite sex! Yet the reality is most of these parents would not allow their son to dress in a masculine way but did allow him to dress in pink clothing. A lot of these parents feel that there should be no stereotyping based on one’s sex. Yet this is exactly what they are doing.

“And now the BBC seems to be in on the program, encouraging even a six year old for his role in the coming Sodom and Gomorrah to revert us back to the Days of Noah…”
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To add more confusion to this bad stew public schools are now teaching that there is no such thing as boys and girls:

  See, the boy didn’t pay for that pink dress or the girl choose to have all her hair cut off. Sure they can be persuaded to do these things but the final say so is on the parents shoulders! A girl can still be a girl playing sports it’s called being a tomboy. Just as a boy can still be a boy even if he likes to cook it’s called being a chef. A girl can still cut grass just as a boy can do laundry. These things do not determine ones gender or cause one to be a transgender.


  These children are being exploited as the poster child for the transgender movement! This is totally insane but now sadly is the norm. A twisted dark reality that these poor children are being brainwashed into, forced gender roles that sadly one day will come back to haunt them.

  Once these toddlers become adolescence, they are given strong drugs to stop puberty. As they move into young adults they are then given even more powerful drugs to begin the transition from one sex to the other, altering their DNA! This behavioral is far from normal. Watch as these teenagers begin to ‘transition’ into the opposite sex:

  This once young girl now named Benton Sorensen is just one of many transsexuals that have been transformed by taking hormone:

  Here is another woman that transforms into a man. If I met this person on the street there is no way I would be able to tell that this was a girl:

Here is a young man that transformed into a woman:

  These people are literally metamorphosing into another sex! No doubt these are major changes that have taken place all with the help of taking hormone therapy. I personally feel each of these people will eventually suffer major devastating effects to their health from pumping sex hormones from the opposite sex into their temple! Only time will tell because this type of therapy is so new, the long term side-effects are unknown. 

  What is Male to Female Hormone Replacement Therapy? Click here.

  Many states have actually banned any form of conversion therapy.

  Many feel that trying to covert a homosexual to heterosexual could be damaging to the person.

  Oh but allowing a toddler or even a teenager to decide what sex they are is not damaging? Oh please! Actually, masses of people are being manipulated by this satanic agenda that is extremely damaging both physically and spiritually. True Yahuwah gave us free will to choose and these people can freely chose to defiantly go against the natural order declared by Yahuwah. But He also told us that everyone shall give an account to Yahuwah (Romans 14:12).

h2  This agenda has been in the planning for years. Take for instance the transition of Bruce Jenner. So many people looked up to him for his great strength and ability to break the world’s record, winning gold for the men’s Olympics decathlon.
Then something shocking occurred, Bruce announces to the world that he is a transgender! He has spent years as a woman stuck in a man’s body. So the world sat back watching this man transition himself into a woman. He has even become the spokesman for transgenderism.

  Yet as I mentioned before this was a planned event. To prove my point here is an episode of the Family Guy from 2009: (some crude languages viewer discretion advice)


Here he is from a movie called “Can’t Stop the Music” (1980) alongside the group called “The Village People” which are known for their gayness and their gay founder. Clearly, we can see Bruce here dressed womanly/queerish by wearing a cut off belly shirt sporting ‘Daisy Duke’ shorts. Even back then society was being conditioned to except the transgender agenda:

  The following is pictures of The Kardashians Christmas reality show, with his family and him from the year 2013:

h4 h5
He is stuck or imprisoned in a glass tube looking out at the masculine Bruce Jenner with gold medals in all. No doubt this has got the Illuminati wrote all over it. Here it is seems that he is looking out at a dismembered mannequin of himself wearing his Olympic medals. To me is He is saying goodbye to manly hood while becoming more feminine.  To me this also seems like he has become trapped and now a puppet of the Illuminati entertainment industry submitting to their every call. If all this is not some publicity hoax (as those who give in to the Illuminati will have to pay the piper when they call) then he has a split personality thing going on here. A man on the outside yet being influenced by an evil spirit. Regardless, clearly the signs have been here. This planned agenda all up in our faces demanding that society embrace this abnormal behavior.

h6  What is interesting is the meaning behind the name Caitlin. Means ‘pure’ and ‘torture’.
Jenner means ‘contriver’ (a derivative of engaigne ‘cunning’, ‘ingenuity’, ‘stratagem’, ‘device’).

   Of course Cunning means achieving ones ends by deceit! There you have it. This man’s full name means, Pure torture contriver! I will never call him a she as that would be bearing false witness. This is a man and will always be a man!


  This is without a doubt a rebellious war that has been ongoing since before the dawn of civilization. However, I would say that is pretty torturous, if Bruce Jenner is a puppet in a big cunning scheme to deceive masses amounts of people into accepting that transgender is normal behavior. Something doesn’t seem right here. We have a man who claims to now be a woman and yet, is still attracted to woman. In his, reality show, “I am Cait” he has a crush on a woman who by-the-way was a man! I know, the bottom line is, we have a confused man who “gets butterflies” from another confused man. It’s a sick world! They both are convinced they are women, so that makes them both lesbian.

  To make sure vast amounts of people jump on this bandwagon of the new normal he was given the ESPY awards for courage:

h7  Now millions of people have embraced this wickedness. Here in the United States alone it has been reported that there are over 1.5 million transgender. This is full rebellion against the Creator, Yahuwah and rejecting His infallible Word that is the Scriptures that stands firm in the heavens (Tehillim/Psalm 119:89). Yahuwah created male and female (can’t get any simpler than that) not the some-odd 32 plus genders including a third gender, A sexual, metrosexual and even hen gender,that we are seeing today! Satan is about confusion and folks this is some messed up stuff.

  I for one am not nor ever will I embrace this evil that has been relabeled as normal. Does this mean we have the right to beat these people up or mistreat them? Far from it as that will solve nothing. Nor do I think it is appropriate for us to physically lash out or called these people names. Gender identity crisis used to be considered a mental issue in the medical field and that is how believers need to look at this along with the spiritual part.

  Today, we are witnessing women becoming more masculine while the men are becoming more feminine in all aspects of life, all part of the agenda to destroy the foundations of family and humanity. Transgenderism has its root in Satanism as this being is a great impersonator. Are these people not impersonating the opposite sex?


  They all got one thing in common, they are all transgender.

  Did you know that some Countries, such as Germany and Australia have even go to the extreme of having genderless birth certificates.

h9  Yet before we are formed in the womb, He (Yahuwah) knew us (YirmeYahu/Jerimiah 1:5) and while in the womb He formed and designed us. Therefore by the time a baby is brought forth, the gender has already been designed. No question about that. The underlying issue is when a person thinks they are a deity. Thus rejecting Yahuwah’s authority. They then become a broken rebellious person. The results is total chaos. Seriously, what do you expect when someone defiantly goes against Yahuwah’s design when He created them to be either male or female?

  Yahuwah has not changed:

“Do you not know that the unrighteous shall not inherit the reign of Elohim? Do not be deceived. Neither those who whore, nor idolaters, nor adulterer, nor effeminate, nor homosexuals, nor thieves, nor greedy of gain, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor swindlers shall inherit the reign of Elohim.” 1 Corinthians 6:9-10

h10Effeminate is listed separately from homosexuality. When a man rejects his masculinity he has become effeminate. Effeminate starts with rebellion with what has been designed by Yahuwah. Sure one does not have to go to the extreme as some of these transgenders have done. To be effeminate is to be unmanly. Now does that mean a man can’t clean, do laundry, cook, sew or even cry? Of course, not. The same goes for a woman.

h11 So what does Effeminate actually mean? It is when a man literally takes on feministic traits, habits or even mannerisms. Which would include a man giving up his Yahuwah born right to be the leader over his household. A woman would adopt macho mannerisms and want to rule over her husband. When a person is suffering with gender confusion altering their physical bodies or abandoning their natural identities only adds more confusion. They need to repent seeking Yahuwah to change their heart. The more a person clings to Yahuwah the more each of us can embrace our natural identities.

The Torah is instructions on how we are to live and act. These laws are guidelines for humanity.
All those people that chanted, “Change! Change they can believe in,” just a few years ago well it is here folks. Right smack dab in our faces. This is no doubt part of that change they all begged for.  Clearly, part of the gay agenda is to cause gender role confusion and destroy the family all the while normalizing the abnormal.  All people need to accept his or her sexuality and characters as prearranged by Yahuwah. Yahuwah is not about confusion yet we know who the author of confusion is.