Signs of the Times -Part 1

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   Last newsletter we talked about how humanity continues down the slippery slope of becoming more beast like. Just within the last six months these “Animal” like instincts are progressingly getting worst. To me is seems like the logical factor of many brains have been totally eradicated.

  Is it any wonder the dumbing down has been a success? Especially when the people continue to digest the tainted food secularism hands them? When disturbing videos like below are praised as art this nation is in serious trouble:
(Viewer discretion strongly advice)

  This video and song depicts a stalker’s horrible fantasy of having intercourse with a woman covered in blood! This kind of sick twisted non sense is entertaining masses of people. With lyrics such as “Baby I’m preying on you tonight/ Hunt you down eat you alive” and “Don’t deny the animal that comes alive when I’m inside you” is very creepy. I would even add demon possession, “It’s like we can’t stop we’re enemies but we get along when I’m inside you/You’re like a drug that’s killing me I cut you out entirely but I get so high when I’m inside you.”

  The entertainment industry glorifies this behavior and the people gladly enjoy their feast! Besides stalking being a criminal offense, this video promotes sexual violence degrading woman to a piece of meat removing the human identity. Evil marked and sold as good, cool and acceptable! The hard core reality is far from that.

  This place called earth has gotten so corrupt that a new horrible game called “Knockout” has grown in popularity and has spread across many states. This game is not a board game and it is not limited to any certain area. The game involves beating a random innocent bystander. The goal is not to steal anything from them but to knock them out. Age is not a factor and even pregnant woman are getting knocked out! These terrible vicious acts of violence has occurred in stores, parks, walking down the street and even in church:


  This is so sad and brings tears to my eyes. This is one of many manifestations of a dumbed down society. Dumped down by being feed poisoned food, ears filled with corrupt music, demonic movies glorifying evil, ingesting both street and legal drugs like candy sweet tarts, seeing violence everywhere, playing addicting brainwashing video games along with not having a love for Yahuwah! I am thus reminded of:

“Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.”-YeshaYahu/Isaiah 5:20

   There is a lot of this going on which is gradually leading up to the ultimate abomination of the world believing the Strong Delusion of Satan masquerading as Yahushua coming in the clouds! As mentioned in the Imposter book and DVD the secret elite have been preparing for this time.

Besides the blue beam project, CERN could possibly be used to be the portal used to help bring in the strong delusion:

   This video the man states how during one time they did indeed open up a portal and the Nephilim/Giants came through. This is a very good video even though he says pagan names:

l01   The Large Hadron Collider’s main purpose is the gateway for The Imposter NOT a mere man with the anti-Messiah spirit but SATAN itself! Demons will be unleashed as CERN has the potential to reek major havoc on planet earth. CERN is being used as a very powerful portal that is clearly being used to usher in something very horrible.

l02   Portals are nothing new and have always been here. Demons have already been here just manifesting in numerous ways.  This is why Yahushua sent a legion of demons into the swine. And how the fallen demons took women for their wives? Yet this CERN is something far more powerful. I believe in releasing the dark matter that will open the abyss letting the demons come through. CERN is also associated with the pagan deity of Shiva (The Destroyer).


l03   After two years of taking a breaking, Scientist decided to ramp up the Large Hadron Collider again at 13 teraelectrone volts which is more than double the previous records of the machine.  They plan on doing this again on September 23rd.  CERN (European Organizations for Nuclear Research) has the capablity of inter-dimensional research. The hope is to open different dimensions:


These Scientist are opening up a Pandora box. Dark matter clearly has an effect on people in a very powerful way. This is why I strongly believe that part of the reason why we are seeing an increase in humanity degenerating at an alarming rate has to do with CERN being turned on. This is why we are also witnessing many earthquakes, volcanoes and animals dying at an astonishing rate. Clearly, turning this on is unleashing pure evil!


   What can one expect when CERN means ‘horned god’! We know who the god of this world is. The logo clearly shows the number of the beast:

More information about the CERN:





l05   I find it quite interesting that the newest Star War’s movie is titled, “Star War’s The Force Awakens’! CERN is being used to do just that awaken a very horrible force that once open cannot be shut!

   Oh how low can they go? Wicked men continue to mess with matter they should not. Yahuwah created this planet with twelve vortices which man has named “The 12 devils graveyards around the world’. These vile vortex were designed in twelve geographic areas of the earth. The twelve zones make up earth’s only grid system. If one goes out there will be detrimental consequences to planet earth along with humanity. You see these magnetic energy spots is what rotates the entire planet earth.


   Bermuda triangle and Devil’s sea have been known for unexplained phenomena to occur including time-warp’s, bizarre animal attacks, strange weather patterns, ships and planes disappearing and even radios and compasses stop working. Mankind seems to be fascinated with these kinds of matters. So is it any wonder that they have been tinkering with the earth’s power grid?

l07   When the History Channel first aired “The Devil’s Graveyards” some claim the flick is just full of bogus drama.  The plot is about how Dr. Spencer searches for answers on why his dog attacked and killed his son when they were in the Algerian desert. His search leads him to conclude that there has been a disruption in earth’s magnetic field. Which leads him to believe that the entire human race can be effective from this. Dr. Spencer and his crew try to send an electromagnetic pulse into the Algerian vortex only for them all to blow up.



   I believe this movie is based on both fake and real points of interest that needs to be considered. Without a shadow of a doubt man has indeed been messing with these energy fields. The proof in this can be found in that the poles have already shifted! We are already experiencing and feeling the harmful effects that has been caused by the tinkering of these magnetic fields.  Always trying to undo what Yahuwah has created which is causing, “…all the creation groans together, and suffers the pain of childbirth together until now.” (Romans 8:22)

   Another important matter, mankind is messing with the global economies! When the economic wall falls down it will be a domino effect on a global scale. We are seeing the start of this just with the China market:

China Makes Selling For Big Investors Illegal

The Scale Of The Chinese Real Estate Crash Is Terrifying

China rolls out emergency measures to prevent stock market crash

China’s coming crash?

Recently Greece had some major economic woes also:
Greek bank closures may deplete supermarket shelves

Greece Illustrates 150 Years of Socialist Failure in Europe

Greece will close banks Monday as panic spreads

Greece #ThisIsACoup: Banksters Seize Sovereignty & Assets

Even Australia is having some issues with their economy as well.

Clearly there is something occurring with quite a few economies on a global scale. I know there has been much talk about the Shemitah year and how history has shown some economy’s falling. The truth is, I’ve look into the study given on this subject and honestly I have found some errors in this teaching. First off, I don’t really listen to anyone that has the title ‘rabbi’ as the Scriptures are clear on not taking this title. Second this person has been known to tinker with the Jewish Kabbalah which as Followers of Yahushua we are not to do. His nine seals in the Harbinger book is based on pure Kabbalah! Someone can clearly see what this is, just by looking at some of Johnathon Cahn (CON) hand signs:

cahn1 cahn2

Johnathon Cahn’s Mysterious Hand Symbols

Johnathon Cahn’s Kabbalah Teachings

The Harbinger

Yet so many believers are listening, spreading and supporting this! The following article goes so far as to say that “God has chosen an exact date for the dollar collapse”.

What God are they referring to here? The God of fortune and mammon! Or are they referring to themselves as god?

You see the Shemitah year were for the Jewish people. If they didn’t follow it then judgement for Israel was upon them. The Shemitah year is everywhere not just here but especially in Israel. Some claim the state of Israel cannot really be keeping the Shemitah year since there is no Sanhedrin.

We know that that state of Israel is not spared from corruption as they have gay pride parades along with gay rights, many don’t keep the weekly Sabbath and they do abortions! The entire world is living in sin not just the United States. However to be fair and just, If Yahuwah is judging American for abortions what about the 1,345,686,592 abortions in the rest of the world!?! Compared to the rest of the world America is not even close to making that large of a contribution! Nevertheless, this nation is full of sin also.

A shemitah year is every seven years. This is a year of release. Release from all debt meaning freedom from all debt and the land rest. So are they resting over there in Israel since this is a Shemitah year? Actually, they are still growing food over there just using acrobatics to get around it. You see they sell their land to non-Jews to use, so they can continue the agricultural but then by the end of the year they buy it back. So the land is not truly resting. The non-Jews (Goyim) are picking up where they left off while the Jew’s themselves rest. But the land itself is not resting as commanded by Yahuwah. So since they are not keeping the true Shemitah year then is their economy going to fall also? Or let me guess, all economies are destined to fall except the state of Israel? Hmmm, scratching my head on that one!

Understanding the Shemitah

The big mistake with this teaching is that America has been linked to the land of Israel. There are more flaws you can find just by looking into the history of each Shemitah year, I’ll save that for another article.

I listen and consider what they have to say even if I don’t quite see things how they do. We are to expose the falsehood and there is a lot of that going around. Here let me explain, you see the elite have been known to use certain dates to bring about the necessary changes in progressing humanity to the next phase of the new world order. We all know, that they do what they want to do and are very open about it now-a-days. They are so open that just this summer in Detroit Michigan a 9 foot statue of Satan was erected:

Satanic Symbol in Detroit

A black mass was even held on a college campus:

They don’t care anymore! Because of these things it is easy to believe that yes this country would be justified in Yahuwah’s judgement. Indeed His judgement is coming but first we are going through Man’s Wrath by Manipulation. They are the ones manipulating global events in ushering the coming Imposter. Once you fully comprehend what the coming Strong Delusion actually is then you can put the puzzle pieces of these end time events in order. The truth is, they are going to make the economy fall along with the world economies. This man from Japan got it right:

“Our stock market is purely based on government adjustments. When they want it to go up, it goes up. When they want it to go down, it goes down.”

There you have it! He gets it why can’t Believers? This is exactly what we are seeing right now with the markets going up and down like the jet stream.  I want to mention that first off Scriptures say let no one judge you, for any person to claim that these bad things that are taking place is judgement from Yahuwah they are judging! Actually, there are some out there that are literally sending strong curses upon this nation! I for one reject these.
Yahuwah was not behind Katrina, the attacks on the Twin Towers nor will He behind the world economic crash that is coming! Yet Preachers such as Pat Robertson have already jumped on the bandwagon:


This is what I am talking about! I truly do not understand how Followers of Yahushua, are being so naïve and yet do not see all this for what it is! I can’t count how many emails I have gotten and all I can say is we need to be getting our heads out of the sand! I’m very disappointed in my Brothers and Sisters on how easily so many are getting duped into this orchestrated plan. We have not even gotten close yet to the biggie, the Imposter showing up!

l12So many listen to people like Lindsey Williams, who claims to be a friend of the elites. Well right there is enough to flag him! Yet despite his many false predictions people continue to follow him. He’s making money off of fear mongering by always keeping people on the edge of their seat! If he cares so much then why does he charge money for his DVD’s? I cry over how many are being misled while the elite are laughing to the bank!

The Pope himself is expected sometime in the month of October (the 25th I think) to stand up and announce the new world currency and new world order!

If it happens then it will go down just as they have planned. Us Followers of Yahushua should be finishing up getting prepared in all forms, spiritually, physically and mentally! Other articles on this subject:

JP MORGAN/CHASE Stops accepting CASH as payment for credit cards, mortgages; forbids customers from storing cash in Safety Deposit Boxes!

Dow closes down nearly 600 points after another wild ride on Wall Street

McDonald’s seems to be feeling the grip of the declining economy has it has closed 700 stores worldwide due to drop in profits:

America is not the only country dealing the economy, target stores in Canada are closing.

   Mankind also continues to play a scary game of Russian roulette with dangerous drugs. Oh what a wicked web that has been spun. Starts out so innocent as a person gets hurt and is in pain. So they go to the drug pusher physician to get some relief. He prescribes an opioid pain reliever. They take the medicine as outlined on the bottle. They shortly realize they need to take more and more as one pill just is not easing the pain any more. Soon they find by mid-month their prescription bottle is empty!

   Not a big deal until they miss their next dose! Then comes the downward spiral of feeding the addiction. They make an appointment to see their drug dealer the physician to get more painkillers. When this no longer works or becomes too expensive they then venture out to seek other methods in obtaining the drug. Heroin is cheaper and easier to get. Their lives are now consumed and overtaken by the drug. All they think and care about is getting their next fix. Never in their wildest dreams could they imagine themselves a heroin addict!  So many times a day they play an extremely dangerous game of Russian roulette!

Many people are and have gotten addicted to heroin this way. One lady in particular got hooked this way and to show her husband the hell she was living decided to let him feel what she goes through so she stuck him with a needle. Needless to say, he instantly turned into a junkie himself.  Now they both are hooked! They lost everything, good paying jobs, their home, their convenient lifestyle, their children and their freedom as they both ended up in jail. Stories like this are the norm as people go get some relief from chronic pain only to end up addicted to a deadly substance. This article talks about the rise in opioid drug use is now being called, Hillbilly Heroin:


According to the CDC heroin has nearly quadrupled due to opioid pain relievers addictions:


This is a growing epidemic that is totally destroying and taking way to many lives just too soon. One government study shows that heroin deaths have doubled:


In Michigan everyday at least one person is dying from overdosed:


These people are so into getting their high they simply do not care anymore where they shoot up. Some are found in restrooms, stores, on the street and even in their cars:



This mother from Ohio was found injecting her children with heroin:

Some states is turning to naloxone another powerful drug to help stop this epidemic:


As devastating as it is for anyone having to overcome a heroin addiction, man also continues to mess with other highly dangerous and deadly drugs. A new drug called Flakka is more powerful than bath salts has been gaining in popularity. It literally is has been known to cause the user to lose their minds yet this is not stopping users from using:


These disturbed parents decided that instead of giving their children an allowance for doing chores they would just give them hard core drugs such as cocaine and marijuana:


This parent decided to get high with his children in the car:

One report I read talked about how some heroin users are actually shooting up while they are driving! This is so very sad. That elite have been planning this for a very long time. They knew that these opioid prescription drugs would cause a dramatic increase in heroin use. Most people do not wake up saying today they are going to be a junkie. They progress to this point in their addiction.

   Synthetic marijuana has been on the rise recently also. Sadly, this is actually killing some users with just one hit:



For those who do not know, this is not marijuana at all but is a designer drug of herbs such as oregano then sprayed with all sorts of dangerous chemicals:

   My heart goes out to these parents who lost their Son and are trying to warn others. The great lengths some will go to is beyond comprehension. Take for instance how some teenagers wanted to get high so bad they stole the grandfather’s ashes mistaken for cocaineSpeaking of ashes someone invented a sex toy that a person can fill with ashes of the deceased. How sad to hear how people are going to great lengths to get a high at any cost. Some have even resorted to taking large amounts of cough syrup to get high.
Soon people will even be about to snort powdered alcohol as the US approved powdered alcohol. Quite a few people have bought into the notion that e-cigarettes are better for them. No way they are actually more deadlier and has cancer causing chemicals.