The Imposter Tour #27: Fleamasters Fleamarket – Ft. Myers, FL


We like going to the southern states for the winter. In February this year (2015) we spent some time at the Fleamasters Flea Market in Ft. Myers, FL.


Sister Linda and son Michael McGuire standing under our banner just before the DVDs were setup.


What a beautiful February day in Sunny Florida. Meanwhile, back at home there’s at least 4ft of snow on the ground.


Fleamasters Fleamarket is a big one. With 900 spots to put up shop and over 400,000 square feet of shopping, it is definitely a crowd pleaser of 1.4 million customers annually! According to their website, Fleamasters is South West Florida’s biggest and best Flea Market. Is it just me or do these larger flea markets we’ve gone to all like to say they are the best and biggest?




We had a great time!


Brother Michael sitting in the chair of a tropical shop in the Flea Market.

2525 Cities, 27 stops and still counting! Will you be next?

One thought on “The Imposter Tour #27: Fleamasters Fleamarket – Ft. Myers, FL

  1. Liam

    Hello Danny , and family , Sorry I missed you at Fleamaster’s market in Fort Myers we didn’t know you were in town, maybe we can meet up next time , hope all else is well. Berekyahu, Ahava and Shalom
    Oh , I E-mailed sister Felicia a few weeks ago , requesting you can send some copies of the DVD ” They have despised My Name” hoping you can do thanks!

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