A Note of Thanks

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The FOY ministry has been blessed now for 17 years doing this wonderful work. We truly are amazed how much Yahuwah has done for us and let us do for HIS people. The FOY ministry would like to take this time to share with you all our expenses. As many of you know the FOY ministry is not just limited to the few workers here but this ministry is for all Called Out Ones! Everyone that sends us a love offering, receives a receipt of how their love offering was used towards the ministry. We freely do this as we feel you all have a right to see how you are helping us get this message along with the Besorah out there to the world!



As you can see the FOY ministry does not scam anyone. Most of the ministry cost, we personally pay ourselves. We are not high life living, as we recently heard someone say! We are a humble family just like you, we have gotten to where we our from our own sweat and tears, not from the profit of donations from supporters. What we have done is dedicated the last 17 years of our lives to serving and providing the world with a FREE Ministry!   Regardless of the donations that come in, we here at the FOY ministry will continue to do this work as Yahuwah is the Great Provider. We do not accept donations to rob anyone! We only allow other members of the Body of Mashiach to freely give as THEY feel led to give! In 17 years of ministry work, one of many things we have learned is that if someone wants to give accept it! Because it is better to give than to receive. We know from our own personal lives that when we freely give, Yahuwah is faithful in bestowing all sorts of blessing upon us. We depend on Yahuwah to provide. Yahuwah is the heart mover. When He wants to bestow a love offering to us we trust He will. That is the main reason why we accept love offerings!  Everyone who gives a love offering to the FOY ministry, receives a receipt showing how their love offering was used. Most love offerings are used towards shipping cost and printing cost. The larger donations are used to purchase DVD’s, DVD cases, DVD sleeves along with the ISR Scriptures.

As stated before the FOY ministry is a different type of ministry in that we are 100 percent FREE!  Our desire is to reach as many of the Lost Sheep of Yisra’el as we can. We deeply thank everyone through the years that has truly helped us get this message out there. We continue to ask that each of you order our DVD’s, books and tracts in helping us continue on spreading the Besorah along with other important messages that we have been given to share!

The FOY team….
Danny McGuire
M.J. McGuire
D.R. McGuire
F. Martin
L. McGuire