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Imposter Tour #20: Flea Mart- San Antonio


Flea Mart – San Antionio – Feb 2014

What a mad house! After waiting 20 minutes in traffic at the entrance to buy a parking spot, you better have even more fun finding a place to park! Once you got your car parked, finished dodging the driving vehicles coming and going in the parking lot, you have a whole other obstacle ahead of you! The shopping experience. While this extremely busy flea market was good for The Imposter Tour, it wasn’t a very good shopping experience when trying to make your way through from one shop to the other. It was loud and traffic jam after traffic jam. This flea market is so big, I think they have a problem with having a variety of shops. There must have been a Catholic relic and First Communion outfitter shop down every row. You sure can tell what’s popular in this part of Texas. Catholicism is on the rise!

As we mentioned before, the busy crowds were very good for The Imposter Tour and praise Yahuwah, He brought the ones He is calling into His Truth to our table to receive the free DVD(s) of their choice.

Here are some pictures:
IMG_7738Brother Danny using a borrowed ladder to tie up our banner.

IMG_7722Brother Danny setting up the TV. We have a new idea we’ve been doing now. To grab passerby’s attention, we have our movies playing on a TV. It has worked good so far.

IMG_7725Brother Michael setting up the DVDs on the table.


The table is set


And the crowds are rolling in!


And we’re ready for them all! Since we are a Ministry and wasn’t selling anything they gave us a special spot in the front of the flea market near the concession area. This was beneficial because it was near the main entrance and everyone saw us sitting there in the eating area. Yahuwah has a purpose for everything. Normally, we pay for a booth, but we even got to stay in this spot at no charge!


Brother Danny and Sister Linda standing behind the table.

Brother Danny answering questions and talking about what each DVD is about. This particular couple took one of each, they were especially excited that “The Great Conspiracy” is in Spanish also.

We had a great time here at the Flea-Mart.

San Antonio, are we done with you yet? Nope, we have more flea markets in this city. Stay tuned cause there is more to come.


Where are we going next? We are going to be here in Texas until mid March 2014. Want us to come see you for fellowship, to visit or show our movies in your congregation, or if you know of a popular flea market in your area?

Fil out the form below:

Followers of Yah Tour

San Antonio Post Office Adventure

Michael went on an adventure during his trip to the San Antonio, Texas Post Office this past week. Yep, that’s right, we are right here in San Antonio, Texas. But only for a limited time. Are you in San Antonio, Texas? Do you want to fellowship or visit? Send us an email letting us know.

Back to Michael’s adventure at the San Antonio Post Office.IMG_7688

Michael looks cold, and it was very cold! Around 30 degrees F. Michael set up all the packages next to the Alamo. Have you ever been to the Alamo. We haven’t until just now.



This wasn’t just any ordinary post office here in San Antonio. It’s also a court house. Which only means one thing. Metal Detectors and Body Scanners!


They don’t discriminate here, if you want to enter, you gotta go through the scanners. Here is Michael, which the packages sitting on the floor, placing his jacket in the tote just before walking through the scanner in front of him.

This isn’t our first trip to the post office. We’ll being seeing you again soon!

Imposter Tour #19: The Wedding Feast


With all the excitement of meeting and seeing new faces on our tour from state to state, the long road can become extremely lonely. Therefore, we here at the FOY ministry greatly enjoy a pit-stop every now and then. Our recent pit-stop would have us travel nearlykeylargotoolney 1,600 miles from Key Largo, Florida to Olney, Texas for a very special wedding. Leaving Key Largo meant we had to embrace the bitter cold arctic blast that the majority of states had been experiencing for weeks. As difficult as it was to trade in our flip flop’s, sun hats and lemonade sipping drinks for a wardrobe of ear muffs, gloves and winter coats, the tradeoff would be well worth it. Nothing compares to visiting old friends and making new ones.

All weddings are emotional in one way or another. But when Torah believing Messianic’s desire to wed and have their parent’s blessings, the entire ceremony is awesome. What makes our weddings so different, you ask?

Most of the customs surrounding the Messianic wedding has deep rooted spiritual meaning. The entire ceremony is quite fascinating actually. Here let me explain. Shot gun weddings do not exist within the Body of Mashiach neither does ‘justice of the peace’ ones. According to our tradition, marriage is viewed as a contract declared by Yahuwah between the man and woman. The goal is to create a lifelong relationship with marriage-certificate-blankYahuwah as the center. This is different compared to those that are living within the Babylon system. The majority of them have allowed the ‘state’ to be their center. Once the state has been made a partner, by the signing of a marriage license, they then have legal rights to anything that the partnership produces; such as children. Most of these marriages also do not acknowledge the importance of the parent’s blessings. Whereas, within our tradition, that is the first step in the marriage ceremony.

When a man is interested in a woman, he first prays and may even fast to see if she is his helpmate. After receiving confirmation he then goes to the young woman’s Father to ask for her hand in marriage. If there is no blessing from the Father then there is no Betrothal and the story ends. However, in the event her Father agrees… the journey begins.

The next step is the acceptance, if the woman wants to be his bride or not. After all, she will be spending the rest of her life with him. According to tradition, in front of witnesses, the man pours some wine or grape juice into a cup. wineHe then patiently waits to see if she will drink from it. If she accepted the marriage proposal she would drink from the cup. Their betrothed would now begin. Some betrothals can last as long as a year. The betrothal is binding and can only be broken through written divorce. The only way the betrothal could be broken by divorce is if the bride is found not a virgin.

The happy Bridegroom would then give her some object of value such as a ring, necklace or bracelet along with a Ketubah (marriage contract/covenant) listing promises to the Bride from the Bridegroom.

homeHe would then leave to go prepare a suitable place for them to live. He tells her, “I go and prepare a place for you and when I am ready I will return for you”. During his departure the Bride begins to get matters ready. The custom was that the Bridegroom could not return to his beloved until after he had his Father’s approval of the place he had prepared for her. In the event the Bridegroom was asked about when the wedding would be, he would declare, “only my Father knows!’

Hmmmm….are you beginning to see the importance of the wedding ceremony? I sure hope so. Let’s continue:

The wedding could not take place until after the Bridegroom’s Father declared, ‘The wedding chamber is now ready! Go forth and get your Bride!”

Since the Bride never knew which day or hour her Bridegroom would come get her, she would have to keep herself ready at all times. She kept a lamp lit while the bridesmaids kept oil on hand. Patiently, they would wait to hear for the sound of the Shofar. At the blast of the Shofar they knew the Bridegroom is coming to her!

After the wedding party arrives, the Bride and Groom goes into the wedding chamber. The best man or friend would wait outside to hear that the marriage had indeed been consummated. The stained blood bed sheets bore witness that this was her first sexual intercourse. This proved of her purity. The entire marriage feast lasted seven days with a marriage supper full of guests.

Let us now put on our spiritual-glasses to see the deeper richer meaning found within the Marriage Ceremony.


During the Tanak (Old Testament) Yahuwah made a marriage covenant with His people (YeshaYahu/Isaiah 54:5-6). The Torah is the written marriage contract (Shemoth/Exodus 20:3) in other words our marriage vows. This contract was a blood covenant (Wayyiqra/Leviticus 17:11) with the Bride price consisting of the Passover Lamb (Shemoth/Exodus 12:13-14). The drinking of the cup of wine during the Passover meal was the sign of the woman (Bride/Yisrael) accepting the proposal and was publically announced in the wilderness (Shemoth/Exodus 19:7-8). The weekly Seventh Day Sabbath was the wedding chamber of how the children of Yisrael would spend time with their Yahuwah (Shemoth/Exodus 31:16; Wayyiqra/Leviticus 19:30; 23:3).

Sadly, the children of Yisrael broke the marriage vows (Torah) and thus were found whoring by serving false deities. Therefore, the marriage ended in a writ of divorcement (YirmeYahu/Jeremiah 3:8) as Yahuwah had to put her away for a time (Yehezqel/Ezekiel 16:60-63; YirmeYahu/Jeremiah 31:31-34). Yet He loved her so much that where there seemed to be no way… He made the way:

“And I shall take you as a bride unto Me forever, and take you as a bride unto Me in righteousness, and in right-ruling, and kindness and compassion. “And I shall take you as a bride unto Me in trustworthiness, and you shall know YAHUWAH. (Hosea 2:19-20)

Let us now connect these customs to Yahuwah’s magnificent plan for humanity as outlined within the marriage ceremony. Whenever a Yisra’elite man (Yahushua the Messiah) wanted to marry (the congregation), he would go to the maiden’s house with a ‘bride price (Yahushua gave his life for the Bride and thus was the Passover Lamb).

“On the next day Yoḥanan saw Yahushua coming toward him, and said, “See, the Lamb of Elohim who takes away the sin of the world!” Yohanan/John 1:29

He was declaring that Yahushua is the bride’s price. Yahuwah approved and accepted the ‘bride price’ as “He was pleased to crush Him“. (YeshaYahu/Isaiah 53:10).

If the bride price was accepted, a glass of wine would be poured (MattithYahu/Matthew 26:26-29). If the maiden drank, then they would be betrothed. The only way the betrothal could be broken was by divorce/ if the bride was found to be not a virgin (MattithYahu 1:18-19).Then the Bridegroom (Yahushua) would go off to build a place (the Millennium, New Jerusalem as outlined in Revelation 21) for His bride (Believers). Now let us consider the following verse:

“In My Father’s house are many staying places. And if not, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you” And if I go and prepare a place for you, I shall come again and receive you to Myself, that where I am, you might be too. “And where I go you know, and the way you know.” Yohannan (John) 14:2-4

Praise be to Yahuwah! Amazing! At that time, His taught ones did not understand what He was saying:

“T’oma/Thomas said to Him, “Master, we do not know where You are going, and how are we able to know the way?” Yohannan (John) 14:5

The Messiah was saying, that He was going to prepare a place for us! When the Father (Yahuwah) decides the marriage chamber (New Jerusalem) is indeed ready (Mark 13:32) as it was custom for the groom’s father to do, the Bridegroom (Yahushua) will come get the Bride (us Believers). The Bride (Believers) must prepare themselves to receive our Bridegroom, Yahushua (Revelation 19:7-8) as the parable of the ten virgins explains (MattithYahu/Matthew 25). This is why no man knows the day or the hour, like a thief in the night!

Are you waiting for the Bridegroom, Yahushua to come get you? Fill up the oil lamps! I say, let the Bride prepare herself, for when the hour does indeed come, she shall be ready!

7trumpetsAt the seventh trump our Bridegroom, Yahushua will come get us Believers and then the doors shall be shut and the marriage feast of the Lamb will begin (Revelation 19:19). All those who have been faithful by keeping the marriage vows, (Ten Commandments) believers (the Bride) to the Bridegroom (Yahushua, Ha Mashiach) will enter into the wedding feast!

Clearly, these traditions or customs are just important today as they were generations ago. We are now the Bride of Messiah and can learn so much from the deeper meaning of these practices.

Considering all this, the FOY ministry was very happy to rejoice along with being witnesses in our dear friend’s wedding.

We were blessed with safe travels to go to the wedding of Jasey Davis and Carson Hughes. It was a beautiful wedding. We met lots of new friends, had great fellowship and a lot of fun. We also got to share our Ministry and the story of our Miracle Maiden, Felicia with our new friends. Here are some pictures of the wedding.

(left to right) Brother Michael, Sister Linda and Brother Danny the day before the wedding during setup.
(left to right) Brother Michael, Sister Linda and Brother Danny the day before the wedding during setup.
Mother-of-the-Bride, Jan Davis and Felicia setting up the names on the tables of who sits where.
Mother-of-the-Bride, Jan Davis and Felicia setting up the names on the tables of who sits where.
Almost ready for rehearsal!
Almost ready for rehearsal!
Carson Hughes and Jasey Davis.  "Are you ready for rehearsal"?
Carson Hughes and Jasey Davis.
(The soon-to-be newly-weds)
“Are you ready for rehearsal”?
The Wedding Rehearsal, taping where everyone is to stand during the wedding.
The Wedding Rehearsal, taping where everyone is to stand during the wedding.
The groom being held by all his groomsmen.
The groom being held by all his groomsmen.

The beautiful Bride, Jasey Davis, during the photo shoot.
The beautiful Bride, Jasey Davis, during the photo shoot.
Sister Felicia, one of the Bride's Maids for the wedding.
Sister Felicia, one of the Bride’s Maids for the wedding.
(right to left) Brother Michael and Sister Linda. The day of the wedding. So excited!
(right to left) Brother Michael and Sister Linda. The day of the wedding. So excited!
(left to right) Sister Linda and Brother Daniel.
(left to right) Sister Linda and Brother Daniel.
The Groom walking the Mother-of-the-Bride, Jan Davis, down the isle for the wedding ceremony.


(left to right) Father-of-the-Bride, Chad Davis and Mother-of-the-Bride, Jan Davis, holding their 1 year old son, Yohanan Ben Brit Davis.
(left to right) Father-of-the-Bride, Chad Davis and Mother-of-the-Bride, Jan Davis, holding their 1 year old son, Yohanan Ben Brit (son of the covenant) Davis.
Exchanging the wedding Vows.
Exchanging the wedding Vows under the Huppah.
"You may now kiss the bride."
“You may now kiss the bride.”
Mr. and Mrs. Carson and Jasey Hughes.
Mr. and Mrs. Carson and Jasey Hughes.
So happy together.
So happy together.
The Wedding Cake
Their first dance.
Their first dance.

Congratulations Jasey and Carson!


Do you want to learn more about Yahuwah’s Feast Days and the spiritual meaning behind them? Read our book online, “The Feast Days of Leviticus Chapter 23

Imposter Tour – Fellowship in Key Largo – The Bird Sanctuary

When we travel, we try not to make too many plans. What? You say? “You don’t make plans?” That’s right. We let Yahuwah make the plans. Sometimes we try to make plans but our plans are not always His plans. That’s ok if our plans don’t go as expected because Yahuwah knows all and everything works out for the good in His eternal plan.

“And we know that all matters work together for good to those who love Elohim, to those who are called according to His purpose.” (Romans 8:28)

That’s exactly what happened. We were driving down just before Key Largo, just getting into the Florida Keys. It was a few minutes to 7pm and Sister Linda said we should probably call around and see if there was a campground to stay at in Key Largo. We had a long day of traveling and were very ready to stop and end our road trip in Key Largo. The first campground we called was the Point of View RV Resort. They were just closing up, turning off the lights and walking out the door when we called. They had 3 spots to choose from and so we stayed there. If Sister Linda wouldn’t have said something about us calling the moment we did, we wouldn’t have gotten to stay there at the Point of View RV Resort. Yahuwah’s hand was in all of this. Driving these last nearly 5 years… from Ohio to Maine, Ohio to Montana, Idaho to Texas, Texas to North Carolina, North Carolina to Florida, Florida to Kansas, Kansas to Missouri, Missouri to Iowa, up to Michigan and back down to Florida we have never once just pulled into a campground with believers there. Well, never say never because this time we did. These believers were very different from us. And we believe Yahuwah brought us there to help them. We planted the seed and did some watering. It is now up to Yahuwah to either bring a second witness to what we were saying to them or teach them further. Please keep this family in your prayers. The Alfredo family. They are greatly deceived into following ALL the traditions of men, believing the Talmud is the original oral law, believe that no one is supposed to speak the Name of our Father Yahuwah, (no matter the pronunciation) and believe in the Noahide Laws. We gave them our movies and despite our differences, we had fun fellowshipping together, spending Shabbats together and we even went to Miami to the Jewish grocer and gift store. Here are some pictures of our fellowship with the Alfredo Family.

Sitting at the dinner/fellowship table at the Alfredo Family's campsite.

Sitting at the dinner/fellowship table at the Alfredo Family’s campsite.


Singing Shabbat Shalom!

Singing, Dancing and Rejoicing! Oh HalleluYah!

Singing, Dancing and Rejoicing! Oh HalleluYah!



More Fellowship

More Fellowship

Showing our Temple Model to everyone.

Showing our Temple Model to everyone.

We had a fun time!

We had a fun time!

Sister Linda
Brother Danny, Sister Linda and Brother Michael


The men. (left to right) Brother Danny, Brother Daniel, Alfredo holding his son, Jr, Alfredo's Dad and Brother Michael.
The men. (left to right) Brother Danny, Brother Daniel, Alfredo holding his son, Jr, Alfredo’s Dad and Brother Michael.


Since Michael plays the guitar, an older man overheard him and so they became good friends. We gave them our DVDs.

(left to right) Daniel, Ed & his wife Joyce, and Michael
(left to right) Daniel, Ed & his wife Joyce, and Michael


Ed & his wife Joyce
Ed & his wife Joyce, a very nice couple.


Brother Danny Giving Ed our DVDs.
Brother Danny Giving Ed our DVDs.


Michael and Daniel also made some Christian friends. They all played the guitar together and even recorded some songs together too. They had so much fun together and were sad when their new friends left.


Michael and his two music loving friends
Michael, his two music loving friends and grandpa like friend, Ed.


We did make plans to go to the wonderful Wildlife Bird Sanctuary. We went there when we were in Florida Spring 2011. Here are some pictures:


There were mostly pelicans than anything there. Wild ones and capitve ones. The Wild Bird Center of the Florida Keys is a place where injured and endangered birds go to stay for the rest of their lives or just until they are healed up. This center is run by voluntary donations from visitors and members of the community.

Brother Danny was the only one brave enough to pet one of the pelicans.


Here is a family photo with the ocean behind us at the Wild Bird Center.

IMG_6467 IMG_6454 IMG_6442 IMG_6429 It was so cute how there were pelicans on the roof walking on the walkway. They weren’t afraid of humans at all because they are so used to the visitors.IMG_6432 IMG_6425

Imposter Tour #18: Orlando, Florida- Flea World- America’s Largest Flea Market!


They say it’s America’s largest. It was a big flea market. Isn’t it funny how the flea market is named the ‘flea market’. While you may think the ‘flea market’ got its name from those pin sized parasites that may infest your pets depending on your location, history tells otherwise. In the book ‘Flea Markets in Europe’ published by Chartwell Books. In the Introduction of this book, the author writes, “In the time of Emperor Napoleon III, the imperial architect Haussmann made plans for the broad, straight boulevards with rows of square houses in the center of Paris, along which army divisions could march with much pompous noise. The plans forced many dealers in second-hand goods to flee their old dwellings; the alleys and slums were demolished. These dislodged merchants were, however, allowed to continue selling their wares undisturbed right in the north of Paris just outside of the former fort, in front of the gate Porte de Clignancourt. The gathering together of all these exiles from the slums of Paris was soon given the name Marche aux Puces“, meaning “flee market”, as in, the market where the exiles fleed and sold their goods. Whether the story is true or not, everybody loves a flea market.

We had a great time at Flea World. Despite the fact that we were only there for one day (January 10, 2014), Yahuwah used our humble table of free DVDs to share His truths to those seeking Him and His truths.


Brother Danny setting up the table.

Brother Danny setting up the table.


Brother Michael grabbing some DVDs to put on the table.

Brother Michael grabbing some DVDs to put on the table.








Time to hang the banner...

Time to hang the banner…

2014-01-10 10.56.49

Answering questions. Lots of people come up to us and ask lots of questions.

Answering questions. Lots of people come up to us and asked lots of questions.

Sister Linda and Felicia talking to a very enthusiastic woman about each of our DVDs. We were talking to her for about an hour.

Sister Linda and Sister Felicia talking to a very enthusiastic woman about each of our DVDs. We were talking to her for about an hour. She was very excited to have a copy of each one of our DVDs. While you may notice that Sister Linda is sitting in her transport chair she is not always in it. She walks around with it around until she needs to sit and then gets pushed. It’s a comfy chair to have around and so she just sat in is shorty before this photo was taken.

(left to right) Sister Linda, Brother Michael and Sister Felicia group photo.

(left to right) Sister Linda, Brother Michael and Sister Felicia, group photo.

Sister Linda and Brother Danny.

Sister Linda and Brother Danny.

We gave away many DVDs. We look forward to seeing you one day in our tour. Please send us an email to and let us know where you are!

Imposter Tour #17: Big Pine Key, Florida

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Point of View RV Resort (Key Largo, Florida)

Photo taken by D.R. McGuire at the point of view RV Resort.

Winter down here in the Florida Keys was good while it lasted. We tried to skip Winter, but it looks like when we leave Key Largo Florida that Winter is unavoidable! We certainly picked a good year to skip Winter because the entire country except southern Florida has been hit hard. Even Orlando wasn’t spared the cold weather. Tallahassee is in the single digits! Just last Winter L. McGuire wrote about the “Winterless Winter of 2011/2012“. I can’t wait to see what L. McGuire has in store for us in the next newsletter about the Winter of 2013/2014. As much as we love it here at the beautiful “Point of View RV Resort” in Key Largo, Florida; we are excited to head over to Texas. We have a wedding to attend to and can’t wait to visit with our dear friends, the Davis family. We stayed with the Davis family on their ranch in the Winter of 2010/2011. We had a great time!

Before we head on over to Texas, we can’t forget to tell you about our stay here in Key Largo. That’s right, the Imposter tour has been to the Florida Keys. We went to the Big Pine Key Flea Market all the way down to the Big Pine Key just past Marathon, Florida. Gave away about 20 DVDs. Even though the quantity of DVDs given away were small, they are there teaching whomever was led to freely receive one. Besides, the fact that the Florida Keys are so small of an area compared to any other city we’ve been to. Here are some pictures of our visit to the Big Pine Key Flea Market.

Time to put together the tent.

Time to put together the tent.


Fasten the canvas top...

Fasten the canvas top…

Push support poles out.

Push support poles out.

Double check...

Double check…

Can't forget the back wall...

Can’t forget the back wall…

Stake it down...

Stake it down…

Put up the banner...

Put up the banner…

Looks Great Michael! Excellent job!

Looks Great Michael! Excellent job!

Setting up the DVDs...

Setting up the DVDs…


All done!



Our next stop… Orlando’s Flea World, America’s largest flea market! See ya there!