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Is Ebola a Planned, Engineered, Pandemic? Or a Hoax? (PT 3: Signs of the Times)

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Written by L. McGuire

game  According to Wikipedia: “Illuminati is a standalone card game made by Steve Jackson Games (SJG), inspired by the 1975 book, The Illuminatus! Trilogy, by Robert Anton Wilson and Robert Shea. The game has ominous secret societies competing with each other to control the world through sinister means, including legal, illegal, and even mystical. It was designed as a “tongue-in-cheek rather than serious”[1] take on conspiracy theories. It contains groups named similarly to real world organizations, such as the Society for Creative Anachronism and the Semiconscious Liberation Army.[2] It can be played by two to eight players. Depending on the number of players, a game can take between one and six hours.”

  I’ve talked about this game in previous newsletters but I would like to look at a few more cards that have been getting a lot of attention lately.

twintowers  Now before some claim this is just a card game let us rewind to the day of September 11, 2001. The day that changed a nation bringing her to her knees. The outcome of such devastation caused the United States to be in a war like no other before. A war that inflicts sudden and intense fear. Fought not on a typical battle field but anywhere can be instantly turned into a war zone. Babies, children, females and the old alike have been enlisted and thus subject to casualties. The war on terror had begun!

What is interesting is that back in 1995 Steve Jackson (the maker of the Illuminati Card Game) knew that the Twin Towers of the WTC would be attacked! How did he know that this could come to pass along with other world events?

  I believe the answer lines within the Scripture that tells us that Satan is the god of this age (2 Corinthians 4:4). Those that be in the Illuminati have channeled into the occult hidden knowledge! They make matters take place according to what the demonic spirit tells them. For the time, Yahuwah is allowing these matters to occur, after all He does have the final say so.

  I also believe the Illuminati permits vital information to leak out through music lyrics, sitcoms, commercials, weekly day and night shows, Hollywood Movies, books and yes even silly card games to name a few.  There are just way to many instances to list here to prove my point. However I will post the episode of the X-Files that was aired on March 4th, 2001.

  So why do they continue do to this? I may be wrong but I believe it is to toot their horn, bragging to the world, “Look at what we are going to do and there is nothing you can do to stop us!” On the flip side, according to their belief, announcing to the world their devious plans somehow justifies and frees them from the innocent blood shed! Most of the time whenever there is loss of life this is a sacrifice in honor to their demons! At the same time they could also do this to inform others so they can prepare.

epidemic  One of the Illuminati cards is called “Epidemic”. The card reads, “Disaster! This is an attack to destroy any Place. It does not require an action. Its power is 14. This is not an instant attack. If the attack succeeds, the target is devastated.”

This attack seems to be widespread of an infectious disease. Attacking slowly over a period of time with people getting sick at various times and places. The picture clearly reveals gloves and a mask. The Red Cross will play a major role possibly administrating some sort of vaccine with the syringe and bottles being shown. Quite obvious that this attack is highly contagious as quarantine measure will be taken! This deadly infectious disease could be the result of a lab engineered disease such as bird, swine or H1N1 flu virus or even Ebola!

  Taking all this into consideration we must ask ourselves is the current Ebola epidemic a horrible hoax? Or is this indeed a real threat to all of humanity?

  The original report had traced the current epidemic back to a small village in Africa when a child was infected by a single bat.

The largest-ever outbreak of Ebola was triggered by a toddler’s chance contact with a single infected bat, a team of international researchers will reveal, after a major investigation of the origins of the deadly disease now ravaging Guinea, Liberia, Ivory Coast and Nigeria. Read More Here


  By July, Sierra Leone declared a state emergency as the Ebola virus has gone rampant. Schools were closed as also non-essential government workers were put on a 30 day leave. US Christian charity’s like Samaritan’s Purse and the US Peace Corps temporarily began withdrawing staff members. Countries such as the European Union, Australia, Hong Kong, British and Southern Chinese all began to start quarantined measures while other Countries closed their borders. According to the world aviation agency the virus could cross borders by plane.

  Despite school closings, state curfews and proper protocol procedures Ebola continued to strike many parts of Africa.  There were even violent riots sparked from the quarantines!

  It’s been believed that Ebola could kill nearly 1 million before the end of January!



Click image above to view this Executive Order

  The executive order, Revised List of Quarantinable Communicable Diseases, amends executive order 13295, passed by George W. Bush in April 2003.

  Executive order 13295 allows for the, “apprehension, detention, or conditional release of individuals to prevent the introduction, transmission, or spread of suspected communicable diseases.”

Originally George W. Bush’s executive order (13295) was just for SARS  and Ebola was listed also but Obama’s executive order states the following:

“Severe acute respiratory syndromes, which are diseases that are associated with fever and signs and symptoms of pneumonia or other respiratory illness, are capable of being transmitted from person to person, and that either are causing, or have the potential to cause, a pandemic, or, upon infection, are highly likely to cause mortality or serious morbidity if not properly controlled.” Source.

  What this is saying is that any American that simply shows signs of an upper respiratory symptoms, can be detained by medical authorities and quarantine!

Executive Order 13295: Revised List Of Quarantinable Communicable Diseases
(a) Cholera; Diphtheria; infectious Tuberculosis; Plague; Smallpox; Yellow Fever; and Viral Hemorrhagic Fevers (Lassa, Marburg, Ebola, Crimean-Congo, South American, and others not yet isolated or named). Source.

  It was only a matter of time before America’s working over there in the hard hit areas would come down with this deadly virus. Instead of bringing the necessary tools needed to treat Ebola stricken Americans there in Africa, someone came up with a very stupid plan to bring them, along with the Ebola virus, here to the States!



  Soon thereafter other countries followed suit by bringing Ebola to their front door:

  If all that is not bad enough the current administration is allowing other countries to use the United States Planes to transport Ebola patients to their home countries and even to the US for treatment! I’m left to wonder are these planes commercial or private?

  A State Department official said Tuesday that they’re only talking about letting other countries use U.S. planes to transport Ebola patients to their own home countries.

ebolabomb  Ebola Bomb? According to some reports the Ebola virus could be used as a biological weapon of mass destruction. This could be carried out by extreme terrorists. Unleashing an “Ebola dirty bomb” through using some sort of aerosol bomb or even a simple spray in a high traffic area such as a subway could be totally disastrous.

  In EU reports stated that 3,000 martyrs were ready to strike America!

  Following all the reports of the Ebola Epidemic left my head spinning! I didn’t know if it was coming or going.  I mean first we hear that Ebola cannot come to the states, right?  Then surprisingly, reports start claiming Ebola could be here by months end(September)!

“There is an 18 percent chance that a case of the Ebola virus will reach the United States by the end of September, according to a study published on Tuesday in PLOS…” Source.

   Well guess what? Bingo! United States saw the very first Ebola case by you guessed it the end of the month! Wow…did your mouth drop? That is simply amazing right? These people need to quit their day job and play the lottery or something! Seriously how did they know?


  Thomas Eric Duncan was the first person in the states to test positive for Ebola. With people like this guy, terrorist don’t need spray bottles! Knowing he came in contact with the deadly virus didn’t stop him from getting on an airplane. Possibly contaminating hundreds of people including the children he lived with didn’t matter either. His agenda was to get to a hospital and get lifesaving help. How devastating for him to finally make it to the ER only to be sent home! A few days later, he was truly a dead man walking as too much time had passed. By now he could not control the vicious vomiting outside the apartment where children lived. He managed to take a cab back to the hospital where sadly he did indeed die.

  Total pandemonium then spread. Airport employees went on strike over the Ebola fear:

  Parents then started keeping children home from school.

  Scores of people were placed under quarantine.

Scores possibly exposed to U.S. Ebola patient; four isolated
 Up to 100 people may have had direct or indirect contact with the first person to be diagnosed with the deadly Ebola… Read More Here

  Ebola no doubt is a dangerous virus that has a 90% fatality rate which causes a hemorrhagic fever that leads to a complete bleed-out spread through bodily fluids. Oh but then we were told that Ebola cannot spread through air! Remember that one? Oh boy what a relief right? Not really because then reports came in stating that Ebola can indeed be spread through coughing and sneezing through droplets! The fear level had now reached total madness.




Quarantine stations were then set up throughout the country.


CDC also started notifying funeral homes on the proper procedures on post mortem care on Ebola victims.


  Oh the outrage on how the Ebola waste was being handled.




  Recent sales in hazmat suits went soaring as the government started buying up all of them.

  People then made a mad rush of buying up all the masks they could get!! I don’t blame people as this is extremely serious!


ebola2 ebola1

  It was only a matter of time before reports would surface about citizens being secretly tested for Ebola.

  Doctors without borders actually was running ads asking for help in the fight against Ebola.

  Ebola at its peak sent fear waves across the world as it escalated in that Ebola is spreading through droplets. Then all of a sudden, the Ebola hype just disappeared. The nightmare seemed to have ended coming to an abrupt halt. The reason, the media got slapped with some duct tape! Hush…no more speaking about Ebola!


  This caused more people to jump on the Ebola Hoax bandwagon:



  Part of the reason why some are thinking this is all a big hoax is because the United States actually mentions “Ebola Attack” in the middle of a state briefing:

  Like I mentioned previously, the Illuminati will allow information to leak out on purpose. Here is a Holiday Inn commercial making a joke about the Ebola virus:

  Back in 1997 the Simpson’s season 9 episode 3 called, ‘Lisa’s Sax” even talked about Ebola. Marge Simpson offers sick Bart a children’s book called, “Curious George and the Ebola Virus.” Bark declines to read the book so Marge then ask if he wants to color a picture and Bart then states he already has. Clearly we see an apocalyptic drawing of Bart bleeding with what appears to be dead bodies!

1book 2sad

  This is what is called predictive programming.

“The theory proposes that public media (such as films, television, news casts, etc.) are deliberately seeded with subtle clues to future social, political, or technological changes. According to the theory, when the relevant change is later introduced into the world, the public has become used to the idea through exposure, and therefore passively accepts it rather than offering resistance or opposition. Predictive programming is therefore thought to be a means of propaganda or mass psychological conditioning that operates on a subliminal or implicit level.” Source.


   If you think all that is crazy wait until you read what Dr. Eric Pianka (from Texas) said about Airborne Ebola:


Pianka’s acceptance speech for the 2006 Distinguished Texas Scientist Award from the Texas Academy of Science resulted in a controversy in the popular press when Forrest Mims, vice-chair of the Academy’s section on environmental science, claimed in theSociety for Amateur Scientists e-journal The Citizen Scientist that Pianka had “endorsed the elimination of 95 percent of the human population” through a disease such as an airborne strain of the Ebola virus. Mims claimed that Pianka said the Earth would not survive unless its population was reduced by 95% suggesting that the planet would be “better off” if the human population were reduced and that a mutant strain of Ebola would be the most efficient means. Mims’ affiliate at the Discovery Institute, William Dembski, then informed the Department of Homeland Security that Pianka’s speech may have been intended to fomentbioterrorism. Source.

   Okay let’s get this straight? A Texas scientist stated that a certain percentage of people needed to be reduced down to the population as back in 1980’s. And that man needs to control our population or else micro’s will.  He mentioned one way to depopulate the earth is through airborne Ebola:

“after praising the Ebola virus for its efficiency at killing, Pianka paused, leaned over the lectern, looked at us and carefully said, “We’ve got airborne 90 percent mortality in humans. Killing humans. Think about that.” Source.

  Notice in the above clip he does not deny saying that HIV is to slow in reducing the population?

  What we all should find interesting is that he made this speech back in 2006 and then in 2009 guess who came out with a patent on the Ebola Virus? The United States:


Who do you think will make millions even billions off of this patent?

  According to some, Ebola is still a very serious threat. Some claim that patients that have tested positive are quietly being moved to undisclosed locations:


  Despite not hearing about the Ebola virus in the media the CDC is still stockpiling Ebola preparedness gear.

  The following reports state that Ebola is still bad:

Why isn’t the Ebola Outbreak over yet?

CDC reports potential Ebola exposure in Atlanta lab

Ebola spreads in Sierra Leone as global cases top 20,000 – WHO

America has stopped paying attention, but Ebola is still ravaging Sierra Leone

Ebola cases near 16,000, Sierra Leone to overtake Liberia soon with most cases – WHO

Iraqi media says ISIS militants have contracted Ebola

Ebola-hit Liberia lifts night curfew for New Year

  Talk about confusion? Are you scratching your head in wanting to know what in the world is really going on? Obviously, the American people are being lied to. We are left to wonder if Ebola is really a hoax. Or is it so bad that those in charge simply do not want to cause panic. Then again did some mad scientists create this current Ebola strand for a preplanned engineered lab created epidemic? I like many others have my preconceived opinions. I personally believe this is a Trojan Horse of Forced Vaccination and has been a pre-planned engineered crisis!  I believe there is just ample amount of evidence showing that this Ebola Crisis has been preplanned!

  Yet regardless of all those opinions including mine, I’ve come to the conclusion on this matter. Brother’s and Sister’s, in truth the answers to the above questions are totally irrelevant. After much consideration I am excited to announce that I got to the bottom of the issue! The American people along with the rest of the world is being set up!

  Getting to the nifty gritty of this problem is that we don’t really need to know how the Ebola epidemic got started or if it got started at all! Ask yourself what could possibly be worse than Ebola? Ebola mutating to airborne? That is scary no doubt. Or even airborne Ebola being made into a biological weapon, then used as a simple spray which could be extremely dangerous. Oh no…. something much worse is being conjured up….

  This toxic tonic vaccine having the live Ebola airborne goalcardvirus strand mixed with possible cancer cells, rabies, secretly having the RFID chip in the serum amongst other nasty stuff would be detrimental to all who gets the poisonous shot! Talk about mass population reduction! With one quick jab entire villages, towns and cities could be totally wiped out within a month!

  And seeing that the Illuminati cards have a pretty good track record, I am thus reminded of the “Population Reduction” card. This card states: “Too many people making too many problems and not enough love to go around.”

  According to Dr. Henry Kissinger,

“Depopulation should be the highest priority of the U.S. foreign policy towards the third world.”

  Many techniques have been and will continue to be used to help depopulate the earth such as Eugenics, vaccines, GMO, war, drugs, arms, lab created virus’s and bacteria along with fluoride to name a few. These people truly believe they have the say so on who lives and dies.

  Mr. Bill Gates himself actually stated one way to depopulate the earth is to use better vaccines:


  That is exactly right Mr. Kissinger, allow the masses of people to perceive that vaccines are good when in reality…


  So why vaccines? You see, the vaccine is the Trojan horse to deliver all sorts of very bad toxic substances including and possibly, the live Ebola airborne strand, rabies and the RDIF chip. Beloved ones, ponder why would the US Government be using tax payings dollars for a zombie practice run test such as in this video below. (GRAPHIC IMAGES VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED!)

-SPECIAL EDITION PLEASE READ! CDC Whistleblower Exposes Ebola Vaccinations Containing RFID Chips

Colorado lab developing Ebola vaccine for military use

China to test its Ebola vaccine on humans

Ebola vaccine safe for use in Africa, say scientists from NIAID

The Monsanto Sponsored Ebola Vaccine Will Kill More People Than Ebola Itself

  The Ebola vaccine could potentially even have the brain-eating T4 bacteriophage NANOBOT in it.  According to some these Nanobot invades organisms or cells and then insert DNA that will literally cause the host to make more nanobots eventually causing the cells to die from over working. The T4 actually destroys the brain. While rewiring their brains into a state of compliance. This technology has been here and is being put into vaccines:

  I previously mentioned that it was the United States that came out with a patent for Ebola back in 2009!

  Clearly, the Ebola fear has already heightened to the point of mass hysteria. Upon the CDC, WHO, the President along with the media mentioning one word… AIRBORNE massive pandemonium would erupt worldwide! Or just one stadium or public place getting infected through an Ebola Airborne Bomb would have people killing each other for the jab! Here is the list of executive orders following a biological attack.

  I truly believe it is very possible that if that was to be announced, martial law would go into effect immediately. Schools, local center halls, churches, stadiums, auditoriums, college’s even grocery stores such as Wal-Mart would be instantly turned into vaccine centers. Since there would be a massive shortage of medical personnel, the local Post Office carriers could even be able to give the jab. Maybe that is why they might need all that ammunition they recently bought:


  They could very well deliver the vaccine. Those who refuse could be forced into a FEMA camp, imprisoned with fines and/or not be permitted to enter into cities. If a person cannot enter into a city, they cannot go to work if they work inside the city. In the event the person is in debt they won’t be able to pay their bills. Not being able to enter into the city also means not being able to purchase food and water. Children can’t go to school which in return could cause Children’s Services to arrest the parent for being unfit. Are you starting to see the ripple effect here?

  In the worst case scenario, refusing to be jabbed by the Postal carrier could also cost you, your life by being shot on the spot!

  I am thus reminded how just a few years ago, some cities like Hopewell Township, New Jersey, were having mock drills of mass vaccinations. They have been preparing for a possible virus outbreak. This mock drill consist of volunteers driving through check points then directed to safe zones to receive the mock injection of the deadly vaccine. Ponder the outcome for those who refuse to be vaccinated when these drills is for real!

  Please keep in mind that according to the, “Model State of Emergency Health Powers Act of 2001” (An act that will be passed during the time of a national health emergency), under executive orders, special powers will be enforced. The public health authority can exercise people to be vaccinated and quarantine all those who are unable or unwilling for reasons of health, religion, or conscience to undergo treatment. (Section 603, pg. 27.) “Section 604 isolation and quarantine: Authorization. (a)…This includes individuals or groups who have not been vaccinated, treated, tested, or examined pursuant to Sections 602 and 603. The public health authority may also establish and maintain places of isolation and quarantine, and set rules and make orders. Failure to obey these rules, orders, or provisions shall constitute a misdemeanor.” (p. 28) Source.

  The bill HR645-21 had been passed a few years ago. The bill calls for FEMA camps to be planted throughout the United States. HR645-21 also states,

“To meet other appropriate needs, as determined by the Secretary of Homeland Security.”

  As previously mentioned these FEMA camps will be used for either all those who oppose the NWO or those who think these camps are indeed a safe haven. Taking all that into consideration, these camps would be the perfect feeding ground for the mass murder of all those who oppose the Trojan Horse of Forced Vaccinations. They could be quarantined against their will. Or once the vast population begins to suffer the consequences of being injected with the deadly virus, many may be forced to go to the FEMA camps. Only time will tell as to who actually will be there. One matter is certain, Yahuwah the Mighty One of Yisra’el is in control. Let us not forget how Pilate thought he possessed the authority to impale or release Yahushua. The Messiah told Pilate “You would possess no authority against Me if it were not given you from above.” (John 19:10-11)

  These Bills are just like the “Model State of Emergency Health Powers Act of 2001”. [An act that will be passed during the time of a national health emergency]. Upon declaration, our Constitution, Bill of Rights and civil liberties will come to an abrupt halt! Special powers will be enforced under executive orders and Martial Law will be in full force. The public health authority (possibly the governor or a member of the health department) will have the authority to (1) mandate mass vaccinations,(2) force quarantines those who are unable or unwilling to be vaccinated for reasons of health, religion, or conscience, (3)force treatment, establish and maintain places of (4)isolation and quarantine (FEMA camps),(5) set rules and make orders, (6)warrantless search and seizures,(7) possession of private property,(8) state forced medical exams and test, (9)failure to obey these rules, orders, or provisions shall constitute amisdemeanor and fines and (10) there will be no compensation and no accountability  for any harm done. As of 2006, 44 states have passed bills introducing this ACT in full or in part. New York is one of these states. Source.

  My beloved friends, like I mentioned in previous articles, now is the time to prepare. The Department of Homeland Security has been permitted to set up Federal Emergency Management Agency (F.E.M.A.) camp facilities across the nation. These FEMA (detention, relocation) camps will be used for one or more of the following: (1) All those who refuse to be vaccinated, (2) vast amounts of people who get sick, (3) when the economy falls for the homeless or (4) all those called out ones that refuse the ‘Mark of the Beast.’ So we wait; keeping our eyes wide open. Earnestly praying to the Mighty One of Yisra’el,

“He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High, who abides under the shadow of the Almighty, He is saying of Yahuwah, “My refuge and my stronghold, My Mighty One, in whom I trust!” For He delivers you from the snare of a trapper, from the destructive pestilence, He covers you with His feathers, and under His wings you take refuge; His truth is a shield and armour. You are not afraid of the dread by night, of the arrow that flies by day, of the pestilence that walks in darkness, of destruction that ravages at midday. A thousand fall at your side, and ten thousand at your right hand; but it does not come near you. Only with your eyes you look on, and see the reward of the wrong ones. Because you have made Yahuwah – My refuge, the Most High-your dwelling place, No evil befails you, and a plague does not come near your tent!”
(Tehillim/Psalm 91: 1-10).


Signs of the Times (PT 1: Signs of the Times)

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signsofthetimes Written by L. McGuire    In this newsletter we will again examine some of the current events that have been taking place. So much is occurring at an astonishing rate that it is close to impossible to keep up with all the global happenings. The present state of affairs can be extremely depressing if one allows their entire being to get entangled in the cares of this world. I am thus reminded that for multiple reasons we have been told to: “….not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, so that you prove what is that good and well-pleasing and perfect desire of Elohim.”-Romans 12:2     What does this actually mean? We as Called Out ones, are to be set apart from the world. We are to live a Qodesh righteous life. One way we can do this is by not engaging in the lust of the flesh or other sinful activities that the world promotes. We have to renew our minds daily. This is on ongoing process that involves us thinking about Yahuwah and what He says. We are to spend time with Yahuwah. We need to be reading His love letters to us which are the Scriptures. The ultimate goal is to have the mind of Mashiach, Yahushua (1Co 2:16, Php 2:5) which in return will give us the fullness that we can have in Messiah. However, not conforming to the world does not mean we cannot enjoy the wonderful things of the world such as Yahuwah’s magnificent creations.   Keeping this in my mind, it is imperative for us to not get entangled into the brawls of this world. Whether it be through anger over an unjustified issue or an uncanny loss of life due to some tragic man-made or natural event. We must remember that sometimes history may appear to be taking a turn for the worse when the reality is, matters are going just as planned. No matter how horrific world events are and may become we must not lose focus that something far more grand awaits us!    Yet, despite knowing all this doesn’t make writing the ‘Signs of the Times’ section of the FOY newsletter any easier. Actually with a heavy heart this is written. When I begin to write this part of the newsletter a wave of mix emotions becomes me. As I skim through the news stories I shake my head in total disgust. Humanity as a whole has been filled with much wickedness and hatred. Even though we know from Scriptures that there is no new matter under the sun (Ecc. 1:9-10). I find myself pondering how much worst can man truly become? How much more uncaring can humanity be?   The years of dumbing down the people is being manifested now like never before. Integrity is long gone as every man for himself. People fighting over the recent Black Friday Sales of a HD flat screen TV’s.


  This video below shows a man being tasered by Police in Walmart. The man is clearly in pain yelling out, yet bystanders don’t seem to be bothered at all while they continue laughing and shopping.


  Is this what humanity has been reduced to? A society that inflicts harm on others simply over monetary gain? As the video below shows a totally different way of life from that of the 1970’s and even into the 1980’s. People were still helping one another back then. Comparing the two videos we can clearly see a decline in morality of a Torahless society.  Customers used to patiently and quietly wait for their turn. Unlike the present day society of uncaring self-centered greedy people acting like wild animals!   Black Friday sales are a joke because they are not sales at all. Merchandise is marked up then sliced, duping consumers into thinking they are getting a good deal when in reality they are getting ripped off! Anyone who works in sales knows this.   Black Friday which is the day after the American holiday called Thanksgiving originally known as a meal shared by the Pilgrims and Indians in Colonial America has been adopted by other countries such as UK. They also like the greedy, fighting, looting and rioting that goes hand in hand during black Friday sales:

Watching these videos clearly shows how beastly like society as a whole has turned into.

Look at how it used to be:   

   How many people have actually gotten hurt during Black Friday sales? The following website shows a list of how many people have gotten hurt or killed during a black Friday sale: bfdc

  We know the dumbing down of the people has been going on for quite some time. As the above videos clearly demonstrate that the elite’s plans are indeed working. Their latest bizarre invention to keep the people dumbed down and in bondage may soon be coming to a college near you. Prescription drug vending machines are being set up in colleges across the country. These InstyMeds machines will be accessible round-the-clock to disperse medication such as antibiotics, inhalers and powerful painkillers. Each prescription vending machine can hold up to 102 drugs.

vendingmachinedrugs1 _____________________________________________________ vendingmachinedrugs2 _____________________________________________________ vendingmachinedrugs3 

  We know that most students are already the most over medicated people on the face of the earth. As the article reports CBS saying that these vending machines will also contain 50 medications that are commonly prescribed to college students. That could be SSRI drugs, prescription ‘speed’ along with antidepressants.   Actually according to the CDC’s National Center for Health Statistics has said that 1 in 13 children take some type of psychiatric drugs:


  By keeping the population in a constant zombie state, their conscience is more easily opened up and capable of being brainwashed. One of the main agendas of the adversary is to do a flip-o-rue on good versus evil. One way to do this is by making evil more attractive and entertaining.   thepurge  Don’t like your boss? Your neighbor? Instead of loving your enemy, movies such as ‘The Purge’ and ‘The Purge: Anarchy’ is teaching others that it is acceptable to violently kill whomever you don’t like on the night of Purging. This is not only brainwashing people into believing a perfect society is brought about with a yearly violent killing spree but it is also desensitizing society! oujiaboard  Recently there has been a spike in popularity with the highly dangerous occult game known as the Ouija Board (the spirit board, talking board). With the release of the horror movie, “Ouija” young enquiring minds have taken an interest in this game. What may seem harmless fun is actually opening up a doorway to demonic possession with serious consequences to one’s health and spirituality. This game is fully paranormal, along with supernatural demonic possession. The Ouija Board’s powers are not only real, but high demonic and evil! Read what happened after these three people played with this wickedly possessed game, it is absolutely terrify: ouijaboard evilman     I am thus reminded of a boy named Vincent Furnier who after playing this game suddenly became the reincarnation of a 17th-century witch named ‘Alice Cooper’! It does not take a rocket scientist to see that this man is fully possessed.    poet A Pulitzer-winning poet by the name of James Merrill (Son Merrill Lynch) along with his partner used the Ouija board to write poems inspired by the information that received from the game. One book was actually named after the demon that gave them their information. He fully opened himself up to demonic possession. Before dying with AIDS related complications James Merrill warned people not to use this game. oujiaboard2  Sadly, many children along with young adults have not been warned by their parents to stay away from this. Quite a few children have mistaken this tool of satan as a simple board game. They innocently play it only to encounter paranormal activities with possible deadly consequences. Clearly, this game is full of divination and demon possession. We have been warned multiple times not to engage in this sort of evil:

“When you come into the land which Yahuwah your Mighty One is giving you, do not learn to do according to the abominations of those gentiles. “Let no one be found among you who makes his son or his daughter pass through the fire, or one who practices divination, or a user of magic, or one who interprets omens or a sorcerer, or one who conjures spells, or a medium, or a spiritist, or one who calls up the dead. For whoever does these are an abominations to Yahuwah, and because of these abominations Yahuwah your Mighty One drives them out from before you.” -Deuteronomy/Debarim 18:9-12

  Now that the Illuminati has come out from behind the curtain, at first the puppets just tried to ignore it hoping it would go away.  Yet, some movie stars such as Jim Carrey are trying to mock the entire existence. Whereas Madonna is trying to make the Illuminati look good with her recent song called Illuminati from Rebel Heart her 13th album:

curtain   Speaking of Hollywood movies, the movie Exodus has been banned in a few countries due to historical inaccuracies!   

egyptbansexodus _____________________________________________________ moroccobansexodus exodusbanned 

playdoh  If it’s not the demonic music, Hollywood movies, or games, then it is toys being used to pervert young minds. After the Mithra Christmas season, many parents were outraged when their child opened up their Play-Doh’s toy to make a cake. Hasbro Inc. toy called Play-Doh Sweet Shoppe Cake Mountain playset came with an added surprise. The piece in question is called the ‘extruder tool” which is meant to push play-doh frosting out the tip of the tool to decorate the cake. Well the extruder tool just so happens to look exactly like a phallic!

 phallicplaydoh1   playdoh  

doll  Some people have minds so twisted they will do whatever it takes to  play the role of their fantasy. Layered with makeup and sock stuffed bras are a thing in the past! Too poor for a sex change procedure, no problem. Men can now ditch their masculine skull features such as a larger nose, chin, forehead, cheek bones and jawline with a mask. Better yet, they can even wear a silicone suit with breasts and a big butt included! I thought I’ve seen it all! This is so sick and twisted. These men have called themselves, “Maskers


worms  I’m totally amazed at how a society as a whole, including those that be of the flock, can be so easily played. All of us have our areas where we need to grow, myself included. Yet, once a person realizes how the Illuminati will use any means to justify their needs in bringing about total enslavement of mankind. We must not get drawn into these worldly battles! The fact is the elite will use different methods in ‘wearing the people down‘. One very important method they use is the ‘race’ card. This involves every man, woman and child! On multiple fronts we are witnessing the dividing of the people through race. This ought not to be as the Messiah Yahushua has told us: There is not Yahudite nor Greek, there is not slave nor free, there is not male and female, for you are all one in Messiah, Yahushua.” –Galatians 3:28. As called out ones we should see the race card as a method to divide and conquer the people! The fire has been kindled as hatred on color has exploded leaving the Ferguson riots a good example on how things can get out of hand. Some are claiming that the entire Michael Brown murder was a hoax and the riots are false flag events.

riotsfake   However, there is also evidence left behind that some destruction has indeed been done. We may not know all the facts as many of us were not there, but we know a state of emergency was declared by the Governor of Missouri. Not to mention the imposing of strict curfews (marshal law) with American troops being called in. cars







    To add fuel to the fire, well known people such as Al Sharpton’s old comments have resurfaced in the most convenient time of course:

“White folks was [sic] in caves while we was building empires…. We taught philosophy and astrology and mathematics before Socrates and them Greek homos ever got around to it.”


  Oprah Winfrey, was even quoted as saying, “There are still generations of people, older people, who were born and bred and marinated in it-in that prejudice and racism- and they just have to die!!  



  So according to this woman, people need to go out and just start killing off an entire generation of people. These words are weapons to inflict painful memories in the hopes to grow seeds of rage! This is what exactly what some are doing now.  

infowars gunmannypd


  To my surprise residences in the White House have also participated in using the race card. The first Lady, Michelle Obama actually believes that since she was mistaken for a store employee, that meant racism against her! My son has been mistaken for a store employee himself and racism was the furthest from our minds.   





   The elite are very well aware that a divided house will fall! Yet, when we unite we stand. So many have been attacked individually that the anger is kindled. Those that be of the flock we must first quit seeing people as skin colors and start seeing others as individuals first, then more importantly members of the Body of Mashiach . Racism will continue as long as it if fueled by the ignorant, not having the love of Yahushua in them.   It is a fact that false flags (war, terror and civil unrest) have and will continue to occur. With that said I’m not here to say one way or the other but I am here to blow the rams horn to warn the flock not to get swept away with these different methods the elite will use in dividing the people to wear them down!   Clearly, beloved ones, each time I write these newsletters, matters are getting worse and worse.

“But evil men and impostors shall go on to the worse,1 leading astray and being led astray.” -2 Timothy 3:13

But we are of Yahuwah! HalleluYAH!

“O YAHUWAH, Your hand is high, they do not see. They see the ardour of the people and are ashamed; also, let the fire for Your adversaries consume them. O YAHUWAH, You establish peace for us, for You have also done all our works in us. O YAHUWAH our Elohim, other masters besides You have had rule over us; only in You do we make mention of Your Name.” -Isaiah|YeshaYahu 26:11-13

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The End has Begun! (PT 2: Signs of the Times)

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 Written By L. McGuire

terrorists  The other card that has recently been used on a heighten scale to wear the people down by inflicting intense fear is the religious card. I beseech everyone to understand that in order to engage in a religious war, one religion has to take the fall. This has been pre-orchestrated to be the religion of Islam.

  Remember, we are in a religious war consisting of two teams. Either you belong to Yahuwah’s team or you don’t. It is not about being against Islam, but about being against the entire preplanned delusion that is forming right now!  


  Despite posting this information throughout many of the FOY material including our free DVD’s (The Imposter, False Armageddon), way too many called out ones are being conned into this current war. With this type of information public how can one continue to get entangled into this twisted switch-o-rue on good guy verses bad guy?

  Regardless of the group being called ISIS, Al Quaida or even the Muslim Brotherhood, they are all brainwashed, radical extremists part of the same mission! Don’t get me wrong ISIS is pure evil, yet this “us vs. them” mentality is what the elite are expecting from the people. Look, not only has ISIS been around for the last 100 years or so going by different names but this same group is actually being funded by the United States.  


  I have read the articles that state now is the time for Christians, Jews, and people of the world to unite against ISIS! At the same time on the other side Islamists are calling for a worldwide jihad! Brothers and Sisters, discern these signs of the times!  


  I humbly beseech all believers to ponder how the third war is playing out. Then step back and look at the current situation with ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria). Reports are stating that ISIS has conquered all or most of the Christian towns in northern Iraq. This recent rampage has left a bloody trail of close to 200,000 murdered! Some reports are stating that Christian churches are becoming torture chambers…


  The only way to beat terrorism is by refusing to live in fear. I believe the members of such radical groups have been totally brainwashed living as Manchurian Candidates fueled by intense hatred!

  So now why all the beheadings? I can tell you it is to spark FEAR of a certain type of people. Remember fear is an acronym for False Evidence Appearing Real! Now is the season to begin a rump up fear mongering campaign against the religions of Islam. The world needs to be convince that they need to be killed before they kill us.

  What I find interesting is how two weeks prior to Islamists calling for a worldwide jihad, Pope Francis announced the Third World War had already begun….  



  Again here is the quote I beseech all believers to ponder heavy upon:

“The Third World War must be fomented by taking advantage of the differences caused by the “agentur’ of the “Illuminati” between the political Zionists and the leaders of Islamic World. The war must be conducted in such a way that Islam (the Moslem Arabic World) and political Zionism (the State of Israel) mutually destroy each other.”

 Now that the announcement of the third world war has been declared, thousands of Christian militia are enlisting to form an army to fight in the war against ISIS. They’re claiming to ‘protect their faith!”

They are being praised as warriors. Some are actually calling them the ‘Army of the Lord”. Is this the beginning of the fifth Crusade?

  To add fuel to the fire, Isis has recently even made a new law that states Christian are not permit to read the Bible out loud or they could be killed.

Recently the house leader permitted a Muslim to pray over the country on the house floor giving esteem and praise to Allah. The newly re-elected Speaker of the House, John Boehner can be seen bowing his head.

Unbelievable how Allah the Muslim deity was praised. All the people bowed as the man claimed that Allah was the most gracious, the most merciful, the sustainer of the world, master of the Day of Judgment and that they worship and seek him to guide them to the safe path. The prayer went on to declare that Allah was the God of all prophets. At one time he then says that he will not place more responsibility than one can bear and that everyone will receive the good they have earned and vice versa! Interesting how I quite knowledgeable on where those lines of thoughts originate from and it is not from the Quran!

Seems Chebli had a very busy day on November 14th, 2014. Once he was done giving praise to Allah at the house floor, he then decided to go to church. Not just any church but to “The Washington National Cathedral”. What was the occasion? To perform an unprecedented Muslim-led Jumuah prayer service. Prayer carpets were even brought in and spread out to face Mecca.

National Cathedral hosts its first-ever Muslim-led prayers

Woman interrupts Muslim service at National Cathedral: ‘Jesus Christ is Lord’

Muslim Friday prayers to be offered at Washington National Cathedral

  Prepare beloved ones, as the end has begun! As called out ones, you must continue to spread the Besorah to ALL people. Let us continue with the Albert Pike’s quote:

“Meanwhile the other nations, once more divided on this issue will be constrained to fight to the point of complete physical, moral, spiritual and economical exhaustion…We shall unleash the Nihilists and the atheists, and we shall provoke a formidable social cataclysm which in all its horror will show clearly to the nations the effect of absolute atheism, origin of savagery and of the most bloody turmoil. Then everywhere, the citizens, obliged to defend themselves against the world minority of revolutionaries, will exterminate those destroyers of civilization, and the multitude, disillusioned with Christianity, whose deistic spirits will from that moment be without compass or direction, anxious for an ideal, but without knowing where to render its adoration, will receive the true light through the universal manifestation of the pure doctrine of Lucifer, brought finally out in the public view. This manifestation will result from the general reactionary movement which will follow the destruction of Christianity and atheism, both conquered and exterminated at the same time atheism, origin of savagery and of the most bloody turmoil. Then everywhere, the citizens, obliged to defend themselves against the world minority of revolutionaries, will exterminate those destroyers of civilization, and the multitude, disillusioned with Christianity, whose deistic spirits will from that moment be without compass or direction, anxious for an ideal, but without knowing where to render its adoration, will receive the true light through the universal manifestation of the pure doctrine of Lucifer, brought finally out in the public view. This manifestation will result from the general reactionary movement which will follow the destruction of Christianity and atheism, both conquered and exterminated at the same time.”

  This orchestrated war will lead humanity into the planned Armageddon. With all nations come against the state of Israel:

“The message of the word of Yahuwah against Yisra’el, Yahuwah stretching out the heavens, and laying the foundations of the earth, and forming the spirit of man within him, declares, See I am making Yerushalayim a cup of reeling to all the people all around, and also against Yehudah it is in the siege against Yerushalayim. And in that day it shall be that I make Yerushalayim a very heavy stone for all people- all lifting it are severely injured. And all the nations of the earth shall be gathered against it.” –Zechariah 12:1-3

  Pope Francis recently stated that it would be legitimate for the international community to use force to stop Islamic State militants who have killed along with displacing thousands of people in Iraq and Syria many of whom are Christians.  




  The Vatican’s ambassador to the United Nations in Geneva, Archbishop Silvano Tomasi, went further, saying “Maybe military action is necessary at this moment.”

  The Jesuit Roman Catholic Church under the direction of the first Jesuit Pope has just gave the blessing of the global war on terrorism. Before anyone gets too excited about the bad guys are going to get what they deserve, may I suggest looking up what defines a ‘domestic terrorist’ according to the Elite! You might be surprised, possibly finding your values on that list:  

terrorsuspect _____________________________________________________________  


  According to the Catholic Church “just wars” with military action can be morally justified under certain circumstances. Any Scriptural student knows what their teaching is declaring loud and clear! I strongly suggest if you have not yet taken the time to watch, “The Imposter” our free DVD please do so now! Satan’s army is growing and uniting in number to justify the upcoming ‘Final Inquisition’ also known as Ya’aqob’s (Jacob’s) trouble coming soon upon all of humanity! Religious chaos of a bloodbath of an unimaginable crisis is coming! Jesuit Pope Francis is wanting to radically change the church:

“Francis turned the traditional, genteel exchange of Christmas greetings into a public dressing down of the Curia, the central administration of the Holy See which governs the 1.2-billion strong Catholic Church. He made clear that his plans for a radical reform of the structures of church power must be accompanied by an even more radical spiritual reform of the men involved.”  Source.

  Part of his reform agenda is to be the one that brings about the biggest ecumenism of all time. He has been working endlessly in achieving this goal. In order for the ‘Planned Armageddon’ to be reached, Christendom must unite, then make stand with the state of Israel.  









  Clearly many people are jumping on the ‘we are Catholic’ now bandwagon. Just a few years ago people like Glenn Beck and Romney were shouting ‘We are all Catholics!”  




The Jesuit Pope is also working with former President Shimon Peres and others I’m sure to come up with an organization like the UN for the United Religions!

What we need is an organization of United Religions… as the best way to combat terrorists who kill in the name of faith,” Peres said. “What we need is an unquestionable moral authority who says out loud, ‘No, God does not want this and does not allow it.”  (

  Who do you think that being will be? The Pope? Prince Charles? Obama? Or some other world leader? No, no, no to all of the above! This authority being will come in the clouds claiming to be the long awaited messiah to save the world from totally annihilation, also known as the IMPOSTER! 

  Until the strong delusion appears, you can bet your bottom dollar they are scouting and building their team! Even President Obama recently appointed a Jesuit Priest (Father Thomas J Reese) to be the newest member of get this, the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) to help in protecting religious freedom as an advisory panel to the federal government:  


  Let us not forget the horrible oaths all Jesuits make. Not only do they submit to serve satan but they believe “the end justifies the means”! They can steal, lie and even murder if that is what needs to be done to destroy all those who are against the Pope:  


The Jesuit Order


To learn a little about the Jesuits watch these short videos:

   I am thus reminded minded how according to the Universal Church who ever believes in the Creator holds the same faith as Abraham:

“The plan of salvation also includes those who acknowledge the Creator, in the first place amongst whom are the Muslims; these profess to hold the faith of Abraham, and together with us they adore the one, merciful God, mankind’s judge on the last day.” –Catechism of the Catholic Church 8411

We must not forget that Pope Francis agrees with having people RFID chipped!

The NFL also put RDIS chips in all players shoulder guards to track their every move!

The Jesuit Pope Francis even declared that Sunday rest is not just for the faithful but even for the non-faithful alike:  


  Here in this video we hear a Bishop quoting what I believe to be old quotes on how the RCC changed the Sabbath to Sunday:

  The Sunday law is coming and is growing in popularity. Here are some country’s adopting Sunday laws just during the 2014 year:  


sunday5  sunday4


Even in the state of Israel we are starting to see how the Sunday law is slowly creeping in. All it takes is one small compromise and before too long a full blown state recognition of how they need all Sunday’s off from work for families:




  From my research there has been times throughout history when Sunday blue laws were in forced that most Jewish business owners actually kept their stores open on Sabbath and remained closed on Sunday;

“Responding to the needs of their customers, many immigrants found it
hard to maintain the traditional Jewish lifestyle. Most stores stayed open on
Saturday, the busiest shopping day of the week, making it difficult to observe
the Sabbath. Some stores closed only for “half a day on Sunday” and on the
High Holidays: Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year) and Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement).”

  Another interesting situation is that current Jesuit Pope may retire like the previous Pope did:




  Matters are indeed lining up for the biggest illusion of all time. Some call this upcoming event the Fatima Crusader, The Lucifer Project, Project Bluebeam but Yahushua called it the “Strong Delusion

  In other news, Christian preachers that are part of the beastly government system by having a 501c tax exempt status are now starting to feel the grip of the iron claws of big brother. Some may even face jail time for speaking out against homosexuality:




  Then in Houston, government officials who were the ones that took an oath to uphold the constitution are demanding that pastors hand over their sermons (speeches) and even emails. They tried to silence the pastors against speaking out against homosexual and transgender.





   The reason they are allowed to do this is because all 501c tax exempt churches, organization, etc. are partners with the government. Thus they believe they have legal rights to rule over such churches. Preachers, pastors and ministers that do not comply could very well have their tax exempt status revoked! This attempt may have failed due to public uproar but there will be more attempts made I believe.

  While we are on the subject of homosexuality, many were shocked upon hearing that Michael Sam the football player announce that he is gay:

I am thus reminded of the following quote:

thomasjefferson“In questions of power, then, let no more be heard of confidence in man, but bind him down from mischief by the chains of the Constitution.” –Thomas Jefferson

  The Constitution at one time meant something. Those that are sworn into any position takes an oath to uphold the Constitution and rights of the people. Yet when an individual can override these rights becoming more powerful through using executive orders the very essence of this country has become void. Thus degrading the Constitution to mere words and becoming a dictator! This is what President Obama has done by signing executive orders on opening the borders to illegal immigrates!

impeachableact34 million Green Cards are already being made:
Despite the recent Elections being quite clear on how the people are not impressed with the current administration this did not stop the Dictator from invoking Presidential Authority granting 5 million illegal immigrant’s amnesty:



  5 million more! Who do you think is going to pay for their insurance? Their food? Yet at the same time millions of true born and raised Americans cannot even feed their families nor afford insurance.


This add actually shows how they are in need to place some of these refugees into foster homes:



I found the below article interesting:
bordercrisitiaraobamaeh-em… World…. here is the President of the United States! A man holding the highest position in this country wearing a tiara! The message is loud and clear!

He claims to be a Christian yet cannot even quote the Scriptures right:

Trying to quote the Bible in hopes to get the people to embrace his recent immigration plan is just so wrong when here he states that we are no longer a Christian Nation:

The Scriptures tells us that…there will be pestilence in varies places.

vaccineThe age of the superbugs is upon humanity. More and more reports of strange new super viruses and bacteria seems to be on the rise. The dawn of modern plagues that are drug-resistant are reaching epidemic levels across the country:








  These superbugs are resistant to bacteria. That means when this bacteria infects a human, there are no antibiotics that can destroy and wipe out the bacteria. So the bacteria continues to multiply and spread. Beside how dangerous these superbugs are, having a single superbug spread through STD can cause a major epidemic! That is exactly what is taking place with a new antibiotic resistant bacteria strain of gonorrhea. Not only is this bacteria more aggressive than the HIV, but can kill a person within days through septic shock.

To learn more about these superbugs:





  Then there is the flesh eating bacteria. How convenient that there just happens to be an illuminati card for the flesh eating bacteria. What is interesting is how from one article I read talks about how expensive hospital equipment that was known to have the flesh eating bacteria on it was put out by the dumpster and just so happened to get stolen.





One man died within 28 hours.

Oh but they are saying not to be concerned…yeah right! Ten people died and 32 have to be put in the hospital! Why are we hearing more cases of this flesh eating bacteria?


  Even seasonal illnesses such as flu, respiratory along with stomach illnesses seem to be spreading faster than the hospitals are able to handle. Children’s Hospital in CincinnatiOhio are expecting longer wait times for patients to be seen.


  Did you know that the flu vaccine contains Synagis which is made from 95% of human DNA and 5 % murine rat DNA? And every year people continue to get jabbed!

  As of December 15 children have died from the flu according to the Center for Disease Control. The young and the old seem to be getting hit the most as most have had to be hospitalized with severe cases of the flu.


If you are interesting is seeing map of the current flu season:


  The medical field continues to push Tamiflu on patients despite the serious and extremely dangerous side effects. Taking Tamiflu is like playing a game of Russian roulette that can cause an array of symptoms including allergic reactions leading to shock! Some suffer with aches, pain, asthma, bronchitis, infections of the chest, conjunctivitis, dermatitis, diarrhea, dizziness, ear infections, headache, hepatitis, liver problems, lymphadenopathy, nausea, nose bleed, rash, sinusitis, Steven Johnson syndrome, tiredness, urticaria and vomiting. For those of us who believe in following the dietary laws of Lev. 10, Tamiflu also contains gelatin.

Center for Disease Control also reports that the flu vaccine is not as effective this year.

  While we are on the subject of vaccines, more and more people are dying from this toxic solution. In Italy alone 13 people have died from the flu vaccine just 48 hours after being jabbed:

  If all that was not bad enough now human cancer tumor cells are being used into vaccines. Even though using these cells can cause one to get cancer.

  There also has been a recent outbreak in the enterovirus a respiratory disease. This is a horrible virus that can cause a child to become totally debilitated. Sadly, five children have died.


The Black plague has showed up here in the states.

  Another new virus carried by mosquitoes, called chikungunya is spreading rapidly. Haitians refer to this as ‘breaking bone’ disease. Victims say the joint pain is so painful that their bones feel like they are literally breaking. Florida recently saw its first case.

Lindsay Lohan was recently diagnosed with this rare chikungunya virus.

I am thus reminded how we have been told the following:

“And there shall be great earthquakes in various places, and scarcities of food and deadly diseases. And there shall be horrors, and great signs from heaven.” – Luke 21:11

We must remember also that even though…

“A thousand fall at your side, and ten thousand at your right hand; But it does not come near you.” -Psalm 91:7

costume A California costume company recently came up with these two costumes. What wicked mind would want to see a child wearing these?  Both of these drugs comes with a strong hold of bondage to an addictive substance.

I’m amazed at how so many continue to fuel their bodies with toxic waste. If you smoke tobacco I strongly suggest you quit:



The newest gadget to help those quit smoking is a wearable pump that release nicotine into the system.


  Having any sort of addiction including substance and/or pharmaceutical is not something to be mocked. Sincere people struggle with this horrible bondage. These demonic drugs are meant to steal peoples freedom, enslave them to a substance, isolate them from people they love, cause them to do irrational things and eventually kills them.


  Without the Ruach Ha Qodesh (Set-Apart Spirit), trying to quit any type of substance addiction can be like torture! Just ask anyone that is trying to break free from heroin and tobacco. Speaking of torture the CIA recently released their torturing report. I was shocked over some of the methods the CIA uses to break people:




  On one side the government believes in using extreme forms of torture but don’t want to use modern lethal executions. That is why soon the guillotine will be back in use. This will be the method of death for all capital punishment. Just as the Scriptures has foretold the guillotine will be used against called out ones.

“And I saw thrones, and they sat on them, and judgment was given to them, and the lives of those who had been beheaded because of the witness they bore to Yahushua and because of the Word of Elohim, and who did not worship the beast, nor his image, and did not receive his mark upon their foreheads or upon their hands. And they lived and reigned with Messiah for a thousand years.”-Revelation 20:4

  In order for the guillotine to be back in use, people have to be deceived into believing modern methods are just not working. Then convinced that the guillotine is the only quick and painless way to go. For this reason, we are hearing multiply reports of how modern execution are causing too much suffering:



  Utah is actually wanting to bring back execution by firing squad. Letting one choose what they would rather have. To some this might seem good but in the long run this will be costly as bullets cost whereas the guillotine don’t need expensive bullets:

The guillotine is already listed as a means of legal execution death on the ICD9 coding system:


We also must remember that the state of Georgia House of Representative already has the death penalty by guillotine house bill under code 17-10-38/ 17-10-44 (

1- 1 To amend Article 2 of Chapter 10 of Title 17 of the Official
1- 2 Code of Georgia Annotated, relating to the death penalty
1- 3 generally, so as to provide a statement of legislative
1- 4 policy; to provide for death by guillotine; to provide for
1- 5 applicability; to repeal conflicting laws; and for other
1- 6 purposes.

1- 8 The General Assembly finds that while prisoners condemned to
1- 9 death may wish to donate one or more of their organs for
1-10 transplant, any such desire is thwarted by the fact that
1-11 electrocution makes all such organs unsuitable for
1-12 transplant. The intent of the General Assembly in enacting
1-13 this legislation is to provide for a method of execution
1-14 which is compatible with the donation of organs by a
1-15 condemned prisoner.

 Recently an eighty-five year old woman was sentence to 18 months in jail for kidnapping neighborhood cats. She took the fury pets downstairs in her basement, killed them and then skinned them to make fur coats. Because of horrible instances such as this we will eventually see stricter laws on animal rights. I’m against animal cruelty yet am a firm believer in people having rights to hunt, fish, and kill a back yard chicken for dinner. But the Noahide laws won’t see it that way. Once enforced a person could be charged with capital punishment resulting in decapitation!


Many are speculating that the well-known plastic coffins are going to be used for victims of Ebola. Yet I do not agree with that assumption at all. I believe they are going to be used just for the guillotine! According to the following article the guillotine was used in France all the way up to 1977. At one time, “during the so-called “Reign of Terror” lists would be published of all those due to died. The blood-thirsty events became so frequent that they became part of the Gallic popular culture.”


Crowds of people would come to watch, cheering and even filming the events! Eventually some were concerned that the method might not be so quick and painless so they stopped using the guillotine. I can only image how hungry people will become to watch dissenters murdered this way as outlined within the great book of Revelation.

  Matters in this world are so bad that the Dalai-lama recently states that he no longer wants to be reincarnated back into this world. He also stated the he does not believe there needs to be anymore Dalai-lama’s. Despite the Dalai-lama’s beliefs, China has other plans.

I’m also surprises at how many people continue to poisons themselves with toxic substances.
STARBUCKS in support of GMO ingredients.



Dead animals in V8?


Let us not forget about those energy drinks that so many are literally addicted too:

  Modern day Robin Hood group seems to have hit Spain. While millions of people are struggling to feed themselves around the world.  A group of people joined forces to loot grocery stores. A total of three tons of food had been stolen and some given to the local food banks

This could possibly happen here in the States in the event things get that bad! This reminds me of the recent convoy of food trucks trying to raise awareness for Special Olympics so they claim anyway. You see there was no banner or media reports even acknowledging this event! Yet the website states that the media and public was made aware many days in advance. After a video started circulating then the event was mentioned on the website with no date telling the public of this event. These were large corporation semi-trucks carrying who knows what to who knows where.


  This was said to be the ‘worlds’ largest truck convoy with 110 semis, yet the public was not notified about this event until after the fact. The event took place on the 25th of October yet as of the 28th the still had not listed the event. Which goes against the playbook. Needless to say quite a few people are left wondering what was really going on and being moved from one place to another! Especially since the website states that no money had been raised for this particular event. Then consider how in the website pictures we see small corporation trucks. Whereas the video shows large corporations semis trucks! For the world’s largest convoy having to shut down highways you would also think there would be more video footage instead of one couples cell phone video.
  In other news, sinkholes are still being report around the country. This sinkhole swallows a car in western Pennsylvania. A sinkhole report from Florida threatens to swallow an entire neighborhood!

  In other news the Euphrates River is running dry causing a plague of snakes to be unleashed.

  The Georgia Guidestones has some new details that have surfaced:


  Reports are coming in also stating that there has been some activity taking place around parts of Yellowstone National Park. Roads seem to be melting.

  Parts of Yellowstone National Park closed after massive supervolcano beneath it melts roads.


  Some are expecting this to erupt.

  Is the world’s largest super-volcano set to erupt for the first time in 600,000 years, wiping out two-thirds of the U.S.?

HERE WE GO: YELLOWSTONE EARTHQUAKE EVACUATION HAS STARTED… “Fissures Forming” Reported On Local Radio [VIDEOS] Secrets of the Fed
A pagan new year’s celebration in Shanghai, China ended in a disastrous stampede killing 36 people and injuring many more. People were watching a light show when some reports claim fake money was being thrown from a building which some say started the deadly stampede.

  In Hong Kong, thousands of chicken are being culled as they have been infected with H7 avian flu. Sadly, one lady has died also from consuming an infected chicken.

  Despite the fact that there hasn’t been a case of Dengue Fever in Florida yet this year, Scientists are wanting to release GMO “Franken-Skeeters” into the Florida Key population January or February of 2015! 




  It’s already happened in Brazil. The World’s largest swarm of Genetically Modified Mosquitos have been released to combat Dengue Fever.


 Months after Brazil unleashed the “Franken-Skeeters” a state of emergency was declared! This isn’t stopping Florida Scientists!



January 2014 was the release of Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit. According to the IMDb, “Jack Ryan, as a young covert CIA analyst, uncovers a Russian plot to crash the U.S. economy with a terrorist attack.” Within the first 15 minutes of the movie, the viewer can see the Illuminati’s Predictive Programming of what may be an upcoming event in our world soon. A world Economic Collapse, possibly starting with Russia!

  Oil has indeed fallen below $50 a barrel. It may be a convenience at the gas pumps but what about the effects it is leaving upon the world?



  We have discussed the religious and race card (in part one of Signs of the Times) that the elite like to use to divide the people, I am thus reminded of the Illuminati card game. What does Ebola have to do with a card game? Possibly everything!


The Havdalah Celebration


It’s been a long week, the house is cleaned, everyone is resting, reading Scripture, enjoying fellowship. Sometimes it seems like one week you worked harder than other weeks, or everything just didn’t go as planned. There are some weeks when a day of rest of so greatly needed. But all good things must come to an end. Shabbat is ending, day is coming to its closing. Is there a special way to end the Shabbat, a way to celebrate the closing of an awesome day of rest?  Those in practice of Judaism end Shabbat with a ritual called, the Havdalah.


The Havdalah braided candle, representing dark and light, the wine and the spices.

What is a Havdalah? The Havdalah is a Jewish religious ceremony, considered a Mitzvah (Hebrew for “Command”) that is performed at the end of every Shabbat. It is a Hebrew word, it means “division” or “separation”. Havdalah is the ritual that formally ends the weekly Shabbat and thus separating it from the beginning of the new week. At the closing of the Shabbat, a special Havdalah braided candle is lit with several wicks, blessing a cup of wine or grape juice and the of smelling sweet spices. h1How is the Havdalah done? A special blessing is recited over Kosher wine or grape juice, there is a specially decorated box of spices such as whole cloves, cinnamon pieces, allspice, orange zest, crushed bay leaf and myrtle leaf. This spice box is called ‘besamim’ and is passed around the room for all to smell. The special braided candle is then lit. If a braided candle is not available, two candles, or matches are acceptable and the two flames are to be joined together during the reciting of the blessing. The blessing goes this way, “Barukh atah Adonai Eloheinu melekh ha’olam, bo’re m’orei ha’esh,” translated as, “Blessed are You, Adonai, our Elohim, King of the universe, Who creates the fruit of the vine.” As this blessing is being recited, those participating in it are encouraged to hold their hands up to flame of the candle(s), gazing at the light glowing into their fingers. After the wine is passed around the room, the leftover wine is poured into a small dish, saucer, plate or bowl and the candle is extinguished in it. Some actually place their fingers into the leftover wine after it extinguishes the candle and touch their eyelids or pockets. The song “Eliyahu Hanavi” is then sung.

Eliyahu hanavi,
Eliyahu hatishbi,
Eliyahu hagiladi.

Bimheirah b’yameinu,
yavo eileinu,
im Mashiach ben David

Elijah the prophet
Elijah the returning,
Elijah the giladi –

May he soon come to us,
with the messiah son of David.

Havdalah is a Mitzvah? A Command? Havdalah is known as a Mitzvah, meaning, it is a Command. So the Rabbi’s say. Havdalah is not found anywhere in the Scriptures.The slightest hint of Havdalah can be found in the following excerpts.


… … … “Remember the Shabbat to sanctify if.” … … … “At the beginning with Kiddush and at the end with Havdalah.”


“It is a Rabbinic command…”


What is that? …. Havdalah. … obligation by an existing oath from Mount Sinai…”

havdalah3 Clearly one can see, the Havdalah is not a Biblical Command, but a tradition and a Rabbinical command. Read your Scriptures and see if any of the mighty men of Yahuwah performed these rituals. Not even at Mount Sinai as it is claimed to be. It is nothing more than a Tradition of men. In fact, Yahushua spoke against the “traditions of men” (Mark 7:8)

“Our rabbis teach that on Shabbat, we are given an extra soul. At Havdalah, we relinquish that soul.” We are given an extra soul on Shabbat? Woah, and the Havdalah gathering is supposed to release this second soul? Singing a song to invoke the prophet Elijah? The only spirit or thing we should be invoking is Yahuwah’s Ruach upon us, to teach and guide us in His truths, not men’s. We should not be singing to dead men either. MyJewishLearning also goes on: “To make Havdalah, a braided candle, a spice box filled with spices, and a kiddush cup for wine or grape juice are needed. Form a circle in a fairly dark room and have different people hold the candle, the spice box, and the kiddush cup. The Havdalah blessings are recited in Hebrew or English, either by one person or all together. As each blessing is said, the relevant item is made accessible to the group: The kiddush cup is held up for all to see, but the wine is not sipped yet. The spices are passed around, and each person takes a moment to smell their sweetness. The candle is held high, and every person puts a hand up into the candle’s light, turning the hands over, palms in, and bending the fingers. Some people look into the eyes of those near them to see the light reflected there.”

   We can see the mysticism of this ritual and the commands of men that is performed by the believers of the Havdalah at every Shabbat ending. There is nothing wrong with gathering at the end of Shabbat, but these rituals (candle lighting, letting the glow from the candles shine through your fingernails, smelling spices, dipping the candle in wine, gathering in a circle etc, etc) that originate from Talmudic Kabbalistic, Jewish Mysticism. The Havdalah is not Scriptural.

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6 things you didn’t know about the Talmud

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The Bible Vs. The Talmud
By F. Martin

   When first coming into our way of faith; (ie. honoring the Shabbat, celebrating the Feast Days, eating according to the dietary restrictions in Lev 10, following the Moral Laws of the Torah, and the belief of the Messiah, Yahushua along with the knowledge of the Sacred Names, etc) one automatically thinks trying to be as much Jewish as possible is best and will bring us closer to the Father. To many, simply following the Torah is not good enough for them. They feel the need to go deeper into Judaism, the adorning with the Tallit, the Kippah, the head tefillin, and other traditions and customs that are not mentioned in the Bible. Inevitably, one thing leads to another and the Talmud is brought into the picture. Line by line it is read, memorized and practiced so precisely that as each day passes, it becomes elevated more and more; greatly than the very Torah itself.

+Here is what Rabbis have to say about the Talmud:

“The teachings of the Talmud stand above all other laws. They are more important than the laws of  Moses.” -Rabbi Issael, Rabbi Chasbar, et. al.

The decisions of the Talmud are words of the living God. God Himself asks the opinion of the earthly rabbis when there are difficult affairs  in heaven.-Rabbi Menechen Commentary on Fifth Book

   The Talmud, (pronounced as ˈtälˌmo͝od) is a collection of arguments and formal statements regarding religious rulings and consists of the Mishna and Gemara. There are two versions of the Talmud. One written in Roman Palestine called the Jerusalem Talmud and the other written in Mesopotamia called the Babylonian Talmud. According to Judaism, the Talmud is more suitable for a code of law than the Torah. The Talmud preceded the Torah  and was passed down from generation to generation, orally. It is known to be THE ORIGINAL law given to Adam. The Talmud is considered to be the only form of law before the Commands were given to Mosheh (Moses) on Mount Sinai. While reading through the Scriptures one can find numerous mentions of other books mentioned that are not in the Bible, (ie. Jasher, Book of the Covenant, Wars of Yahuwah, Book of Statues, Book of Samuel the Seer, Book of Nathan the Prophet, Book of Gad the Seer, Acts of Solomon, Book of Shemaiah the Prophet, Prophesy of Abijah, and many more). Apparently, Yahuwah wanted these mentioned books to be known. If the Talmud is so special and has more authority and is more suitable for code of law than the Torah, where is the mentioning of the Talmud or even of an ‘Oral Law’ in the Scriptures? It cannot be found endorsed, not once! In fact, Yahushua spoke against the Oral Law and Traditions when He was here on earth!

But He answering, said to them, “Why do you also transgress the command of Elohim because of your tradition?
-MattithYahu|Matthew 15:3

And in vain do they worship Me, teaching as teachings the commands of men. Forsaking the command of Elohim, you hold fast the tradition of men.” -Mark 7:7-8

NULLIFYING THE WORD OF ELOHIM  which you have handed down. And MANY such traditions you do.” -Mark 7:3

  The majority today believe the Torah was first established on Mount Sinai. While the Scriptures are not clear as to which laws existed before the time of Mosheh (Moses) and the official giving of the Torah, there are definite examples of at least some laws in existence before Mosheh (Moses). From Scripture, we can tell the Torah first began ‘In the Beginning’: 

And on the seventh day Elohim completed His work which He had done, and He rested on the Seventh Day from all His work which He had made. And Elohim blessed the Seventh Day and set it apart, because on it He rested from all His work which Elohim in creating had made.” -Bereshith (Genesis) 2:2-3

   In Bereshith 7:2 Noah knew the definition of both clean and unclean animals, he was instructed to take certain numbers of each kind onto the ark. Clean animals were yet to be defined until Wayyiqra (Leviticus) 11, another two books away. The clean animals were used for eating and also for sacrifices unto Yahuwah.

  We can see that from the beginning of it all, Yahuwah blessed the seventh day and rested on it. Shemoth (Exodus) 20:11 also refers to the creation of the earth and the blessing of the Sabbath.

For in six days YAHUWAH made the heavens and the earth, the sea, and all that is in them, and rested the seventh day. Therefore YAHUWAH blessed the Sabbath day and set it apart.” -Shemoth 20:11

   The Israelites were rebuked for collecting manna on the Sabbath day before the Ten Words/ Ten Commandments were officially given. Also consider how Yahuwah rebuked the people for not keeping His commandments and laws concerning gathering the manna on the Sabbath day! (Shemoth 16:27-29)

   It is quite clear that the law of the Sabbath was in existence from the beginning. It is also clear that there were Commands, at least to an extent. Consider the following verse:

But the men of Sedom (Sodom) were evil and sinned before YAHUWAH exceedingly so.” -Bereshith 13:13

   In order to sin there needs to be a law or command of instruction. The men of Sedom sinned before Yahuwah, they must have known what sin means in order to be sinning. The only way for Sedom to be wicked is that they must have been breaking some sort of law. As seen from the following texts in the Bible.

Everyone doing sin also does lawlessness, and sin is lawlessness.”
-1 Yohanan (John) 3:4

For law works wrath; but where no law is neither is there transgression.”  -Romans 4:15 (Darby)

   Another example of the Torah before Mount Sinai is during Abraham, of who it is said that he kept the commandments and laws of Yahuwah. 

Abraham obeyed My voice and guarded My Charge: My commands, My laws, and My Torot.”  -Torot is the plural form of Torah.
-Bereshith 26:5

    It is very clear to see that before the Torah was given by Mosheh on Mount Sinai that to a degree many laws already existed. Just to name a few; there was the Law against murder (when Cain killed Abel), the law of clean and unclean animals (during Noah’s time) and the law of the Sabbath (after creation). Even though the Scriptures does not give precise detail into many other laws before Sinai, Biblical history does reveal that there was some sort of legal standard and it does not mention the Talmud or an ‘Oral Law’.

   And so, we must conclude with the six things you don’t know about the Talmud: 

1. Sex with 3 year old girls and 9 year old boys is allowed and girls under 11 must continue sex without a contraceptive (birth control), a girl under 3 years old can marry a priest.

“A proselyte who is under the age of three years and one day is permited to marry a priest.” [ im1, im2 ]

“A Maiden aged three years and a day may be acquired in Marriage by coition (ie. sexual intercourse, intercourse, lovemaking, mating, sex, sex act, sexual relations.)” img3 img7 ]

“When a grown-up man has intercourse with a little girl it is nothing, for when the girl is less than this, (footnote: that is, less thanthree years old.) it is as if one puts the finger into the eye. (footnote: ie. tears come to the eye again and again, so does virginity come back to the little girl under three years.) [ img4 ]

“The intercourse of a small boy is not regarded as a sexual act.” [ img4 ]

“Footnotes: because at nine years a male attains sexual maturness, thus the comparison is the sexual matureness of woman, which is reached at the age of three.” [ img6 ]

“From the age of eleven years and one day until the age of twelve years and one day. One who is under (footnote: When no conception is possible) or over this age (footnote: When pregnancy involves no fatal consequences.)” [ img8 ]

“A girl who is three years of age and one day may be betrothed by cohabitation (not married but living together with sexual intercourse.” [ img9 ]

   The 96% of the world’s media is owned by Zionist Jews and they even admit it, which explains the sexualization young girls on television these days…

 2. “Goyim” deserve no respect. A “Goyim” is a gentile. It is of the same nature as beasts.

“Goyim” is plural, “Goy” is singular.

“When it comes to a Gentile in peace times, one may harm him indirectly, for instance, by removing a ladder after he had fallen into a crevice.” (Shulkan Arukh, Yoreh De ‘ah, 158).

+Gentiles, (Goyim, Goy) were created solely as slaves for the Jews:

“God created them in the form of men for the glory of Israel. But Akum [Gentiles] were created for the sole end of ministering unto them [the Jews] day and night. Nor can they ever be relieved from this service. It is becoming to the son of a king [an Israelite] that animals in their natural form and animals in the form of human beings should minister unto him.” (Midrash Talpioth 225a) Rumor has it that this quote is from the Talmud, but others say it is not. Historical library sources in NYC label this in a Category of ‘Talmud’. It has been written by Elijah ben Solomon Abraham ha-Kohen.

+The word “Goyim” is a jokingly term used to describe the animal nature of the gentiles. Here are a few texts relegating (downgrade) Goyim/Goy/Gentiles as animals.

~“All children of the ‘goyim’ (Gentiles) are animals.” (Yebamoth 98a)

~“The sexual intercourse of a Goy is like to that of a beast.” (Sanhedrin 74b Tosephoth)

~“The seed of a Goy is worth the same of that of a beast.” (Kethoboth 36)

~“The ‘goyim’ are not humans. They are beasts.” (Baba Mezia 114b)

~“The Nokhrim [Gentiles] are not rendered unclean by a burial, for it is said: Ye are my sheep, the sheep of my pasture; ye are men. You are thus called men but not the Nokhrim [Gentiles].” ( Yebamoth 61a)

~“a Jew, despite the sins he may commit, is nevertheless always good—just as the dirt on a nut only contaminates the shell while the kernel remains pure. Thus, Gentiles, as Rabbi Yosef contends, as “animals which have the form of men,” exist to serve the exalted Jew.” Chagigah 15b

~“all things pertaining to the Goyim are like a desert; the first person [Jew] to come along and take them can claim them as his own.” Babba Bathra 54b

~“Just as a livestock owner has the right to slaughter his animals, so the Talmud decrees to Jews the right to kill Gentiles.”

~“If you eat with a ‘goy’ it is the same as eating with a dog.”
(Tosapoth, Jebamoth 94b)

~“On  the house of the non-Jew one looks as on the fold of cattle.”
-Tosefta, Erebin, 1

~“Animals must not be allowed to go near the Goim, because they are suspected of having intercourse with them. Nor must women cohabit with them because they are over-sexed.” Abhodah Zarah 22a

~“…because when Gentile men come to their neighbors’ houses to commit adultery with their wives and do not find them at home, they fornicate with the sheep in the barns instead. And sometimes even when their neighbors’ wives are at home, they prefer to fornicate with the animals; for they love the sheep of the Israelites more than their own women.” Abhodah Zarah 22b

~“God  created the non-Jew in human form so that the Jew would not have to be served by beasts. The non-Jew is consequently an animal in human form, and condemned to serve the Jew day and night.” -Midrasch Talpioth, p. 225-L

+Other quotes from the Talmud about Goyim (Gentiles):

~“If a Gentile robs a Jew, he must pay him back. But if a Jew robs a Gentile,
the Jew may keep the loot. Likewise, if a Gentile kills a Jew, the Gentile is to be killed. But if a Jew kills a Gentile, the Jew is to go free.” Sanhedrin 57a

~“How  to interpret the word ‘robbery.’ A non-Jew is forbidden to steal, rob, or take  women slaves, etc., from a non-Jew or from a Jew. But a Jew is NOT forbidden to do all this to a non-Jew.” -Tosefta, Qbda Zara, 5

~“Gentiles are outside the legal protection of the Law of Israel.”
Baba Kamma 38a

~“Gentile girls are in a state of uncleanness from birth, and marriage with them is prohibited.” Baba Mezia 114b

~“Girls born of the ‘goyim’ are in a state of ‘niddah’ (menstrual uncleanness!) from birth.” (Abodah Zarah 36b)

~“Even the best of the ‘goyim’ should all be killed.” (Soferim 15)

~“Sexual intercourse between the ‘goyim’ is like intercourse between animals.” (Sanhedrin 74b)

~“Thou  shalt not do injury to thy neighbor, but it is not said, ‘Thou shalt not do injury to a non-Jew.'” -Mishna Sanhedryn 57

~”A  Jewish man is obligated to say the following prayer every day: Thank you God for not making me a gentile, a woman or a slave.” -Menahoth 43b-44a.

~“If a  non-Jew wants a Jew to stand witness against a Jew in a Court of Law, and if the Jew could give fair evidence, he is forbidden to do it; but if a Jew wants a Jew to be a witness in a similar case against a non-Jew, he may do it.”
-Schulchan Qruch, Choszen Hamiszpat 28, Art. 3 and 4 Page 41 of 44

~“At  the time of the Cholhamoed the transaction of any kind of business is forbidden. But it is permitted to cheat a non-Jew, because cheating of  non-Jew at any time pleases the Lord.” -Schulchan Qruch, Orach Chaim 539

If you are not born Jewish (are a non-Jew) you are considered a gentile and your only hope for salvation is to salute your allegiance to the Noahide Lawsaccording to the Talmud.

3. Blasphemy against Messiah and His Mother, Miryiam & Messiah will kill all non-Jews:

~“‘Yeshu’ is in Hell being boiled in hot excrement.” (Gittin 57a)
[’Yeshu’ is an acronym for the Jewish curse, ‘May his (Yahushua’s) name be wiped out forevermore.’]

~“Yeshu was sexually immoral and worshipped a brick.” (Sanhedrin 107b)

~“Yeshu was cut off from the Jewish people for his wickedness and refused to repent.” (Sotah 47a)

~“Miriam the hairdresser had sex with many men.” (Shabbath 104b, Hebrew Edition only)

~“She who was the descendant of princes and governors (the virgin Mary) played the harlot with carpenters.” (Sanhedrin 106a)

~“Christians who reject the Talmud will go to hell and be punished there for all generations.” (Rosh Hashanah 17a)

~“As  soon as the King Messiah will declare himself, He will destroy Rome and make a wilderness of it. Thorns and weeds will grow in the Pope’s palace. Then He will start a merciless war on non-Jews and will overpower them. He will slay them in masses, kill their kings and lay waste the whole Roman land. He will say to the Jews: ‘I am the King Messiah for whom you have been waiting. Take the silver and gold from the non-Jew.’ ” -Josiah 60, 6. Rabbi Abarbanel to Daniel 7, 13

You can read more quotes about Messiah in the Talmud here:

4. Adam had intercourse and sexual relations with every animal in the Garden of Eden:

“R. Eleazar further stated: What is meant by the Scriptural text, This is now bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh?  This teaches that Adam had intercourse with every beast and animal but found no satisfaction until he cohabited with Eve.”
-Yebamoth 63a 

5. There is a Conspiracy against Yahuwah’s Name:

+ Yahuwah’s Name was replaced with Adonai:
“And thenceforth priests ceased to bless Israel with the name of Yahuwah, but used “Adonai” (the Lord).”
-Babylonian Talmud – TRACT YOMAH (DAY OF ATONEMENT). CHAPTER IV.  Pg. 60

+ It is forbidden to speak the ‘Divine Name’ during prayer for mealtime:
“nor may the persons who join to say grace after meals mention the Divine name.”
Babylonian Talmud – TRACT MEGILLA. CHAPTER III. Pg. 64

+ The Name of Yahuwah is not to be spoken outside the Temple:
“Yahuwah” must not be pronounced outside of the Temple.”
-Babylonian Talmud – TRACT YOMAH. CHAPTER VII.  Pg. 100

Anyone who speaks the ‘Divine Name’ is guilty of blasphemy:
“MISHNA VI.: A blasphemer is not guilty, unless he mentioned the proper name of God (Yahuwah).”

+ Whoever speaks the ‘Divine Name’ is guilty and the punishment is death:
“To what purpose is this written? It reads earlier [ibid. 16]: “But he that pronounced the name of the Lord shall be put to death”… So is the decree of R. Mair. The sages, however, maintain: For the unique proper Name death is the punishment; and for the ‘pseudonyms’ (Elohim, Eloah, El, Shadai, ETC.) it is only a warning by a negative commandment, and the punishment is as for the transgression of a negative commandment.”

+ According to the Talmud, if you are not a Jew, you are the ‘children of Noah’. Children of Noah are not permitted to speak the ‘Divine Name’ or the pseudonyms of Yahuwah, this includes, Elohim, Eloah, El, Shadai; just to name a few:
“(Says the Gemara:) Itz’hak of Navha differs with R. Maisha, who said: One of the children of Noah, who blasphemed God by any of His pseudonyms (Elohim, Eloah, El, Shaddai, ETC.) whatsoever is guilty, and is put to death, even according to the rabbis.”

+Prohibition of speaking the name of Yahuwah even when written in Scripture:
“265:1 It is PROHIBITED TO MENTION THE NAME OF Yahuwah as it is written, and we read it with the expression “Adonay.” see a footnote in Chapter VII. We have to add thereto, that none of the Jews –not even the reformers of that time– dared to mention this Holy Name as it is written, and wherever it was mentioned they read it “Adonay.”

+ The guilty to be burned, and their family punished because the Name of Yahuwah is expressed instead of Adonai:
“Hanina b. Tradian was then brought before them and questioned why he occupied himself with the Torah, and he answered: Because I am so commanded by the Lord my God. The decree was then rendered that he should be burned, his wife killed, and his daughter to be taken to the house of prostitutes. [He to be burned, because he used to express the name Yahuwah as it is written (and not Adonai as it is to be read instead),”
-Babylonian Talmud – TRACT ABUDA ZARA (IDOLATRY).  CHAPTER I.  Pg. 31 a lesson taught by the rabbis.

6. Forbidden to eat any food from a non-Jew whatever a non-Jew cooks, even wine:
This makes you understand why food that does abide by the dietary laws of Leviticus does not have the Kosher certificate.

“It is forbidden to eat bread (made from any of the five species of grain: wheat, barley, oats, rye, and spelt) that was baked by a non-Jew for his own consumption, unless comparable Jewish bread is not available or a Jew was involved in the baking or in making or maintaining the fire.”
Part II: Yoreh De’ah – Chapter 10a

“It is forbidden to eat food that was cooked intentionally by a non-Jew if the food is of a type that is not usually eaten raw and is sometimes served at state dinners, unless a Jew contributed to the cooking or the fire.”
Part II: Yoreh De’ah – Chapter 10a

“It is forbidden to drink common types of intoxicating beverages, except for those made from grain or honey, if they were made by a non-Jew and are being drunk at a place where people meet to drink”
Part II: Yoreh De’ah – Chapter 10a

“It is forbidden to drink wine (made from grapes; see 123:8) that was touched by a non-Jew.” Part II: Yoreh De’ah – Chapter 10b

For more resources of things you didn’t know about the Talmud, go here:

If you want to read the Talmud yourself here you can read it online:

  The point of this article is not anti-Semitism. Because in fact, we here at the FOY Ministy are Hebrew Israelites. We are against the Talmud. Not for personal reasons, but for moral/ethical reasons and especially because Yahushua, our Messiah was against the Talmud (the traditions of men). We love ALL people, including those that are of the state of Israel, the Jewish people. And as we have mentioned in our other publications. Our ethnicity does not matter! It doesn’t matter if you are white or black, Jewish, or Non-Jewish. Stop the hate, stop the division. We are all equal and created in the image of Elohim (Gen./Ber. 1:26). A mixed multitude came out of Egypt with Mosheh (Moses). It was not just descendants of Abraham. The Ten Commandments, Torah, Feast Days and Messiah is for EVERYONE, male AND female.

“There is not Jew nor Greek, there is not slave nor free, there is not male and female, for you are all one in Messiah Yahushua.”
-Galatians 3:28

“where there is not Greek and Jew, circumcised and uncircumcised, foreigner, Scythian, slave, free, but Messiah is all, and in all.”
-Colossians 3:11

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