Volume 14 Newsletter

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Shalom Body of Mashiach,
May this newsletter find all the Called Out Ones, in good health prospering in the faith. Now more than ever, we the few Called Out Ones, must rise up, sharing the hope that is within us! Truly, there has never been a time such as this! The Creator, Yahuwah has placed us in this time frame of world history for HIS will to be done! We must continue to push ourselves to finish the race that was put before us. Remember those who endure till the end shall be saved! Whoever lacks endurance, pray to obtain it! If faiths are faltering due to the ever changing world, then let us lift our heads up, because our redemption draws near!

Humanity is degenerating faster than the speed of lightening! Even I am taken by surprise over the madness that has overcome so many within the human race.  The vast changes, we are thus seeing continue to manifest in the most hideous demonic ways. I am thus reminded:

“And because of the increase in lawlessness, the love of many shall become cold.” –Matthew 24:12

That is why us, Called Out Ones, must practice all the fruits of the Ruach Ha Qodesh (please see our study called “Fruit of the Spirit”. While panic, fear along with hopelessness overcomes the majority, let us now stand outside the box! Each of us must show the world that we are indeed filled with the Ruach Ha Qodesh. Let our outer appearances shine with the blessed hope that can only be found in belief in Yahushua! The Body of Mashiach needs to put all bitterness, wrath, resentment and anger to the side. May each of us, undo our frozen hearts while showing the world that we are HIS taught ones, by the love we show each other!

We here at the F.O.Y. ministry thank the Mighty One of Yisra’el, Yahuwah for allowing us to bring the called out ones, this newsletter. We hope everyone is blessed with the following news and ministry updates.

This newsletter is busting out with lots of very important information that us, Called Out Ones, need to know. Please take all the time you need as we only send the newsletter out three times a year.

We have been extremely busy with all sorts of ministry work. Since summer is now here we plan on doing many Imposter showings at various places. We have plenty of promotional tools to equip us with reaching even more people.

Within this newsletter we have two new books that we pray will be a blessing to all. The books are called, They have Despised My Name and When does a day really begin?We also have a movie entitled, “They have Despised My Name” that will be out sometime in the month of July, 2013. For now please watch its movie trailer.

We now have a F.O.Y. chat room that many believers have been blessed by. Not too many of us have time during the week but on Sabbath there is lots of fellowship  taking place. This week Sabbath gathering will be about, “What miracles has Yahuwah done for you?” If you would like to join in or just listen in then please join us at the chat room this coming Sabbath (6-15-13).

The F.O.Y. ministry is also happy to announce that we will be having a monthly ISR Scripture Giveaway.

Please take your time in knowing what is actually going on in this world by reading the articles “The Doomsday Delusions” along with “A World Gone Mad!

We give all praise and esteem to Yahuwah, the Mighty One of Yisra’el. We thank HIM for allowing this small humble ministry to do this work in His great vineyard! Truly, we are not worthy but pray we have been faithful to use every talent that has been freely given to us.

  Yahuwah has done some wonderful matters to enable us, the called out ones, to reach as many of the Lost Sheep of Yisra’el, as we can. We have been commanded to “go and spread the Besorah to all nations.”  This we are doing!

L. McGuire

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