Volume 19 Newsletter

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   Shalom and Greetings to all the Called Out ones! May this newsletter find everyone being blessed, growing in knowledge daily. As always there is much to cover in this newsletter. We are excited to announce some major blessings that the ministry has received.

   We have been able to purchase a printer. This is not the laser ink printers that we go through in three months due to all the printing the ministry does. Oh no, this printer is an office Xerox printer! This will enable quicker printing of our all materials. We can now even print on both sides of a single sheet of paper at the same time. How wonderful is that? Praise Yahuwah! As He truly knows all the work that we do just in maintaining this ministry.

   We hope to be able to also purchase, the upgrade book stapler. This will really be beneficial to us. Finding the proper stapler for our thicker books has been an issue over the years. Therefore, getting this automatic stapler will truly be a time saver and much easier on our hands.

   We are blessed in that we will be able to print and freely distribute Brother B. Earl Allen’s book, “Publish the Name of Yahuwah!” We only have limited supplies since the toner ink is so costly. We’ve had Brother’s B. Earl Allen’s book on our website to freely read for quite some time now. However, now we will be able to print some copies to have on hand to use as a street witnessing tool. This book is highly recommended. It can be found in our newly designed free store.

   Having this better printer will give us the opportunity to print more. Like I previously mentioned, we go through regular printers every three months. We can offer more tracts and books while doing the tour other than just the DVD’s. Speaking of DVDs. Our supply of DVDs has ran out. We are in the process of producing them. Which includes printing onto the DVD, burning the DVD, inserting cover page and placing the DVD into each case. This takes a great deal of time since we produce thousands of DVDs at a time. Orders that have been placed since February and March will be processed the third week of April. If you submitted an email address with your order you will receive a tracking number as your order is shipped. Thank you for understanding.

   We have also been blessed with being able to start the monthly FREE ISR Scripture Giveaway. We can no longer afford to pay for the rising postage. Therefore, we will have to charge postage fees. We hope you all understand. The first monthly giveaway will be held in the month of April, 2016. Check back often as each month we only offer limited quantities. We ask that if you have funds to get your own, please do so. Let others who really need one get the blessing. As we here at the FOY ministry are just a family of five doing the best we can do. We all need to be working as a team!
   Speaking of teams, we here at the FOY ministry are very excited in announcing our new book, “Becoming the best Team Players We Were Designed to be!” There are many teams in this world. However, only one is the most important. In this book (“Becoming the best Team Players We Were Designed to be!”), team players will learn strategic methods on how our team can achieve higher goals than the worldly teams. Following a few simply standards, team players can become mountain movers, seed sowers, faith builders, encouragers and so much more! This new book will take our mediocre team to a GREAT Team! Team players will learn what talents and gifts they specialize in. Knowing this, is the key in unlocking greatness for our team. Request your free copy today in our newly designed free store (or freely read online) to become the very best team player each of us was designed to be.

   In this newsletter we will examine the current events, Signs of the Times that has been occurring in bringing us closer to the unveiling of the coming Imposter and our blessed hope in Yahushua’s second coming! We also think you will be blessed in reading, “Deception of Demons!

   The Imposter tour is still going strong as we are hitting the different flea markets. We are able to reach more people along with moving to another flea market in just a day. Compared to doing the showings which take at least one month to organize.

   May each of us continue to run the good race! Times are ever changing getting us closer and closer to the blessed second coming of Yahushua Ha Mashiach. We here at the FOY ministry pray you will be blessed with the information in this newsletter.

L. McGuire
FOY ministry

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   We, the F.O.Y. ministry are taking a nationwide tour. We will go to as many cities as we are able, having FREE Imposter showings and stopping at local fairs, flea markets, etc. We will also be giving away some free books, tracts, DVD’s and music CD’s. It’s time to invite all to hear the truth. Our desire is to go from the East Coast to the West Coast proclaiming and warning the people of the coming Strong Delusion!

 If you have ever wanted to get involved in doing any type of ministry work now is your opportunity to help us. We are in need of people to help organize FREE showings in their city. These believers will help find a building for us to rent, a newspaper to promote the event and help pass out fliers announcing the event in their neighborhood. If you are interested please email us and let us know. Remember the F.O.Y. ministry is not just limited to the few workers here but this is Yahuwah’s ministry. If we the Body of Messiah work together lifting Yahushua up, think of what we can do? How many people we can reach? Since we will be doing this on faith we can only do as much as Yahuwah will allow.