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Shalom Body of Mashiach,

May this newsletter find all the Called Out Ones, in good health prospering in the faith. May each of us have the complete armor of Yahuwah upon us, while practicing all nine of the fruits of the Ruach Ha Qodesh (Galatians 5)!

Now more than ever, we the few Called Out Ones, must rise up, sharing the hope that is within us! Truly, there has never been a time such as this! The Creator, Yahuwah has placed us in this time frame of world history for HIS will to be done! We must continue to push ourselves to finish the race that was put before us. Remember those who endure till the end shall be saved! Whoever lacks endurance, pray to obtain it! If faiths are faltering due to the ever changing world, then let us lift our heads up, because our redemption draws near! Hold on a little longer as this earth age is rapidly coming to its end.

Humanity is degenerating faster than the speed of lightening! Even I am taken by surprise over the madness that has overcome so many within the human race.  The vast changes, we are thus seeing continue to manifest in the most hideous demonic ways. I am thus reminded:

“And because of the increase in lawlessness, the love of many shall become cold.”-Matthew 24:12

That is why us, Called Out Ones, must practice all the fruits of the Ruach Ha Qodesh (please see our study called “Fruit of the Spirit”. While panic, fear along with hopelessness overcomes the majority, let us now stand outside the box! Each of us must show the world that we are indeed filled with the Ruach Ha Qodesh. Let our outer appearances shine with the blessed hope that can only be found in belief in Yahushua! The Body of Mashiach needs to put all bitterness, wrath, resentment and anger to the side. May each of us, undo our frozen hearts while showing the world that we are HIS taught ones, by the love we show each other!

We here at the F.O.Y. ministry thank the Mighty One of Yisra’el, Yahuwah for allowing us to bring the called out ones, this newsletter. We hope everyone is blessed with the information provided. This newsletter is busting out with lots of very important information that us, Called Out Ones, need to know. Please take all the time you need as we only send the newsletter out three times a year.

L. McGuire



  • Judi says:

    There was no information about the 2012 West Nile virus in this news letter. A page came up but It said that they couldn’t find the info. I guess I will have to google it and see what it shows.
    Blessings FOY.

  • Stephanie says:

    Chag Yum Taruah Samach Dear Friends & Family!!

  • Gloria Garza says:

    Good to know you’re out there sharing Yahuah! Blessings to one and all of you. I’m in Will County of Illinois. Where are you?

  • mbogo james says:

    ihave miraculousky come across your website and am amased. ihave no denomination what so ever but didnot know there people out there with the same line of thoufht like me. ihave been a follower of hamashiach for now 30years. iam ugandan. ibadly need information about my saviour. who changed his name,why and when. ihave been trying to get this infromation but in vain . now the opportunity has come so that am equiped to spread the trueth. ineed a bible with this name but written in english. most bibles available to us are massively edited. may the spirit reveal to you this. ishall be very gratefull to your response. in the 1960s the local language bibles of then bore this name but they were allremoved from circulation.Please reply through the E-mail provided. iam Amedical clinical officer. we are asmall group of people but devoted to our savour. we are not a religious denomination and we have never been associated with any.neither do we intend we pronounce hi name as ISA MASIA. Just because weare not hebrews so we cannot prounce properly.

    Mbogo james
    box 1602mable uganda E.A.

  • Leticia D Quinonez says:

    How are you everyone? I have a question to ask here concerning the events that are about to unfold concerning martial law coming to America!!! What will we need to do before the guards come knocking on hour doors forcing us to go to the detention camps and fema camps? Where do we all need to go and how will we survive from these evil guards with these guns after the bad election hits no matter who wins? I was told that many people will flee to the mountains and that is where I want to go myself to get away from all of these crazy martial law rules that is heading our way.

    YAHUWAH bless you all and Shalom too

    • FOY says:

      Shalom, You are so right. all of us called out ones need to be having some sort of a game plan. Each of us need to enter into our closets, seeking Yahuwah on where He wants us to go. Heading to the hills is a good start.However, we need to set our little differences aside and learn to love each other as time is getting very close. The Body of Mashiach needs to unite now more than ever.

      Thanks for your comments,
      the F.O.Y. ministry

  • Gordon D.G. says:

    Shalom Brother and Sister-in-YAH, Just a quick note….Does it seem possible that Prez Obama could be the false Anti-Christ that would appear before the real Anti-Christ. Right now, esp. after B.O.’s re-election, there is so much clucking about that “Obama is the Anti-Christ! He’s got so many of the ‘credentials’ and ‘signs’ about him!, etc.” But, I am really sold on the idea that you Brethren are teaching about a “decoy A.C.” I believe a false A.C. will cause, in turn, the real Anti-Christ to appear as if he were truly “Jesus Christ” (YAHUSHUA) himself come back to Earth again. I believe, as prophecied through Elisabeth Elijah, that the real Anti-Christ will claim that he is “Jesus Christ” and will go by that Grecian name before the watching World. This really does align with II THESSALONIANS 2 (I think it is) which states that the “Man of Sin” will sit himself in the “Holy-Of-Holies”, within the Temple, and will seat himself as “God”. For, we all know that YAHUSHUA is “God”, He is the Son of GOD (ELOHIM YAH). The false A.C. will be similar to the kind of Anti-Christ that’s been portrayed in Tim LaHaye’s LEFT BEHIND series. Whereas, the real Anti-Christ would be VERY similar to YAHUSHUA himself (I’m suspecting) but, he will be the ultimate Satanist, who will appear as “Godly”, “loving” a “saviour for the World”, but, he would teach that “there is no such thing as sin.” “There is no Hell.” “Whatever feels good Do It!” (Which is the Satanist’s Motto: “Do what thou wilt, shall be the whole of the law!”) Cooked flesh and the blood of the martyred Saints will be the unholy communion. Sexual orgies will be particiapted in as a type of ‘worship service’ in honour of “Jesus” the Anti-Christ (These things are also done in Satanic worship services). It may be that the Anti-Christ, who will claim to be “God”, may have special “powers” that, as “God”, he may promise to the World, that if anyone will follow and worship him, he will promise them powers, too, as he has. And, that, someday, if they follow him, they can become a “god” just as he “is”. Which is the New Age philosophy, anyhow, from Satan, today. All this done, of course, on Sunday, the A.C.’s day of worship. Obama is not appealing or slick enough to be the true Anti-Christ, I don’t see it, anyway. Does any of this make any kind of sense in the Spiritual Realm? Shabbat Shalom and YAH’s Love and Blessings to you!

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