Season of Strangeness!

Beloved Brothers and Sisters, the hour is extremely late. The time has come and is now here! Rise up you children of the Most High, receive you the latter rain! . Pick up your staff! No more idleness and no more delay. Get the wheels of faith moving in your life! Let each of us become more like Yahushua.  We must seek to have His MIND and walk as He walked in ALL ways! May HIS love, faith and boldness spring forth from our loins.

As you continue to count the Omer this year, ponder on the deeper meaning of Shavuot! Are you part of the First Fruits? If so, then put on the complete amour of Yahuwah! March and go ye forth! The harvest is ripened, to “Receive you the Ruach Ha Qodesh.” Go, forth, oh Yisra’el Breath His words of truth to the people! Like never before, the curtain of this earth age is coming to a rapid closing! Become a Temple Builder!

Mankind has reached a point of no return! The effect of this heavy sin is being felt like never before. I am reminded it has been written that, “the whole creation groans and travails in pain” (Romans 8:22). Indeed all creation is feeling the burden of man’s sin. As we entered into the season of strangeness the world continues to witness phenomenal events like never before!

 Recently dolphins all of a sudden become disoriented or possibly lost:

Sadly, thousands of dolphins are dying as they are being found on shore:

The start of the Babylon year, 2012 was like déjà vu all over again; as black birds fell from the sky again:

Then there are all those thousands of birds that took a Wal-Mart parking lot for water:

If all that was not bad enough, literally millions of sea life animals, species along with water plants continue to die at precedent rates of unexplained causes:  

Even sea shells are dying:

If all that is not strange, we are also still experiencing weird weather patterns.

Many parts of the United States had a winterless winter. Some Midwestern states such as Ohio were able to actually save on their budget since they didn’t have to spend money removing snow. Robert Jay, finance director in Ottumwa, Iowa said, “It’s very unusual.”

The unusual weather caused quite a few in the state of Colorado to take up golfing instead of skiing.

Yet other states such as Alaska were hammered with heavier than normal amounts of snow:

Earthquakes along with volcanoes continue to increase during these last days.

These strange events will continue as planet earth is being moved and pulled down. Slowly, each day the planet we live on is tottering back and forth moving from the original axis. The Pole shift will continue as we have been fore warned:

 “The earth is utterly broken down, the earth is clean dissolved, the earth is moved exceedingly. The earth shall reed to and fro like a drunkard, and shall be removed like a cottage; and then transgression thereof shall be heavy upon it; and it shall fall, and not rise again.” –Yashayahu 24:19-2

I beseech you, beloved ones, hear and see what Yahuwah is telling the world! The closer we get to the end of this earth age we are going to see more and more strange matters. We are not just witnessing strange things but people from all over the world are hearing bizarre groaning and moaning sounds.

These paranormal sounds are penetrating through the earth. Some have claimed to hear trumpet like sounds while others report odd humming noises. Much debate has been taking place over just what is going on. Some are claiming these strange noises as a hoax while others are pointing the fingers to Harp. These noises could actually be part of the blue beam project as we know the Scriptures have told us that,the creation groans together, and suffers the pains.” (Romans 8:22)
Or could all this be trial runs for an upcoming fake alien invasion? Or maybe what we are hearing is the earth moving beneath our feet?  Regardless the source, the truth is people are hearing something:

Truly these paranormal activities are grabbing people’s attention from all over the world. Many are not buying into what big brother and the authorities are saying:

Something is indeed occurring. Therefore, as believers we must draw near to Yahuwah while continuing to Blow the rams horn! Seems strange matters along with strange noises are not the only weird things going on. Truly, the season of strangeness is upon us. Like a volcano shooting hot smoldering lava ash miles into the sky evilness is spewing forth into our atmosphere. We are witnessing first hand manifestations of demonic activity like never before. Something terrible has been unleashed! Indeed two worlds have collided and we are seeing the manifestations of the spiritual realm and our world. This star gate opened I believe on the very high occult day, 11-11-11 as thousands of people from many different religions prayed and fasted and summoned a very evil force.  Ever since during the world wide chanting, prayers of different world religions this past 11-11-11, as some claim this day to be a spiritual awakening. This global day of worship went from the east to the west.

For twelve hours thousands of Christians gathered inside a cave in Egypt praying and worshiping. The clip shows how they chanted for hey-Zeus (Jesus) for exactly 9.27 Most of these people, despite their good intentions were chanting repetitively. Thus blanking out their minds. Please take note that by adding those numbers up, 9+2+7 we get the number 18 which is 666.

From Egypt to Detroit Michigan,  thousands showed up to begin praying for god to turn matters around:

Despite knowing the Scriptures, these people that come together have no clue on what they were actually participating in. We have been told ‘my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.” Having good intentions, yet they opened themselves up to pure evil:

This new awakening, as most call it, is very demonic and evil. Let us not forget the Scriptures clearly tell us that Satan masquerades as an angel of light. The rest of this being’s gang does the same thing!  I beseech you to comprehend; evil is not going to appear to be evil but to the contrary, heavenly! To the undiscerning person, this evil will even feel excellent!

Ponder, millions of people gathered all over the world to pray on this day, opening them up to a whole new dimension. A dimension that feels good, soft, beautiful, lovely, like a utopia feeling but in reality this is pure evil. Many New Agers claim 11-11-11 a portal would open causing a wave of divine energies to flow to every person. This source energy, as they call it, is the spirit of Satan! They even claim that this is their final step to evolutionary transformation. Even Mayans crystal skull had a huge ceremonial on 11-11-11. What took place was a world- wide satanic ritual. Millions of people from all different walks of life and religious back grounds conjured up the birth of something extremely evil.

I am reminded that we have been forewarned that the Imposter will have power over all:

And it was given unto him to make war with the saints, and to overcome them; and power was given him over all kindred’s, tongues, and nations. And all that dwell upon the earth shall worship him, whose names are not written in the book of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world. –Revelation 13:7-9

Do you understand this? Every person, no matter their native tongue, nations, color, will worship this entity called the Imposter. There will be unity amongst all colors, all languages and all nations! This ecumenical movement will ultimately involve every man; woman and child whose names are not written in the Lamb’s book of life!

You see they will have one mind and shall give their power and strength unto the beast (Revelation 17:13). They are preparing the people’s minds just for when that time comes. We are so late in this ballgame of life that we have entered in the ninth inning. The vile demonic activity working through men is increasing. I mean we are talking all ‘up in your face’ as Satan’s pawns just don’t care.

For instance during the pagan feast of Ishtar, that is Easter, we can clearly hear the Universal church praying for their light bearer Lucifer:

Praying to lucifer is not the only thing they’ve been up to. Seems even the RCC (Roman Catholic Church) has jump on the strangeness wagon.

 Not only does the Universal church like to put on sheep’s clothing but they also enjoy playing dress up. How appalling and disgusting to play around with 150 year old corpse! Recently the Catholic Church decided to declare St. John Neumann to be holy; which includes teeth, hair and skull. During this corpses’ canonization they managed to put a mask on the skull. As the ceremony was preformed people kneeled and bowed before the shrine of the 150 year old corpse:

Clearly flaunting evil is of the norm now. I am even taken by surprised at how fast matters are deteriorating. The shocking truth is, we are living in very bizarre times. Brainwashing the masses to embrace occultism has remarkably hit new highs. The majority of the population just can’t see evil for what it is. How devastating for the world to embrace occult rituals and call it entertainment. Never before on such a large scale are we seeing evil rising!  As we entered into the Babylon year of 2012, I’m left to wonder has the Age of Aquarius begun. One would suspect it has with the most recent demonic Super Bowl half time show featuring the pop singer Madonna.

Not only did she call the Super bowl the ‘holy of holies’ but she even referred to the performance as a sermon. The sermon she performed was pure channeling of an ancient evil spirit. This spirit was no doubt the goddess of Isis. Isis is an Egyptian deity known as the ‘mother goddess.’ She is believed to be the mother of Horus. Many pictures depict her holding a young child:

The famous mother and child often called Madonna and child is actually the goddess of Isis and Horus (believed to be the god of the dead, sky, war and vengeance)

After viewing her sermon one can clearly see that Madonna is no doubt demonically possessed by the spirit of Isis (believed to be of magic, fertility, motherhood)

 Looking at the costume design alone one can get an eerie feeling of how satanic the entire show/ritual was. 

A short few years ago, people would have hit the streets demanding that filth be taking off the air. Yet many sat in awe as they witness first hand occultism.  Was the super bowl half time ritual preparing the world for the upcoming pagan 2012 Olympics?

Truly the Olympics are indeed the largest sporting event in the entire world. This event is held every four years in various countries’. Thousands of people participate in the winter and summer sports, while many millions if not a billion people watch it. What I find interesting is that at one time the Olympics were not considered a sporting event but an actually religious ceremony. This ceremony was in honor of the pagan Greek god’s. In other words a celebration held for the fallen angels! As we all know the Greek’ considered Zeus the supreme or king of all deities. Not only was there much feasting during the Olympics but animal sacrificing, prayers and rituals were all part of the ceremony’s. 

Even though some matters have changed through the years, pagan rituals are still performed during the Olympics. For instance the scared flame

 “Months before each Games, the Olympic flame is lit in Olympia in a ceremony that reflects ancient Greek rituals. A female performer, acting as a priestess, ignites a torch by placing it inside a parabolic mirror which focuses the sun’s rays; she then lights the torch of the first relay bearer, thus initiating the Olympic torch relay that will carry the flame to the host city’s Olympic stadium, where it plays an important role in the opening ceremony.

Now that we understand how the Olympics’ is indeed a religious ceremony, much talk is going on that the 2012 Olympics games something terrible is going to occur. Some claim the secret Illuminati plans on having a false flag event. Other’s claim nuke bombs may go off sometime during the celebration. While others truly believe there will be some sort of a fake alien take over. Even the mascot, is a one eye alien looking creature.

Many  are basing their predictions on a popular card game thought up by Steve Jackson. The first game released in the summer of 1982 but the card game of 1995 has gained much popularity. To those who do not know the Illuminati card game is not an ordinary deck of cards Hidden within the Illuminati card game is a secret blue print to bring about the New World Order. 

A deck consist of 526 cards. Let us briefly look at some of the cards that have come to pass.

Sure anything can be read or twisted with some of these cards. However the fact remains there is a sinister scheme being played in these end days. Without having some insight there is no possible way Steve Jackson could make up these cards.

 “Robert Shea has the following to say, in regards to the rulebook, Illuminati Expansion Set 1 (1983), in which he wrote, “Maybe the Illuminati are behind this game. They must be—they are, by definition, behind everything.

As a believer in the Scriptures, I base all future events solely on the written word. With that being noted, we must understand the Satan also has a plan. Its plan is to deceive the entire world into worshipping it. Through great deception, the elite of the world are helping to usher in this fake. They are manipulating these horrific world events for one purpose only, to usher in the coming utopia of the Imposter! Therefore, they also have a hidden agenda. When viewing the Illuminati card game I must admit, I was startled over the great detail of this evil agenda. Please try to understand that in their twisted ideology by them warning the people prior to the event they believe they will be not guilty of the innocent bloodshed.

To view all cards:

Some you tube videos on the card game:

Despite these cards Yahuwah has the final say so in all matters. Therefore, He will allow these matters to occur to bring about His plan for mankind. Let us therefore not be ignorant of Satan’s devises!

The following Illuminati card is to believe Big Ben being destroyed:

This card titled, “Combined Disaster” is the one many believe will be used during the 2012 London Olympics.  If this card is indeed played we could very well see World War III begin. The world economies could collapse. There might also be a rise in terrorist attacks along with increased wicked weather. We might also see a rise in terrorist attacks, increase earthquakes, storms, and volcanoes. Some believe the clock here represents Big Be. The five people are also dressed in the same colors as the Olympic rings.

Some more information that you might find interesting:

Based on all this information could there be some sinister plan during the 2012 Olympic Games? Will humanity witness a fake alien invasion brought on by blue beam technology? Or could we actually witness Big Ben being blown up? Or will evil men purposely kill thousands of people by allowing a dirty bomb or a nuke to go off? Of course, time will tell one matter is for sure as we have entered into a season of strangeness, now more than ever we must cling to Yahuwah and Yahushua.  Let us not be fearful. If some terrible crisis is planned at least this way we will be able to understand that this has been planned. Let us not be tricked by them.

Written by L. McGuire

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    Shalom and Greetings,

    Yes, very good advice! What is really sad is there are actually called out ones that found the chanting clip a good thing. I was very shocked and the truth must be told, as it has been written…’if it were possible even the elect could be deceived’. We cannot fall for the coming universal unity, it is not of Yahuwah!

    Thanks for your comments. Be blessed and take care,
    L. McGuire

  3. Josee

    Thank you for this article! Let us not be fearful! I would suggest that you pray before opening some of the youtube links. Very evil, I could feel it especially with the ones chanting!

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