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We have received several requests about how wonderful it would be if there could be a chat room for believers. We are happy to announce that the F.O.Y. ministry chat room is officially up and running! This is a chat room for believers to come fellowship together. All are welcome to come listen in, participate and even learn from each other.

Since the F.O.Y ministry is currently on tour from time to time we do not have access to the internet. Therefore we may not be able to join in. Nevertheless, the chat room is there for everyone.   Right now we do not have any set time for a weekly Sabbath study; however the chat room is open each day every hour of the day. Therefore if you’re in need of prayer maybe someone will be there for you.  If you’re lonely and need someone to talk to maybe someone will be there like our dear brothers Allen, Gene and Simon!

So far many people have been blessed by the F.O.Y. chat room. We hope each of you will take advantage of this tool in coming together!

There are two options of HOW you can chat. You can chat as a ‘guest’ and no registration is required or you can register and have a username. We recommend registering unless you want to your username to be ‘guest001′, ‘guest231′ or ‘guest382′, etc.                         

PLEASE NOTE: When you first login you will be taken to your profile page. On this page you can choose a profile image and change your password. After you are finished with your profile (which is optional) to return to the chat room on the top left corner you should see “Followers of Yah Chat”. Click there.

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