Signs of the Times – Pt 2

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Signs of the Times Part 2
Written By L. McGuire

The war on drugs continues to be bothersome as the United States has been dealing with a major heroin epidemic. Overdose deaths have killed more Americans every year than the entire Vietnam war.

Opioids are claiming more lives than guns.

The state of Ohio has had to call in cold storage trailers for three different Ohio counties’ because the morgues are full due to many people dying from overdose. 

Another Ohio county had to warn others of the recent overdose spike.
Matters are getting so bad that now pet owners are physically causing their pets harm so they can get drugs
People are now shooting up in fast food restaurants. This husband and wife overdosed at a White Castle parking lot in front of their children:


Police: Parents overdosed at White Castle in front of children

A man and woman are now facing endangering children and drug charges after their arrests Friday. Read More.


Police: Woman ODs in Chuck E. Cheese’s bathroom

 Also disturbing is that a mother of a four-year-old child, killed her child after sedating her with a mix of heroin, methadone and ketamine.

 A  13-year-old died of an overdose of heroin and the Dad is being charged.

  Many people are losing their lives over these dangerous drugs. A baby boy starved to death because his mother died of a drug overdoses.
Another baby died, because both parents overdosed and the baby starved.

An 89-year-old Northside man from Ohio was killed over drugs:

Second suspect in 89-year-old man’s killing arrested in Lexington

Read story.

 Another drug is starting to show up as being abused and has the authorities concerned:

Alert issued for non-narcotic pain
pill that’s increasingly abused

There has even been a rise in overdose death in fentanyl.

 Some cities are starting to take a stronger stand against the war on drugs. They are telling users to get help or else go to jail:

Ohio city’s ultimatum to heroin addicts:
Get help or go to jail

That’s the approach Miamisburg – a city just south of Dayton – is taking after a deadly start to 2017.
Miamisburg is on track to have five times the number of overdoses this year compared to 2016. Read More.


Overdose survivors in this Ohio city face misdemeanor charge

An Ohio community is trying to fight the heroin epidemic by bringing a misdemeanor charge against drug users who are revived by emergency responders using an overdose antidote. Read More.

Police in Albuquerque, are going to start manufacturing crack cocaine then arrest the people they sell it too!

Another dangerous synthetic drug called flakka has become more popular in Kentucky:


Nine spring breakers died by taking fake Xanax pill which is 50 times stronger than heroin.
I.V users can now get clean needles from a new vending machine that gives out needles.

4/20 went down as the first ever weed fest! There is good research stating that pot does have good medical purposes when taken in food, pill or tea. A friend I went to school with, her husband has been battling three types of cancer for the last 18 months. Recently, he started taking the pills and he has been able to hold more food down and gain a tiny amount of weight. Despite the medical issues it helps, smoking makes marijuana become mind altering! So much so in that one woman died from smoking pot while driving. She was so stoned that she forgot she was driving and ran off a cliff where she plunged to her death. Stoner day 4/20 has become a stoner holiday a day to escape reality it is a known fact that many drug users first experiment with pot then proceed to the more heavier and harder drugs such as coke, meth, crack and heroin.  Quite a few partiers were arrested:


Energy drinks, which is another drug, continue to cause major health issues for many people.

Part of the signs of a declining society is a rise in more violence. Violence has been escalating everywhere. People have no value of life what so ever. Authorities are stating that Steven Bourgoin deliberately crashed into a car killing 5 teens then stealing a police vehicle and ran into seven other vehicles.

So many shootings are still occurring. Like one person that got shot sitting in front of a school. A girl about got shot over something as simple as a chicken nugget.

Another shooting took place in Fort Lauderdale airport, five people were killed and many more injured:

Suspected Fort Lauderdale airport shooter indicted


Another attack took place in Germany at a train station.   A devastating shooting occurred in a soup kitchen, 1 person died while 16 people were injured in the Cincinnati night club shooting. Another school shooting:

Student ‘fascinated by firearms’ wounds four in French high school shooting

A teenager opened fire at his high school in southeastern France on Thursday, wounding up to four people, in an attack apparently inspired by videos of U.S. mass shootings such as Columbine, officials said.
Read More.

Racism attacks also seem to have increased. This 44-year-old man lost his life because a child ran out in front of him and he hit the boy. The boy had scratches on him but the white man was murdered:

‘I took care of dude,’ 911
caller says he killed driver
that hit child

A man heard on a 911 call after a 4-year-old was accidentally hit in Walnut Hills on March 24 admitted that he killed the driver. Read More.

A University says no white people should apply for a job posting. Another racial attack was against three white man that were shot.
Here we see students of color not wanting to live with white people.

To add fuel to this blazing fire, many people were upset when they saw a KKK banner in a Georgia town square.

Sadly, religious hate crimes continue to be done throughout the entire world. Some of the headlines are so brutal that I won’t even post them here.

‘Anti-theist’ stabs Christian housemate to death in Germany ‘because he hated religion’




A young boy got suspended because he challenged a Muslim professor:

The following is very tragic:
We continue to see widespread wicked weather. As in this rare winter storm that hit the deep south:

A record breaking blizzard recently hit Hawaii and California:

Blizzard dumps snow on Hawaii, California set for record winter rain

As California edged toward historic rainfall totals in one of the wettest winters in memory, its neighbor state across the Pacific Ocean, Hawaii, has been hit with sustained blizzard conditions that have dumped 8 inches of snow onto mountain peaks.

Snow is not unheard of for the higher mountains of Hawaii, which reach above 10,000 feet (3,000 meters) in elevation, but weather experts say this week’s storm was particularly strong and lingered over the state, delivering a heavier than usual punch. Read More.


Blizzard takes aim at northeastern U.S., flights canceled

A fast-moving winter storm bringing up to two feet of snow was expected to hit the northeastern United States, forecasters warned on Monday, prompting airlines to cancel thousands of flights and some mayors to order schools to close on Tuesday.
Read More.


There was massive flooding in California as a stormed moved in:

Dangerous flooding likely as powerful storm barrels into Northern California

Large swaths of Northern California were on high alert for flooding Monday as a powerful new storm dumped large amounts of rain on an already saturated region where levees, dams and other waterways are under major stress. Read More.

From one extreme to the other. Deadly wildfires spread through the plains causing thousands of evacuations:

While some part of the country was dealing with the snow, ice, rain, wildfires others had to deal with massive tornado storms:

Tornadoes Confirmed in Midwest; More Than a Dozen Injured, Hundreds of Homes Damaged Read More.


Storm Pummels Kansas Airport Read More.


Rain, Gusty Winds in Store for Eastern U.S. Read More.


We continue to see earthquakes in various places:


At least 247 killed in earthquake in central Italy

In the small Italian towns hit hard by a magnitude-6.2 earthquake that struck in the middle of the night, rescuers feverishly dug through the rubble of downed homes and apartments looking for survivors. Read More.


Magnitude-3.6 earthquake rattles California coast near Santa Barbara

The geological survey’s website had hundreds of reports of people feeling the shaking nearly 60 miles to the north in Lompoc and as far south as Los Angeles County.
Read More.


Montecito rocked by 3.5 magnitude earthquake

  Speaking of weather, just a few years ago the Fukushima nuclear disaster occurred. That disaster is still causing widespread dangerous issues through the planet. What is interesting is that robots that are being sent in to the reactor keep dying.

In other news, the founder of Facebook (Mark Zuckerberg) has come forward saying that he is no longer an atheist. He claims he was raised Jewish and had questions but now considers religion very important. He never did say what religion or what deity he believes in. However, him and his wife recently met with Pope Francis.
Many parents in Texas are being cited, threatened with charges and arrests just for walking their children to school! Some parents have removed their children from the school. The bottom line, the school district policy, implies that parents do not have the ability to decide what is safest for their children yet they believe they do.

Could this be the start of a dangerous police state trend? Only time will tell!

United Airlines recently got in some hot water after physically assaulting a elder man by removing him off the plane.

Terrible, but this can be expected when the people have been dumbed down, force-feed violence and given just bad food:

Woman charged with sex crime against 100-year-old dementia patient

What police think was a mean-spirited prank has left a Marblehead woman facing felony sex charges. Read More.

Deadly flat worms are showing up in Florida:


Another type of dangerous deadly bacteria that can spread from dog to people has been found in every Indiana county.
Another insect is suddenly showing up and has some people quite concerned.

rare superbug has been found on a pig farm. Recently a few people have been dealing with lungworm in Ohio. It is a parasite that will invade the brain!

Some patients in New York and New Jersey are having to deal with superbug of fungus:

There was a Chemical spill by Michigan beach in the Indiana dunes:

 In Florida Biologist investigated the death of 82 dolphins. In South Carolina, a mysterious orange alligator caught a lot of attention.

Maybelline recently announced its first male ambassador:

Taxes payers recently help funded sex-reassignment surgery in California.
The money could have been given to the family members that this murderer killed or given to the homeless instead the tax payers money was spent on something evil!
According to Rob Bell the church is close to accepting homosexuality.

Disney’s remake movie, “Beauty and the Beast”, will feature its first gay kiss.

Yet a Disney cartoon has already shown homosexual kissing:

I really do not know about people now-a-days! Never in my life have I seen people so cruel, cold and heartless. People are so much in a daze that this semi-truck driver didn’t even realize he was pulling a car. The man driving that car could have been killed:

A federal court recently announced that women are now able to display their breasts in public.

I guess having one topless day a year was not good enough for some.

  Recently the University of Wisconsin Madison is currently taking applications for its ‘Men’s Project” as they call it. The six-week program is to counter the harmful effects of society’s masculinity pressures and helps participates to promote ‘gender equity.

In health news, pesticides can be extremely dangerous and even fatal as this family found out the hard way when their 4 children were poisonous to death.

Considering how dangerous pesticides can be think how frightening to know that pesticides have been showing up in water.
Scientists are even shocked as they have recently found out that pesticides can accelerate puberty in boys by altering their hormone production.

According to this article, pesticides can also turn male frogs into homosexuals. Even Flint is STILL having to deal with major issues in their water system. If not one thing then something else can cause some major issues on the body. Who’d ever think that light bulbs can cause anxiety, migraines and even cancer.

Speaking of cancer, Johnson and Johnson recently admitted that their baby products contain cancer causing ingredients.

Baby wipes were recently recalled as they were contaminated of bacteria that could cause pneumonia. An old childhood disease seems to be striking again. Students in Laguna have been coming down with measles. Refugees in Illinois confirmed 8 refugees had active TB upon arrival. Doctors are now warning those over the age of 40 should not take ibuprofen. Over 600 inhalers have recently been recalled. Epipens have also been recalled. Many are finding more disturbing news on resistance antibiotics.

  Those in the dairy industry are now trying to criminalize nut milk. In other health news, a man went to the hospital with stomach pain and he left without hands or feet. Dr. Sonnet Ehlers from South African invented a female condom with spikes to help victims of rape.

South Africa has one of the highest rape rates in the world. The latex condom called Rape-aXe is designed with rows of teeth-like hooks and attach to the man’s private parts. Only a doctor can remove it which will ensure an arrest! The article continues with stating that it is very painful and the man cannot urine with it on. The doctor feels this will help women not be assaulted while others feel the Rape-aXe will be a woman in enslavement.

Cops tell a woman that she needs to stop praying.

The first human patient was injected with genetically altered genes. Talk about mad science!
In other science news, Scientists claim they found a massive lost continent.

“Beam me up Scotty” just become real! As Army Scientists have stated that they have successfully teleport soldiers:


Scientist also are wanting to resurrect the dead through stem cell research.

In Southern Bolivia over 5,000 dinosaur footsteps was recently found.

  This was interesting about the Giants.

Oddly enough news
Not only is this odd but down right disgusting:

  According to some vampires are real:

NH woman attacked by man claiming to be vampire, cops say

A frantic struggle with a self-proclaimed ‘vampire’ left employees of the Concord Co-Op in New Hampshire shaken but ultimately unharmed early Tuesday morning, police say.
Read More.

  This man recently  spent over 50K to transform itself into a genderless alien:

  For those who do not have time to go to Ash Wednesday services, seem the Catholic Church is now offering drive through ash services.
For those in the Catholic faith that are interested in selling their home they can now purchase little St. Joseph idols in hopes of this idol helping them sell their home faster.

In other oddly news, freckle tattoos are becoming very popular.

A new type of yoga called ‘heavy metal yoga’ seems be becoming popular:

A mother and her son, transition to transgender father & daughter:

 Another abominable relationship of incest has received some attention. Mother and Son are in love and hoping to change the laws. They try to fight this, both may end of up jail for incest!

In other odd news, this latest invention really is something else. I’m the type of person that is fascinated with all the different inventions people come up with. However, I must admit that this one is a big no no, gluing a woman shut to prevent leaks during her monthly cycle!

How terrible for this woman who was found molded to a chair in Springfield, Twp.

A Wisconsin kindergarten teacher was placed on leave after using a Ouija board in the class, 
The entertainment world continues to brainwash the masses. Seriously, how disturbing is the new Fox comedy called “The Mick”?


   This filth is being called entertainment! And people want to wonder why the world is the way it is!

GMO food continues to cause major illnesses when animals and human eat the franken food:

The EPA recently approved 3 types of GMO potatoes. They will start planting this year.
Doctors are asking parents to not let their children eat the ‘flamin’ hot Cheetos as they are very dangerous.

Speaking of food, we may see no more fast food workers.

Injecting cell fluid into shrimp

According to this article salmon is causing an increase of tapeworms. If you are still getting farm fresh fish, ash that you watch the following:

There as a recall recently for turmeric as it had high levels of lead.

 Pets are not even spared of the bad food. 3 dogs recently got sick while one dog died after eating can dog food.

If you see this apple do not eat it:

Tyson food continues to have a negative impact on people, animals and the environment.
 Speaking of animals, cows have been seen being totally mutilated with holes in them. Those within agriculture are doing what they call Fistulation which is a way to check how the cattle are digesting their food.
In other news, Rabbi reassured a man that the Mashiach was already here.
Let us not forget how Yahushua warned us not to be deceived as many false messiahs would come! Messianic preparations are underway to build a 3rd temple. In Turkey, Caliph Erdogan is rebuilding a massive temple of Zeus:

People continue to want to mess around with the occult. Quite a few recently got together and decided to cast a spell on people who follow Trump and Trump himself.

Witchcraft is an abomination yet millions continue to play around this. One small town in Ohio once a year will transfer itself into a Harry Potter wonderland.
Speaking about Harry Potter, I found this book on Amazon, it compares Harry Potter and Passover! Stating that the two share everything!

“What could a School of Witchcraft and Wizardry possibly have in common with the most published book in Jewish history and the most celebrated holiday of the Jewish calendar? As it turns out, quite a lot. From the concepts of slavery and freedom, to the focus on education, to the number four, Harry Potter and Passover share almost everything. This book is the perfect companion for young and old at the Seder table. Enchant your guests with lessons from the magical realms of Hogwarts and Jewish tradition. Foster conversation with student responses to Seder questions. And learn the ultimate lesson: Holiness can be found everywhere, if you know where to look.”

Clearly beloved ones we are living in perilous days! The world today is very different from the world we knew ten years ago! Matters continue to get worse and worse as the Scriptures state! We continue to ask each of you to pray for all Called Out ones, as we need each other! Together we can move mountains! Let us consider the following:

“Peace I leave with you-My peace I give to you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.”-John 14:27