Volume 11 Newsletter

The F.O.Y.ministry is very sorry for the delay in getting this newsletter out. As many of you know I have been having some health issues (Rise up my child I heal you) thus causing a delay. Despite all these curve balls of trials and tribulations we are still here Blowing the Ram’s Horn! We have been extremely busy filling worldwide orders, translating, making a few videos and doing Imposter Showings! Praise Yahuwah!

Beloved ones, so much is occurring at all levels of society, we just cannot compact the current world events into this one newsletter. An attempt to keep up with everything would be close to impossible! However we do hope you are blessed by the following material outlined within this newsletter:

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New Videos since the last newsletter:

“TempleBuilders” (uploaded 5-4-12)
“F.O.Y. Publications” (uploaded 5-4-12)
“Watching over me” (uploaded 5-4-12)

“He is waiting” (uploaded 12-21-11)

“I AM with you always” (uploaded 12-10-11)

New Tract:
“Suffering Servant”

Upcoming Events:
“Imposter Tour”