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Signs of the Times

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But all this be some kind of hoax? People Written By L. McGuire

As with previous newsletters we will again continue to examine current events of our world today. These Signs of the Times are simply the manifestations of what the Scriptures describe occurring at the very end of this earth age. Do not be fearful of what man can do. Instead, rejoice with me in knowing that we are living in very exciting times! Embrace this for you and I were created just for this time period.

Here is a good video that I strongly suggest gets watched as it shows the current state this world is in:

Wow! The Signs of the times are truly here folks. As Called Out Ones, now is the time for us to depend on Yahuwah for everything. Since we are a TEAM then we also need to be uplifting, encouraging and helping one another.

How surprising, that September 17th, 2016, went down as another day of terror! The terror began at about 10 AM. Right before a charity race a pipe bomb explodes in New Jersey. Two more attacks occurred at 9 PM. There was an explosion that went off wounding 29 people with a 2nd bomb found in New York city. Then a Muslim man entered into a Minnesota Mall stabs 8 victims, screaming “Allah Akbar” during his attack.




Apparently something big is going down or is about to go down.  Multiply countries including the United States, have advised their people, to stock up on food, money, medicine, water and other supplies:










04As noted in previous FOY newsletters, as called out ones, there is nothing wrong with preparing. One family shared with us how the husband made fun of the wife for preparing for her and her family. A few years later, work got slow and there was not work for him. That entire winter, they ate the food the wife had stocked up on! Needless to say, the husband was ever so grateful. Here Yahuwah put it upon the wife’s heart as He knew later on down the road they were going to need that food! So if you are feeling led then by all means prepare!



   The war against anything that remotely talks about the Scriptures continues. Any implication of Yahuwah and especially the Messiah will be considered promoters of hate! The time is coming, that spreading the Besorah will be considered a hate crime. Seriously, it has already begun!


Just mentioning God got this man dragged out of ceremony:

 Iowa’s new law now requires churches to regulate churches services.


Entering these last days, we continue to see more and more false prophets pop up.

All these false date setters do is does spread fear mongering. I am still surprised that so many within the faith continue to be conned by Jonathan Cahn. This man is a false prophet who has tried to actually curse this country instead of blessing it!


We have others that so freely cannot wait to pass judgment.


Now don’t get me wrong, being homosexual is an abomination. We cannot curse others by desiring harm on them or anyone else. We should always be praying blessings upon others even and especially our enemy’s.

13Click on image above to view Google Search Results.

   What we need to understand, as called out ones, all who do not comply or conformed to the NWO will be considered mentally ill. Under Obamacare, psychiatrists will put those dissidents into FEMA camps.
 If the “you-know-who’s” have their way, real American citizens will be thrown in fema camps while they allow the illegals into this country. I mean seriously, the DHS just accidentally granted citizenship to only 800 illegal immigrants.

One thing we need to consider amongst the other obvious ones, is that a lot of illegals are bring a drug resistant TB to the US:

I guess since so many illegals are coming into the country that now the you know who’s feel they can just take people’s money:

   If they have reason to believe, they can take money, cars, business houses. There are some who are trying to change this lawBeloved ones, you know we are pretty much at the threshold when we see desperate elite working overtime in destroying the lives of vast amounts of people. These fear mongers have taking on a new meaning to ‘insanity’.

   Recently the FDA has approved massive spraying of poisonous neurotoxins on the people. Little school children outside playing in the fresh air suddenly turned quite dangerous after a Miami private school was sprayed multiple times. After spraying students got a rash, suffered with sore throats and headaches.

A mother of four had this to day, “The problem is you don’t know the long-term effect of the spray or the Zika virus. You have to be cautious,” she said. “We’re all guinea pigs in this. All of us. So it’s scary with the babies and stuff like that.”

Other reports claim that the Zika insecticide called ‘naled’ causes paralysis, cancer and even death.

As the article states, naled actually causes the same symptoms of the Zika virus.  Yet naled is extremely potent when sprayed in the air as this increases the toxicity levels and cause drifts up to ½, according to the article above. More information on naled, and more here:

   Entire neighborhoods are being bombarded due to fears of the zika virus. Places that were once a live with tourist shopping, eating out and just enjoying the wonderful fresh air have now instantly turned into ghost towns.

People are even afraid, very afraid and who can blame them? I mean we’ve all seen the devastating pictures of little babies being born with microcephaly.  But all this could be some kind of hoax? People indeed are starting to wonder. What we should find amazing is that a recently studied had this to say,




  Yet, what they are spraying can actually cause microcephaly!

Yet others claim the zika virus is from GMO mosquitos.

Seriously, how shocking is that? And now the elite have to spray everything and what are the long term effects of this spraying:

Many people are very concerned as now if one person tested positive for the zika virus they will spray an entire neighborhood without giving an exact time frame:

   When reviewing the CDC website about aerial spraying I found the following quite interesting: 

Now that we see that aerial spraying is indeed the quickest way to kill mosquitoes we also need to take note that what else can be killed by aerial spraying?

Hmmm, the key words here are that when aerial spraying is done correctly it will not cause asthma attacks. The question remains, do you honestly trust these people spraying these poisons over your neighborhood?

Again, when applied correctly they claim insecticides do not pose a risk to human health! Yet in high doses a naled can overstimulate the nervous system causing the same symptoms as many have been reporting to suffer after their neighborhoods have been sprayed.

Oh get a load of this one:

Oh no they say aerial spraying of naled won’t kill bee’s, yeah right! We all saw the devastating pictures of the millions and millions of bees that died after they were sprayed with this poison. How stupid do they think we are?

 The bottom line is either you trust these people or you don’t! If spraying entire neighborhoods, fields was not bad enough they have even been spraying on planes:

29          28


   Only one person cared enough to go against the majority and speak her concern. Seriously, when it is okay to spray the people with pesticides? These airplanes cabins are mobile gas chambers!  People are breathing this into their lungs. Some of the negative effects of the passengers reported to experiences are, sinus issues, rash, headaches, flu-like symptoms while the more dangerous effects is acute respiratory problems and anaphylactic shock! These pesticides are known to attack the nervous system.

According to the article when passengers purchase their tickets they are automatically agreeing to these poisons as it is written in the small print! This is pure Chemical warfare against the people and the environment. Despite the CDC saying that the spray will not harm bees, why all of a sudden millions and millions of bees are dying?  Witnesses say it’s like the bees have been nuked! Sadly, the devastation occurred shortly after spraying for zika virus.

   Pesticides are destroying everything on all levels. Scriptures state that the entire earth moans and groans in these last days. Are we not seeing this right now?

   The people are being bombarded on all fronts. Besides all the herbicides, pesticides being sprayed the vaccine scam still causes many deaths. The mass brainwashing continues.

   The proof of flu vaccine not working is in plain sight.

   Oh millions must have been blinded by science as it clearly states, “…no decrease in influenza disease after vaccination.”  Yet this does not stop the masses to get that yearly jab. Just like spraying pesticides on passengers!

   I’m wondering if the new zika vaccine has the live virus in it? Regardless, pregnant women are being asked to take the recently zika virus vaccine for a study.

   The following article is quite fascinating in that CNN admits that vaccines spread diseases and that the dengue fever vaccine can cause more outbreaks.

   Young girls continue to suffer in agonizing pain from receiving the HPV vaccine.

Normally it is a big hush hush to expose the danger of vaccines. For example, earlier this year doctors who discovered cancer enzymes in vaccines were all found murdered.

As many of you know Vitamin D is crucial for the health of the human body. Considering all these things is it any wonder why we are starting to see mandatory vaccines Bills? Right now in the state of California, a bill is being considered that would make all adults who work in daycare centers to be given vaccines:




Direct Order: Soldiers Ordered to Take Anthrax Vax That Caused Brain Damage: Watch Video Here

   Clearly, the elite continue on with their mission of trying to destroy the planet and everything that lives. They have no value for life at all. That is why now starting in this past June California’s new assisted suicide law (End of Life Option Act) has recently been revised to allow those with intellectual disabilities to request assisted suicide.


A rehab facility recently tried convincing an elderly 91-year-old to let them assister her in suicide simple because she recently broke her wrist:

   The article further states, that the Medicaid program there in Oregon, sent letters to their members denying coverage for their medical expenses. In other words, medicaid refused to help cover the patient’s treatments. Instead they offered to cover the cost of assisted suicide! What is wrong with people? Where you aware that in Belgium the first mercy killing recently occurred. The terminally ill 17-year-old decided he didn’t want to live anymore so they were quick to offer their assistance.

   One feminist feels the world needs euthanasia vans like ice-cream vans to kill the elderly, “Euthanasia vans — just like ice-cream vans — that would come to your home,” Hopkins says “It would all be perfectly charming. They might even have a nice little tune they’d play. I mean this genuinely. I’m super-keen on euthanasia vans. We need to accept that just because medical advances mean we can live longer, it’s not necessarily the right thing to do.”

   I am thus reminded of the 1873 movie with Charlton Heston’s science fiction movie “Solvent Green”. A movie that takes place in the year 2022 and the earth is overpopulated and overcrowded. The government has a major factory of assistance suicide that they turn into solvent green food. Turns out the green food is dead people:

   If the CDC can get their new proposed regulations approved they will have the power to enforce a medical fascism on the people. Whomever the CDC deems to be a public health risks the agency will be able to detain, force medical treatments on anyone, force vaccinations along with making someone wear an electronic tracking devise. This article further states that they have access to the person’s emails, online activity along other personal information.

   Since we did we has human beings lose our rights to our own body? We are truly living in the end of days beloved ones! Especially when little children under that age of 2 years old, are being drugged with hard core brain-damaging psychotic drugs.

   It’s a known, fact that psychotic drugs change the chemical and structure of the brain especially in little developing children’s brain. According to the article infants under the age of one are being put on drugs like Prozac and Zolof! Knowing full well that one they do not work for children under the age of 18 and they cause an increased risk of suicide.

This is serious as these drugs cause major violence from the child. That is why there has been so many mass shootings.

Speaking about mass shootings, in the last days we continue to hear about these tragic stories:








   Some people claim that a lot of these mass shootings are actually false flags especially the recent Orlando shootings:

   I personally have not taken the time to watch all those videos as we here at the FOY ministry have just been too busy. After watching leave some comments telling us your thoughts, “Was the Orlando Night Club shooting a false flag?”

Were you afraid of clowns when you were younger? If you weren’t, the recent threats around the country would get anyone afraid of clowns.  There is an epidemic of clowns around the country! This clown threat has gone so far that the Tampa, Florida Sherriff has recommended trick-or-treat goers to avoid clown costumes this Halloween!




There are various reports of where the actually first clown sighting was. Some say this began in Greenville, South Carolina and spread to Augusta, Georgia and Lagrange. While many reports claim the first clown sighting was in Green Bay, WI. A creepy clown with dark balloons simply walking the streets at 2am.


Here is a comment in response to this clown incident:

September 14th, Clowns chase children waiting for the school bus in Georgia. These two children noticed two clowns dressed in all black with red wigs. They ran for their life and screamed as loud as they could, barely making onto the bus, finally bursting into tears from fear! Children are now scared to go to school as there have been threats spread across the country! Source

August 31, Property management of Fleetwood Manor Apartments in Greenville, South Carolina sent out letters to their tenants warning of suspected clowns along with woods trying to lure children to them. They encouraged a 10pm curfew and not to walk alone at night.


Some say this warning letter did not exist. Police say they haven’t found any clues of clowns.

September 28, after clown threats are reported in Bakersfield, California, Police find no credible source!


September 30, a woman in Cincinnati, Ohio was assaulted and threatened by a clown that he would kill her! She was smoking a cigarette on her porch when a man dressed as a clown wrapped his arms around her neck and said he was going to kill her! The victim told police as a neighboring alarm went off the attacker squeezed her throat harder and said, “there were going to be teachers and students who were going to be sorry that they were ever born.”

This prompted local schools in Reading to close!

Schools in the St. Louis County area were also included with clown threats. Which prompted the neighborhoods to increase security and more frequent patrols.

Instagram has been a big platform for these clown threats! Clowns on social media asking for School suggestions to terrorize! Some clown threats in Montgomery County in Alabama resulted in arrests being made. A suspect posted on social media stated “I’m the southlawn clown I saw all of you all today at school I watched y’all walk home ik who y’all are if I don’t get u tonight it will be monday.” As the local authorities in South Alabama were taking extra precautions another threat was posted on social media:



Some people are even taking this serious clown threat as a joke and fueling to it by making hoax threats!





USA Today has a full list of all of the Clown Attacks, Threats & Hoaxes; South Carolina, North Caroline, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Maryland, Virginia, Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Tennessee, Missouri, Colorado, Oregon, Texas, Delaware, New Jersey, and New York.

Like I mentioned the value of life has dwindled down to people just killing humans at any age. Speaking of that, get a load of this, United Methodist and the Episcopalian churches are actually promoting the killing of innocent babies. They stand outside the planned parenthood murdering facilities and pray for blessing upon the clinic.

At first as I read through the opening of the article, I related to them in yes we need to help these women who believe there is no way out. The part of offering a hot line for woman is wonderful indeed yet the more I read the more infuriated I got:

“They concluded, “Our religious traditions call us to offer compassion, not judgment. People who work for Planned Parenthood give care and respect to those in need, doing God’s work. For this we are grateful.”

W-h-a-t? Clearly, abortion is the murdering of Yahuwah’s blameless children and is not doing His work. The only work they are doing here is shedding innocent blood in sacrifice to the pagan deity Moleck!

Hilary Clinton actually thanks Planned Parenthood for all that they do:

Is it any wonder that we are seeing more and more Christians come out in favor of the women rights?


Some are now wanting to force taxpayers to help fund abortions:


   Surprising enough a new bill has recently been passed in the state of Illinois. Bill 1564 forces all doctors including those that are Christian, pharmacy’s and pregnancies centers to promote abortion.

   A University in Hawaii has been recruiting teen age girls to abort their babies for research!

   For any child to be murdered is quite tragic yet this following article really brought sadness upon when one mother decided she didn’t want her baby. Instead of taking the 11-month of baby boy to a relative’s house or adoption agencies the mother instead decided to murder her son!

   The world lost another precious 10-year-old child at the hands of her mother, the mother’s boyfriend and cousin. Words cannot even describe the heinous crime that was commit against this child.

   Another woman put a huge tattoo on her son and then tried to sell him for drugs:


Brothers and Sisters, how much more sickening and beastly can people truly become? These people are truly not in the right state of mind either possessed by demons or high as can be. Sadly, another sick person decided to give a little precious baby a deadly potion of heroin and cocaine.

As the war on drugs continues to be a major issue across this country, some are just so eager to assume that everyone is on drugs. One poor man was arrested when the police man thought his donut glaze as meth.

There was recently a sudden rise in heroin overdoses that swept through many states. What I find interesting is that some of the victims claimed they were given a ‘free trial’ of this lethal drug:










 This one is very sad to watch:

   How devastating for that little child. What is worse, the fact that the mother over dosed and the helpless child is crying for help or the fact that the people filming didn’t even go comfort the baby or try to help the mother? Brothers and Sisters this truly shows the sad state this country has turned into. The lack of respect for mankind is troubling and downright cold hearted.  No one wakes up and says today they want to be an addict. This poisonous drugs does not discriminate.  So many good people have lost this battled yet some have overcome. Sadly, there is an obvious heroin epidemic that has spread throughout this country.  I have seen horrible pictures of people that have overdosed such as the following:

Seems the Russian drug called krokodil is official over here in the US causing major harm to it’s users.

So many are addicted to these opioids drugs mostly due to the doctors. I read one study that talked about how all opioids were only used when someone had a terminal illness or was on their death bed!  The US surgeon general recently sent out an urgent message to all doctors in regardless to the opioid epidemic.

What I find appalling is that now the doctors are being told that opioids are indeed addicting. Even the makers of these dangerous mind altering drugs are finally admitting also.

According to that article 60 people a day are dying from these pain meds! Worse than all this is a new drug has been hitting in the streets that is 100 times stronger than fentanyl (which is stronger than heroin) and 10,000 times stronger than morphine. W-18 is a synthetic opioid that comes from China and is shipped over here!

Apparently someone is giving these dangerous drugs out to really kill people. A little kindergarten student was caught with 30 packs of heroin by the teacher. That teacher saved a lot of children’s lies as at first she mistaken the drug for candy. Either the child took it from someone they knew as they might have been told this is so in so’s candy! Or worse yet, someone could have deliberately given these drugs to the child to share with other students.

As called out ones, we truly need to have compassion towards others. These people are victims of big pharma company’s money making system! They trust the witch doctors in the white coats without question. Before they know it they are hooked on these dangerous drugs.

When the doctor says enough they hit the streets to find more as their brain chemistry has been altered and changed! Yahuwah tells us, “that He don’t want to see any perish” and these people like the rest of us, needs prayer!

What I found outrageous is how those who overdose on opioids can get free multiple shots of narcan but someone who has a server allergic reaction will be charge 400 times more for the epipen!


Maybe we would see less people over doses on opioids if suddenly each narcan shot cost 500 bucks? What’s fair is fair right? Saving a life should be saving a life!

   Interesting to know is the CEO literally gave herself a raise:
   Some are even making their own Epipens:

As the curtain of this earth age comes to a rapid closing we continue to see wicked weather. The state of Louisiana was hit with a catastrophic flood. Within 15 hours more than 31 inches of rain water poured down.  This is a historical flood that destroyed many homes and has caused millions of dollars’ worth of damage. Some have blamed this on Climate change!

What I find interesting is that the Mayor claims that the flooding could have been avoided. He states that when the highway was reconstructed six-foot concert walls where put up making that particular area a bowl. Some believe this has ties to the U.N.’s Agenda 21.

Haiti is hit with their strongest storm in 52 years. Quiet interesting how disturbing the satelite image of it is…



More and more people are starting to see that the chemtrails are indeed real:

The CIA Director states, “… it is the reality of our climate change.” Admits that chemtrails are real!

Exactly, they’ve been altering the weather for years. The main reason of why they are doing this please see our free movie called, “The Imposter!”.




   Norwood, St. Bernard as well as other Cincinnati surrounding areas in Ohio also saw massive flooding within hours’ after an unprecedented rain fall of over 4 inches.

   This planet continues to rumble with various Earthquakes

Besides the sky being bombarded with chemicals that eventually get absorbed into the ground, other poisons are also being absorbed such as radioactive water. Recently, Floridians didn’t find out about a massive mess until a month after the fact.

More than 200 million gallons of water has been contaminated with radioactivity in the water supply. People have been drinking, bathing and cooking with this poisonous water and the DEP and EPA kept hush hush about it! The following report claims that during the night, pesticides are  secretly being sprayed on organic farms!

If find this interesting considering a recent reported stated that the poisonous glyphosate is started to show up in oatshoney beside the grains,

   Considering all this, is it any wonder we are now begining to see this poisonous weed killer showing its ugly face in popular lakes.

   Even beaches are starting to get overpopulated with the deadly E. coli:

   Seems the ocean just got a little smaller since Obama recently decided to seized a large territory of it.  He also has issued yet another executive order authorizing slave labor:


   He sure has been a busy man, as he frantic tries to finish the major changes he promised the people especially when giving equal rights to the transgender community. He recently changed the policy on public bathrooms. Transgender men can now legally go into women’s restrooms EVEN in our countries schools! They are permitted to dwell in the women’s shelters.

Shortly after this, Target stores were faced with a major boycott.

   Transgender boys are now able to compete against girls. While it is even permitted in the Olympics also!

   Truly matters are spiraling out of hand. Joel Osteen Mr. Wishy Washy himself has recently stated how God approves of homosexuals.

   So grown men picture here 6-foot man puts a dress on, goes into a woman’s bathroom and just waits for his next victim! That helpless victim could be a child, young woman or a grandmother. Yet now Arizona has decided that if someone changes their baby’s diaper the parent or guardian can now be charged with child sexual abuse.

   So it begins…. the freedom to voice one’s opinions is slowly be stolen. One teacher even got fired for not addressing a transgender boy as a girl.

   All to bring about the no gender crisis destroying the family unit that was ordained by Elohim from the very beginning with Adam and Eve! Disney is even starting to let people use their imagination on if “Finding Dory” has a transgender character:



Of course, Disney is not going to deny or confirm it. This is just the start to see how the public reacts. I guarantee this is just the beginning! Even though the NBC’s sitcom “The New Normal” will not be on for another season they still are trying to indoctrinate the masses:

   Let us not forget that Satan is a transsexual:

   Target continues to be getting deeper and deeper into trouble. Now they are being sued by a mother of one, who recently lost her Son, as he committed suicide after taking “the walk of shame”.

   Many within the United States continue to see Civil unrest right outside their front doors. The recent wave of looting, stealing, destroying property and even random killings have surged thanks to the “Black Lives Matter” movement. 

   A woman trucker was attacked by the rioters on a highway and they actually set her cargo on fire. One of the reporters like this one, realized how dangerous just being there is as he was pushed over while they chanted ‘burn him’

   Another man got shot in the head and announced to be dead but now say he is alive! What kind of lasting complications is this man and his family are going to have to endure since he was shot.

Another reports states how a man was thrown into fire. He was saved by a camera man. And sadly what about the 83-year-old mother or grandmother who was beaten then set on fire.

How terrifying! Another videos show a poor man literally being beaten. People too afraid to help that man as he is heard screaming for his life!


The Black Lives Matter have even gone to the extreme now and have threatened there will be riots all over the country if Donald Trump wins this election.

  This is what this country is dealing with right now! These riots are nothing but modern gangs, that have no respect for anything. They are looking for any reason to destroy property, harm innocent people and even try to murder them. These so called peaceful protest are far from it. The mob gatherings are about theft, violence, burning, attempted murder, murder, drugs, racism and even fire! This orchestrated hatred has caused an evil spirit of chaos to run amok in this country’s streets. These riots and uprisings are being seen here and there. The elite have fed and fueled this hatred just waiting do declare a national emergency so the President can call for martial law. People like Al Sharpton has played the race card well. He is now calling for all white people to be arrested if they shoot a black person even it is being in self-defense.


On a side note here while the media has been feeding the public with these riots and non-peaceful protest a real serious protest has been ongoing for quite some time now. While we are being fed by the media all the uprising in the streets a real protest against putting in an oil pipeline seems to be off radar to the media. This ordeal has been a total media blackout:




No doubt the city streets will get worse once the economy finally does crash as it is barely staying afloat.

   Once inflation hits, the majority of people will go crazy. Venezuela is already starting to experience the aftermath of inflation.

   People are already having it hard now, that is why some thieves tried to siphon gas but instead accidentally sucked out sewage.

   This report claims that the majority of American’s are faced with financial ruin.

   Are some states getting so low on money that they are now having to do armed robbery on its citizens? Some estates have been taking money, cars, businesses and houses from people as they think they have stolen it or that it might be used for drugs:

I guess some feel desperate times calls for desperate measures! One way to make money is to have WAR! The drums of war are continuing to beat as we enter into these final days. Are we actually seeing the beginning of World War 3 unfolding right before our eyes:?



In other news, if you have not yet started eating organic now is the time. Rice is now starting to be sold with human genes from the state of Kansas. Franken food is highly likely to cross-pollinate.

   I have noticed that some products are now starting to state: “partially produced with genetic engineering” or “produced with genetic engineering.” If you cannot afford to eat organic, then check out the Non GMO project.

   Speaking of food, an Australian man recently created the hamdog which is a hybrid of a hamburger mix with hot dog.

In Montana recently a T-Rex skull had been found.

In China, harvesting organs from prisoners has been getting some attention lately.

Speaking of harvesting organs, a 41-year woman whose family was told she was brain dead woke up just in time. Her family made the decision for her to be an organ donor. How frightening for her to awake and find doctors there ready to take her organs.

In Science news, scientists have been growing human embryos strictly for conducting experiments on them:

   The first GMO babies have graduated from High School.

As in the days of Noah, mad scientist continue to tinker with matters they ought not to. Actually putting restrictions on how they can do it. They are trying to play Eloah by creating chimera’s. Scientist have also created a temporary tattoo that can control a person’s smartphone. Some other Scientist claim a new era of artificial intelligence has arrived. A Scientist at Harvard is telling people do not consume fat free milk. In other health news, obese people are being refused certain surgeries.

Big Brother is working overtime. Believe it or not, a school in Illinois installs its first fingerprint scanner in the school cafeteria. Hidden government microphones have recently been exposed. The Police also have capabilities to take control of vehicles.

As we enter into these days not only are we seeing our freedom of speech slowly being stripped away but now according to this court it is now against the law to carry a weapon in public.

Most people know that you do not cover your head with a plastic bag. Yet some stupid plastic bag challenge has been popular lately. There is the Cinnamon Challenge, and even the bottle challenge. Sadly, quite a few people have died, while other lasting health complications afterwards.

Recently, the summer Olympics started in Rio. As the world gets closer to the accept the Strong Delusion the center of the 2016 Olympics just so happened to be in Rio where the giant statue of Jesus Christ is


The Strong Delusion will be when the Imposter shows up pretending to be the Second Coming of Yahushua HaMashiach. This picture right here is what Satan is hoping that the entire world will fall for when it shows up. Of all places to announce the coming One World. The Olympic anthem this year was all about ‘one world’!

   To see some of how demonic this year’s ceremony was:

   Besides the obvious satanic worshipping of the Olympics, the water there has been contaminated with human feces.

   Seems the Illuminati is also performing other satanic rituals. Lastly, the Presidential elections just seem to be more and more of a joke with Hilary as a Candidate. I wrote in-depth about this under “Will Jezebel Sit as a Queen Again?”.

    Here was a Craigslist ad wanting to pay others to disrupt a Trump campaign: Another article states that Hilary Clinton’s rallies are pretty much empty!

That is why they are getting so desperate to actually threatened those who do not support Hilary will be in hell!

Their hail mary pass is in hopes of getting the votes of those who are feminist. Clearly, this woman should be in bed as she is not healthy enough to run this country:


She had to leave the 911 ceremony early and was practically dragged into the van. Reports then circulated that she has a double.

CONFIRMED: Hillary had body double sent in after fainting spell

   Maybe she has a clone?

   Some claim she has actually died when she collapsed at the 911 ceremony as this is what the news reported:


Shortly after her collapse she did an interview and this does not even sound like her:

After the bombing, as she was being interviewed on the plane, she was no doubt drugged up:

CNN edits Hillary’s embarrassing response to NYC bombing – fixed it right up

   Something indeed is going on here!

   Brothers and Sisters, more and more we are seeing the world getting in position to accept the False messiah. Never before in history are seeing so much occur. The Signs of the Times are literally all around us.  I beseech each of you to please draw near to Yahuwah and Yahushua.

Right now we need to be spending time with HIM, getting to hear His voice. Hold on Called Out Ones, just a little while longer as He is coming back for us!

   May you all be greatly blessed. We look forward to hearing from you.

L. McGuire