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Update to FollowersofYAH.com

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websitehomeIf you haven’t noticed yet. Our website has gotten a new look. We redesigned our layout to be more user friendly on all devices; phones, tablets, any size monitor.  We fixed our navigation to be more user friendly, this way you can find what you need to find much easier now! Please be patient with us as we continue to make this transition to our new layout. If you find any broken links please send an email to the webmaster here: web@followersofYah.com

We gave our order page a new look also! All of the materials we offer are posted in our new Free Store.


Our Books, DVDs, E-Books, Mini-E-Books, Music for Yahuwah, Scripture resources and Tracts. We are still slowly adding all of our many Activities  and Mini E-Books into our Shop.


A new section that is still under construction is our Learning Center. We have had our ministry for almost 20 years and have nearly 200 teachings that are not linked onto our Teachings Page. This was a shock to us that we have so many teachings and that they are not easy to get to! All of our teachings are being moved to an easier to find location onto our website. We will post  updates of when this massive project is complete.